Tuesday, February 7, 2017

No Paradise


Neocolonial "capitalist paradise" or crony "socialist paradise": the net result is the same: expropriation and impoverishment. 
Charles Hugh Smith compares corrupt establishment looting of Greece and Venezuela. 
Corruption  destroys economy. Nobody can afford parasitic elites when they take complete control.

Is the Trump Administration already over? Paul Craig Roberts looks at inflammatory statements by Defense Secretary Mattis, regarding Iran as Terrorist Sponsor #1, Russia as threat #1. He has threatened to intervene in China's internal affairs, which China sees as very different from trade. 
Mattis is skilled and intelligent, by all intimate accounts. Where is this going? 
Dr Roberts points out that Islamic Extremism is a long term American project, initiated during Russia's Afghan war in the 1980s, and manipulated since then to justify global war.

In a constitutional first, VP Mike Pence votes to break a cabinet-confirmation-vote tie in the Senate, and confirms weird Amway heiress with (proven) disastrous educational policies, Betsy DeVos, as Secretary of Education. This is a major step towards the stated goal of eliminating the Department of Education, isn't it?   http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-07/devos-confirmed-education-secretary-after-pense-casts-first-ever-vp-tiebreaking-vote

Trump admin does not take Ukraine's side, supports peace in border between Ukraine and Russia, and looks forward to working with Russia to eliminate ISIS. The possibility of strategic reset, no longer supporting global terrorism and the global war on that enemy, but cooperating with Russia, remains.

Putin's Tough Choice, China or the West? (I think this maybe was not the original title. The divergence of Russian oil/gas interests from competitor, Iran are pointed out, and the possibility for EXXON CEO, now Secretary of State, Tillerson to promote Rockefeller interests in Russia is presented. A previous article proposed that Trump could represent Rothschild interests, over Rockefeller interests. Who knows if they even diverge? Russia certainly has long term investment deals with China, but needs some near term profits pretty badly.)

China protests new round of Iran sanctions, some against Chinese companies, working with Iran. China certainly needs Iranian oil and gas. Iran is a major destination of the New Silk Road. Iran sanctions present a subtle window of economic attack on Chinese interests.

Iran has never been seen having any ties with Daesh, al-Nusra Front or other terrorist groups, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday. (You Americans know this is a lie. What are you trying to accomplish with it?)  https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201702061050390158-iran-terrorism-russia/

UK Speaker of the House of Commons won't let Donald Trump address the assembly. "That's an honor to be earned." Position currently is broadly endorsed.

President Trump will honor the deal President Obama made with Australia (he has to) to accept about 1500 refugees held in concentration camps on Manus Island and Nauru, for trying to reach Australia illegally by smuggler's boats. There are a lot more than that. Trump is very unhappy with this "worst deal ever", but not as unhappy as these human pawns are. Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull didn't get hung-up on (quite), though 25 min call was not an hour. Turnbull prevailed in Australia's interest.

Trump or Putin? EU loses story line on what the biggest threat to Europe now is. It looks like the Neocon-Clintonistas shift from Putin to Trump as biggest threat just jumped the pond. The global elite battle for supremacy is far from decided. EU heads of state meet in Malta. Francois Hollande, least popular French leader since Louis XVI, could become the next President of the European Council.

Loser in Paradise

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