Thursday, February 23, 2017

Exploring Alternatives

Ready to Negotiate,

Tennessee calls for a Constitutional Convention of the States. 
34 states must approve this plan. The proposed topic is a Balanced Budget Amendment for the Federal Government. 
This would effectively end the current global financial regime, which is based upon US Dollars created through Federal Debt. 
Constitutional Conventions are considered risky, because, once one is convened, any change to the Constitution can be enacted.

“Tennessee’s own Andrew Jackson was the last president who actually paid off the entire debt of the United States. It has been done by a Tennessean before, and that’s why we want Tennessee to be leaders of this effort once again,” Kelsey said.

It's getting to be reset time again: 
"In its first three decades, the Fund managed the world’s currency order... That was the role assigned at Bretton Woods in 1944, when the IMF and World Bank were set up. Forty-five nations attended the summit, but two men dominated it: John Maynard Keynes and America’s Harry Dexter White... Their goal was to avoid a repeat of the 1930s, when competitive devaluations and tariff wars led to the collapse of world trade. Keynes wanted the IMF to act as a central bank of central banks, denominating their accounts in a new global currency. It would let members devalue or borrow with relative ease. Both creditors and debtors would pay interest on their holdings, discouraging large trade surpluses as well as deficits... White’s plan was more creditor-friendly, reflecting the U.S. position as world lender. There would be no new currency: IMF members would tie their money to the dollar. They couldn’t devalue without consulting the Fund, and were only supposed to borrow short-term to close balance-of-payments gaps... The English economist was one of the 20th century’s sharpest thinkers, but it was the U.S. Treasury official who got his way... The system turned out to have a flaw: It depended on the supply of U.S. dollars backed by gold. That link came under pressure as America, financing social programs at home and war in Vietnam, slipped into persistent deficit. In 1971, President Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, ending phase one at the IMF."

The Republican health-insurance proposal is just ACA/Obamacare with a different slicing of the same pie. Nothing afundamental changes. It just shifts funds from poorer and younger people to wealthier and older people.

"The recently-disclosed story about the U.S using depleted uranium ordnance in Syria is suspect – not because there is reasonable doubt that the U.S used them – but because the story is being conflated in Western media with the notion that the weapons were used against ISIS. While the West sometimes attacks “both sides” to prolong the destruction and warfare, and/or to create intra-Syrian conflict, the notion that the weapons were used against ISIS infrastructure is (intentionally) misleading in the sense that it creates the false perception that the West is trying to destroy ISIS (despite on-the ground evidence to the contrary). Prior to Russia’s legal intervention in Syria, ISIS territory expanded beneath the illegal western bombardments.[2  The news story also ties in with the resignation of General Flynn, which appears to be the result of deep /dark state interventions that aim to upend President Trump and advance the causes of global war and poverty."

John McCain, Chair of Senate Armed Services Committee, made a "secret" trip to the Kurdish enclave of Raqqa, Syria, on the Turkish border, to meet with representatives of (especially armed-forces) Kurds, then flew to Turkey to do some secret haggling with President Erdogan, who hates Kurdish fighters. (Turkish armed forces are in severe disarray, and fighting very poorly, under Erdogan's purges-for-loyalty. They may take a decade to become reliable and effective.)

"Winning" in early winter in North Dakota, resulted in water protectors going home to avoid frostbite. Their camp is now besieged, almost empty, and just awaiting riot-police action to completely clear it. A lot of fires have been started by somebody. It is blamed on protesters, of course. They may be fires for warmth. The news of survival-fires-as-arson was twisted before, to justify aggression against them.

Here is some news of 1950s  experimental military aircraft. Interesting story.
It's clear that what was being reported in the news media as "Flying Saucers" was one of the smaller craft, specifically the 40' diameter model.

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