Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pandemic In Sunlight

Taking Routine Precautions,

Vitamin-D Deficiency, Race and Coronavirus Mortality.
Marjorie sends this 20 minute medical lecture from Roger Seheult MD.
Just take 5000 units per day of vitamin-D3, or 10,000 unite a day for a month or two if you don't already take it and don't get much sun. 

Gil Tverberg at Our Finite World looks at links between declining-cheap-energy, human mass violence and coronavirus. She also advocates vitamin-D (NOT politically correct!)
[6] The violent demonstrations represent an effort to try to push the problems related to the shortfall in energy, and the goods and services that energy can provide, away from the protest groups, toward other segments of the economy.
In an ideal world:
(a) Jobs that pay well would be available to all.
(b) Governments would be able to afford to provide a wide range of services to all, including free health care for all and reimbursement for time off from work for being sick. They would also be able to provide adequate pensions for the elderly and low cost public transit.
(c) Police would treat all citizens well. No group would be so poor that a life of crime would seem to be a solution.
As indicated in Section [2], back in 2019, before COVID-19 hit, protests were already starting because of low commodity prices and the indirect impacts of low commodity prices. One reason why governments were so eager to adopt shutdowns is the fact that when people were required to stay inside because of COVID-19, the problem of protests could be stopped.

​CHAZ, Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, has existed as such since Tuesday.​ Birth pangs...

Somebody steps up to stop the graffitti:
Soundcloud rapper Raz Simone and his entourage have claimed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) as their territory - and have already been filmed regulating when a man wouldn't stop spraying graffiti over an urban art installation, telling him "We are the police of this community now!"

​Improvising Arrangements​

Two little fawns born on our front yard Saturday just before dawn

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