Friday, December 2, 2016

Humans Fight Back

Brothers and Sisters,

"Aloha" from Standing Rock: Native Hawaiians go to help the Water Protectors resist the machine. Tulsi Gabbard addressed Congress yesterday, asking President Obama to intervene for water rights and tribal rights. She will be in Standing Rock this weekend.
“Growing up in Hawaii, I learned the value of caring for our home, caring for our planet, and the basic principle that we are all connected in a great chain of cause and effect,” Gabbard said. “The Dakota Access Pipeline is a threat to this great balance of life. … Just one spill near the tribe’s reservation could release thousands of barrels of crude oil, contaminating the tribe’s drinking water.”

The Judge rules that there is no need to stop using grenades or rubber bullets against peaceful resistors in Standing Rock: "The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council issued a letter condemning the “war-like conditions” confronting protesters. Others injured on the night of November 20 include two Native American tribal elders who suffered cardiac arrest, a 13-year-old girl hit by a rubber bullet in the face, and 21-year-old Sophia Walinsky, whose left arm was blown apart by a concussion grenade launched by police. Walinsky faces the possible loss of her arm. Her father, Wayne, speaking in an interview livestreamed to Facebook, pointed out, “You know this is America! Where she was hit by a grenade—she’s not in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is like the wound of... someone we send to fight in a war. It’s not supposed to be a war. She’s peacefully trying to get people to not destroy the water supply. And they’re trying to kill her.”

Veterans began arriving in Standing Rock on Thursday.
Thursday night, a group of 15 to 20 veterans staged a symbolic protest to show solidarity with pipeline protesters by walking into a bridge area blocked by police. Some in the group wore camouflage jackets as they asked officers standing guard to lay down their arms.

Turkish President Erdogan has had to "clarify himself". Turkish troops are not in Syria to overthrow Assad, as he emphatically stated a couple of days ago. Turkish troops failed to break the siege of eastern Aleppo, where al-Nusra and linked groups are under steady grinding assault from Syrian military and allies.

The Russian offer of safe retreat along designated routes for all insurgent fighters is being blocked by other nations. Russian FM Lavrov says those other interests want to prolong fighting in Syria, and support "terrorists retaking Aleppo". He also says corridors are ready for UN aid to civilians in East Aleppo. Only the Russian army is currently providing humanitarian aid.

Global oil prices have risen, as Russia announces agreement with OPEC members. Russia will cut current oil production by massive 300 million barrels per day. 
How does that look? Yeah, you see it, too, huh?

Europe needs a "New Deal". Yves Smith compares Trump's situation to FDR's.

Peter Koenig looks at how President Trump could reshape EU policies. What is the EU? How did it come to be? Whose interests does it serve? Thanks Eleni.

Italian PM , Renzi has posed a referendum to reduce parlaimentarian powers and create a powerful executive for the country. Former PM Berlusconi says that it would destroy democracy. Most Italians seem inclined to agree with that. (This may be prelude to "Italeave".)

Second -generation Goldmanite, Steve Mnuchen, "King of Foreclosures" will head Treasury Dept. (Can we just say "Munchkin"?) Bill Black interview transcript.

Unemployment is down to 4.6%: "I don't think it means what you think it means." 
18 to 65 year olds "not in workforce" rises by almost half a million to near all time high hit October 2015. (Different methodologies give somewhat different numbers. This says 95 million, but other methodology says over 100 million.)

Why are media still citing the "fake news list" site Propornot? Why has my blog, not been added yet? I deserve membership.

How is that meme about Russians hacking the DNC still alive? Really?

The UN says Sweden and the UK are violating Julian Assage's civil rights, and need to release him.

More Coffee, Less Dementia (to a point, 3-5 is enough cups per day)

Pouring Another

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