Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Knowing You Better

Open Books,

Here are two articles about how persuasion algorithms are affecting our perception. We get a lot of information through Twitter, Facebook and email, and these media are manipulated most easily by Artificial Intelligence algorithms in that order. Retweeting, after selecting for information bias of a target recipient, is easy for a bot to do. Lots of political bots are programmed this way and can do a lot of work, but Twitter finds them if they do too much work. 
Facebook bots work better with a human avatar running 10 to 20 of them. They look human this way. This is a paid job. 
Cyborg bots may look like trolls. Look for first-few-comments from these augmented-troll-alliances. This shapes the trend of comments going forward. Other opinions get bullied out. All of us get emails from organizations, seeking contributions and petition-signatures. We are mostly able to have email conversations with real people, and may abandon sites where trolls and cyborg-trolls have taken over. That is a victory for them, too.

The first article gives the general framework well. It was written post-election last November. (The internal link to cognitive bias types on Wikipedia was a link worth visiting and reading.) Persuasive Machines: Weapons of Mass Disinformation

The second link is more recent, more exhaustively detailed, and written by a more alarmed person. It has more partisan bias, but is also transpartisan in the depiction of threats in this brave-new-world. It is the forest full of trees and wildlife, with the smell of fire. The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine:

How the Trump Regime was Manufactured by a War Within the Deep State, Nafeez Ahmed : It is fine to skim over the headings once you get the jist. There is some liberal pearl-clutching in the first half, but the second half and conclusion are seemingly written for a more serious and well informed audience. The parts that look like Clintonista panic give way to serious analysis of the deep state and it's creation and manipulation of 9/11 to reshape the world as we know it.

Eleni sends this serious interview with Alexander Dugin,  4th Political Theory and Post-Liberalism:
"Today’s liberalism is so rotten within that it’s easy enough to throw out now, because it itself has recognized progress, freedom, and development to be absolute fictions. Liberalism has recognized that it is a kind of particular totalitarian approach. Behind all these ideas of liberation, freedom, equality, individualism, etc., stands none other than the will to power. The last generation of philosophical thinkers of the liberal West feel within themselves despair, the exhaustion of all the possibilities of modernity, and they have finally showed that this is all a play - progress and development, perfection, and all these so-called moral aspects of modernity were all nothing other than simply a form of political spin doctoring, propaganda, advertising, and sale of some kind of defective product in order to realize the will to power of the greedy, cowardly, cynical, totally racist global elites."

American Veterans are physically returning to Standing Rock, to physically resist pipeline crews and police-goon-squads, arrayed to force their submission to corporate will.

Linking Arms

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