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I have been seeing links to stories about political-elite child sex-trafficking since before the election. Some of us thought that the Wikileaks "bombshell" that was expected before election-day would be Pizzagate information. It never happened.
Numerous of the links included today, and the impetus to finally post this gut-wrenching story come from Travis. 
My difficulty with this is that it is so deeply disturbing that normal humans desperately want closure, want it to be "Fake News", or want to grab all the guys who did it and kill them in the open streets. 

We all know that some human males are obsessed with controlling other humans, even to the point of killing and eating them, as Jeffrey Dahmer did.
Dahmer would pose the bodies of his victims after killing them, and take Polaroids, like this one. Who would spend the money to glorify this image in a massive bronze statue and suspend it in his personal mansion?
Is PizzaGate Triggering Mass Awakening? | pizzagate6 | Special Interests US News

The guy with the big smile on his face is Tony Podesta, Democratic-Fixer, John Podesta's brother. 

Tony Podesta lives in Washington DC,  lives 4 minutes drive from these businesses.
Is PizzaGate Triggering Mass Awakening? | pizzagate5 | Special Interests US News

More of Tony Podesta's Art Collection 

This story from the UNZ Review opens with a self-protective response, rejecting information about a huge child-prostitution ring in England. It was just too horrific to consider, and was safely hidden in the open for a decade.
Beginning in 1997, in an English town of more than 100,000 people, eight Pakistani men stood at the core of a group involving as many as three hundred suspects who abused, gang-raped, pimped and trafficked, by the most conservative estimate, well over a thousand of the town’s young girls for years.  The police were eventually accused of not just turning a blind eye, but of participating in the abuse — even supplying the Pakistani gangs with drugs and tipping them off when they heard of colleagues searching for children they knew to be in the gangs’ possession.

This story first broke in the only place where people would read it, the "far-right-blogosphere". 
Well, that's easy to pass of as racist-extremist-KKK-stuff, and everybody did, until they didn't. 
Look at some Wikileaked John Podesta emails. 

One of the strangest emails involves Joe Podesta being asked this question: “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related). Is it yours?” In one email, Podesta is among those being invited to a farm and the host says, “Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in [the] pool for sure.”

There are identification symbols used by men who like sex with boys, and men who like sex with little boys shown in the UNZ story, images linked to Comet Ping Pong pizzaria, and their social media, which have since been scrubbed. (What does "ping pong" mean?) There are more disturbing Tony-Podesta-Art-Collection images if you scroll down. There is the fact that troves of "pedophile pornography" images involve murder of children, as well as rape. Whose children? Where were their homes?

This perverted compulsion is found in responsible officials of US Federal and State government agencies, the intelligence services, military, computer-security experts, politicians, police... There are arrests and indictments on charges of collecting these images, thousands of pictures, of young children being raped and murdered. This story has a list of some of those important people and their criminal cases. It can only be the tip of the iceberg.

The Inquisitr has covered the weird-gunman-in-the-street story. This may be the "threat to ordinary Americans" that Hillary Clinton is so worried about. The gunman-in-the-street story seems to have been reported 9 hours before the call to police, something that happens when a staged-event gets delayed, but the media efforts don't get notified in time. There are more details of the code words used by child-sex-traffickers and disturbing Tony Podesta art-collection images.

Podesta “regularly opens his house to casual pizza parties co-hosted by his friend James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong,” according to a mainstream article about Tony Podesta’s art collection.   This video exposes the most intense censorship rhetoric possibly seen yet in the age of information: accused pedophile James Alefantis working with the NY Times, calling for Facebook and Google to censor content that explores info that should be free for anyone to access, in the public domain.

Esther Baker was a little girl, who was abused by a high Government Minister in England (unnamed, due to ongoing investigation). She has waived her own right to privacy and is telling some of what was done to her decades ago in her home town. She hopes that other living adults, raped as children, can come forward.

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