Thursday, December 8, 2016

War Against Truth

Consensus Builders,

Manufacturing (and imposing) "Normality" Counterpunch looks at the dominant media "consensus" about what and who are normal and OK. This self-assured reality-standard just suffered a strong right uppercut to the glass jaw, but it is coming back swinging hard. 
Perfectly dissected for your detailed examination here. Excellent article. 
Demand the real reality! Be your own judge.

Hillary Clinton emerges from her cave to warn Americans about the grave threat to their very existence, which is posed by internet blogs purveying unapproved FAKE-NEWS (maybe that elite-politicians-into-sex-with-children "Pizzagate" stuff that Democratic National Committee fixer John Podesta was implicated in through his Wikileaked emails.) Steps must be taken immediately to completely prevent any publication, anywhere of FAKE NEWS! 
The First Amendment could never have foreseen this situation threatening "ordinary Americans". Thanks for the heads-up, Hillary.

"Shutting Down Extremist Content", This is the purge we all knew was coming...

Less and less of East Aleppo holds Takfiri jihadis, as Syrian army proceeds neighborhood by neighborhood. Now there are proposals for the US to occupy an area of Syria and Iraq long term, to stabilize, and gather intelligence, quiet things down, let that oil pipeline we want go through, nice things like that.

One war that's being won is the war on homeless people, and their leftist enablers, like a church that just got fined $12,000 for failing to keep homeless people from sleeping on their grounds at night. There's a lot of action against criminal-feeding of these vagrants, too.

Ignored to Death

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