Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Death By Stupid


Aleppo is no longer a divided city. That's over.
Churkin, "the military operation in Eastern Aleppo is now over, and the Syrian government has begun restoring control." "My latest information is that they indeed have an arrangement achieved on the ground that the fighters are going to leave the city," Churkin said Tuesday ahead of the emergency UN Security Council meeting in New York. According to Churkin, the militants, who have been holed up in eastern Aleppo for years, are scheduled to leave the city "within hours."     http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-13/assad-retakes-aleppo-military-operation-over-russian-envoy
Turkish constitutional change to make parliament a rubber stamp to an autocratic President Erdogan was getting broadly debated. Erdogan and friends were not kicking-ass in the broad debate. Now these bombings by a small-but-violent Kurdish revolutionary group have killed a lot of Turkish citizens. Who benefits? Thanks Eleni.  The proposed constitutional change was met by substantial public criticism – until the “Kurdistan Freedom Hawks” distracted from the discourse by exploding two bombs in Istanbul. Instead of discussions about and protests against what is widely perceived as the attempt to implement a semi-dictatorial presidential system, the AKP, the MHP and associated organizations are now calling for mass rallies against terror (Kurds), and national unity.  http://nsnbc.me/2016/12/11/kurdish-tak-claim-responsibility-for-istanbul-bombings-timed-for-a-constitutional-coup/
“Developments in al-Bab are linked to clashes in Aleppo. Turkey is reportedly transferring opposition fighters withdrawn from Damascus, Homs and Aleppo to the al-Bab region to form a paramilitary force under its control. Turkey sees control of al-Bab as a key for its ruling Justice and Development Party to have a say in the future of Syria and to prove the futility of Kurdish aspirations to form and control a corridor along the Turkish border. Thanks Eleni

In Egypt, which has recently been friendly with Russia and Syria again, helping Syria militarily against Daesh in Aleppo, for instance. Bombings have killed Christians in a Coptic church. This is a first. There is lots of divisive blame going around. Who benefits (if anybody)? Thanks Eleni.

Ron Paul says the war on fake news is a war on free speech (But Russia did it, Congressman!)

Ghost Banning? What's that? Is it a thing? Who cares? It gets rid of fake news? OK, I guess... "Censorship" you say?
"I had never heard of ghost banning until I was ghost banned by Twitter. That of course is the idea – they censor you without realising you are censored. People no longer get notifications when I post, and the tweet only turns up in the twitter line of followers who happen to be logged in at the time my tweet goes out. Those logging in later will no longer see tweets I issued while they were away. Most of my tweets no longer show up on twitter searches, and further restrictions are applied when people retweet my tweets." Since ghost banning, traffic to this website from Twitter has fallen 90%.  http://www.globalresearch.ca/ghost-banning-on-social-media-the-start-of-systematic-censorship/556171
"Censorship is not helpful to democracy--rather, it is the death of democracy."   http://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec16/democracy-media12-16.html
Hey, this Propornot blacklist of Russian-stooge-websites seems to have come out of Ukraine, with CIA backing. Wassupwiddat? Thanks Eleni.

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), while not disputing the CIA's analysis of Russian hacking operations - something which would be unprecedented for the US spy industry and would telegraph just how partisan and broken the country's intelligence apparatus has become - has refused to endorse the CIA's assessment "because of a lack of conclusive evidence" that Moscow intended to boost Trump over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

FBI, isn't buying the "fuzzy and ambiguous" assertions from the CIA that Russia "quite" clearly meddled in the U.S. elections on behalf of the Trump campaign.

Democratic fixer and pizza partier, John Podesta says electors should get an intelligence briefing (Don't read the contents of the Russian leaks of my emails, guys!) before casting the votes entrusted to them for Donald Trump. 
"It was unclear which particular agency would provide the briefing, if it was permitted, especially in light of reports that there has been a schism between the CIA and FBI in their interpretation of whether Russia had indeed intervened directly to push for a Trump election."

Update: Forty members (up from 29 earlier) of the Electoral College on Tuesday signed a letter demanding an intelligence briefing on Russian interference in the election ahead of their Dec. 19 vote. 
Almost none of them are assigned to vote Trump. (Tump picked up votes in Wisconsin with that recount, folks. Is this a "Hail Mary Pass"?)

Donald Trump nominates stupicide-bomber for head of Department of Energy (You may not have any idea how stupid Rick Perry really is. He should be head of the department of hookers-&-blow, from local rumors I have heard for decades.)  Perry's selection is amusingly ironic, because five years ago, Perry wanted to eliminate the Energy Department: in an infamous 2011 Republican primary debate, Perry forgot that the Energy Department was one of the three federal government agencies he wanted to do away with.

What's Plan-B for restarting the economy with a massive spending and tax-cut program from the fed'ral gub'mint, Mr Trump?
"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned he considers current levels of U.S. debt “dangerous” and said he wants any tax overhaul to avoid adding to the deficit."


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