Friday, February 24, 2017

Hidden Influences

Slipped a Mickey,

"Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich" is reviewed here, with the overall use of stimulants in military campaigns contrasted with the decadence of cocaine and heroin use in Weimar Germany (Cabaret). The uber-pure vegetarian, Adolf Hitler got started with some shots of "vitamins" and animal organ extracts, then opioids, stimulants, etc, from his personal Dr Feelgood. Hitler DID become a delusional drug addicted maniac. Oops... 
Why does history take some of those odd turns? 
What are we now doing, which we will later know as folly?

Moon of Alabama has another fog-of-war update on the war in Syria, following John McCain's visit to Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria, then his visit to Turkish president Erdogan. ISIS suddenly retreats to fortified positions on multiple fronts, without apparent attack on retreating forces from Turks and allies. Turkey can't get along with Kurds (but something is up after McCain) Turkey wants to invade Syria with Saudi Arabia to fight ISIS. Saudi Arabia is back in US favor, as US policy seems to revert to 2012. Will the US/Turkey/Saudi-Arabia carve up Syria. Did Turks and Kurds come to an agreement about carving off pieces of Syria? Syria appears to be the planned loser, but Turkish and Saudi troops suck really badly, and Russia doesn't want Syria carved up (though did support a new constitution with Kurdish federal area).
The only way for all these other losers to agree is for Syria to lose territory, preferably territory with some oil on it. Wassup?

Analyzing the Emerging World Order, The Future of Globalism:
"The true “rulers” of this bloc are a cabal of very wealthy and powerful oligarchs that work in the background (shadow banking, dark pool finance, shadow governments, think tanks, NGO’s) to subvert the various sovereignties to their advantage. These oligarchs are the principal owners of, not just the industries and corporations that front for them, but the governments that rule over the masses. Most importantly this cabal owns the means by which real wealth extraction is carried out: fiat currency, chiefly the “worlds reserve currency”- the United States dollar and it’s derivatives."

Marine Le Pen (Currently leading French presidential race, but can never actually get elected) explains a "Europe of Nations", Frexit, currency revisionism, and things like that. All pure fantasy...
“To assure the freedom of the French, there is no price too high too pay,” Le Pen said. “The foreign policy of France will be decided in Paris, and no alliance, no ally, can speak in her place.”

Frexit could crash the global financial system according to this alarmist piece from fake-news CNBC. (deep breath.... relax, imagine yourself on a warm sandy beach...)

Amnesty International says French police-state since November 2015 attack has eroded human rights there. (France seems to have had several false-flag attacks to lead to those police-state laws, under the most unpopular French "leader" to still have his head.)

French voters call on Barack Obama to run for president and "give them hope". (yeah, really, no joke...)

How will the Trump administration work to undo the Obama administration's clean power plan, which was finalized in 2015, and still bogged down in the courts? The more the Trump administration tries to do, the more it will also get bogged down in the courts. (Not mentioned here is the one CO2 reduction repeatedly proven effective, financial collapse.)

The 20th century saw a 23 fold increase in the use of natural resources for building. (Freeway flyovers are our pyramids, guys... It's built. It's above ground. Some of it is built to last, but only useful with central climate control, but the flyovers are our signature, and will always be good for something.)

20 million people are starving to death, and mostly because of other people.

Mulberry leaf extract treats type 2 diabetes. The very helpful drug, metformin is a chemical derivative of a component of this leaf, guanidine. Apparently this is very, very, very old news...

Reinventing the Wheel

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