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COVID Countermeasures And Kennedy

 Concerned Citizens,

 Friday night, a man with two shoulder holsters, handguns and spare ammo clips, with a badge and Federal ID, self identifying as a Federal Marshal sought to gain access to Robert Kennedy Jr. at a speaking event. He was isolated and held by Mr. Kennedy's private security and arrested by LAPD. 
  Mr. Kennedy is denied actual candidate protection b y the Biden administration, a program that was originated after his own father was assassinated in LA (not by Sirhan Sirhan, but by his hired-for-event bodyguard, who shot him in the back of the head).

More on that story from Zero Hedge (Epoch Times re-post.)

  The WHO Pandemic Treaty as a backdoor to control of national governments through the WHO (as a "shell company" for hidden powerful actors) is explained here by RFK JR. and Meryl Nass MD in an intelligent and very informative 42 minute podcast. (This is the second podcast I have listened to this year.)

  Meryl Nass MD interviewed by Kevin Barrett on the W.H.O. "Tyranny Treaty":

  Here is a longer interview, over 90 minutes, which Dr. Nass gave to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, also on the "amendments" to the W.H.O. Pandemic Preparedness and Response Treaty. (Since these are only "amendments" to an accepted treaty, they do not require ratification by the US Senate, only a presidential signature, though they remove constitutional rights and prerogatives of Americans. The "amendments" would supercede the US constitution, including requiring censorship, and funding without congressional oversight. Whoever would control the Director of the W.H.O. would control the US and other nations. How beguiling!)

  Pierre Kory MDThe Suffering Of Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Syndrome Patients Within Our Current Medical System
​  Having spent over 18 months treating patients with Covid vaccine injury syndrome, I feel it important to describe what I am seeing, how I am treating, and how well (or not) it is working.
​..Scott and I have now seen well over 900 patients who are chronically ill after receiving the Covid-19 mRNA injections or suffering with Long Haul Covid (a.k.a. PASC – post-acute sequelae of Covid). I would estimate the breakout of our patient population at this point is approximately 70% Post-vaccine syndrome (“Long Vax”) vs. 30% Long Covid syndrome (the ratio was flipped when we first went into practice).
​  Given the two syndromes are so similar, this validates that the presence of circulating or tissue embedded spike protein is the main pathogenic cause (pathogenic = originating or producing disease), as evidenced in this masterful comprehensive review paper detailing the innumerable pathophysiologic abnormalities triggered by the spike protein which lead to myriad damages to a number of organ systems.
​  For simplicity, the following description of these “spike-protein induced disease syndromes” will focus on those who became chronically ill after Covid-19 mRNA injections, although Long Covid is nearly identical. I say nearly because there are two main differences that I see as a clinician: in Long Covid, persistent post-Covid pulmonary lung disease occurs in a minority (i.e. the rare-ish condition called “organizing pneumonia”).​..
..Second, in vaccine injury syndrome the patients are on average sicker than Long Covid given their much higher incidence and severity of neuropathic symptoms and dysautonomia...
..Their decline in ability to function due to fatigue and post-exertional malaise is so large that most of them meet the definition of disabled given they can no longer work (or play) and in many cases their spouses, parents, and friends now need to care for them. Again, this is in stark contrast to the roles they used to enjoy as breadwinners, parents, care-takers, leaders at work or in their community etc.
On a daily basis, we see first-hand the reality of the government data showing explosive rises in disability claims since the vaccine roll-out...
..Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is the disease that the post-vaccine injury syndrome most closely resembles. Although the diversity and severity of the symptom burden following spike protein exposure sets it apart from traditional ME/CFS, the two are much more alike than different...
​..Despite its high prevalence and disabling nature, medical education programs rarely cover ME/CFS and guidance for practicing clinicians is often outdated and inappropriate
​  This is even more tragically accurate for those with Covid vaccine injury syndrome (“Long Vax”) as this condition does not even exist in the published literature that I am aware of, nor are any system physicians taught about the immense diversity in pathologic destruction wrought by circulating spike protein, a.k.a. “spikeopathy.”​ ...
​..Standard tests typically return normal results, and some clinicians are wholly unaware of or question the legitimacy of ME/CFS. Consequently, up to 91% of affected people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions, such as depression.
​  I cannot over-emphasize how damaging the frequent lack of positive findings on standard tests is to the plight of the vaccine injured. I ask my readers to contemplate for a moment what the situation described above is like for a Covid vaccine-injured patient. Imagine seeking care from a physician, relating all of your suffering from a myriad of symptoms (a suffering which is often immense - and that is coming from yours truly, a critical care specialist) yet they can “find nothing actionably wrong with you” in terms of bloodwork, EKG, chest-x-ray, CT, MRI etc. As a result of the willful or benign ignorance of the syndrome, they then refer you to psychiatry or label you with the insane diagnosis of “functional neurologic disorder,” the definition of which, to me, is essentially that “it is all in your head.” ...
..Now add to the above situation one of a patient who claims to a system physician that their suffering was caused by.. wait for it.. the Covid vaccine. Then imagine doing this smack dab in the middle of a global psy-ops military counter-measure driven propaganda campaign supporting the vaccine as “safe and effective.”
​  That campaign was highly successfully directed at system physicians via peer-reviewed literature published in high-impact medical journals concluding over and over that the vaccines were “safe and effective” (even for pregnant women who were never studied). This is a perfect storm for what a doctor would describe later as a “particularly difficult encounter with a patient.”
​  But the patient experience is far worse and much more damaging given the propagandized doctor subjects them to the most severe forms of “medical gaslighting”...
​..The most terrifyingly sad are the countless anecdotes of system doctors, who, at the end of the visit, encouraged my patients… to get a booster. No wonder Americans are fleeing the system in droves...
​..One recent and somewhat encouragingly honest quote by a doctor was told to me by a patient who visited a neurologist at Scripps in California. After she told the doctor that her incessant and refractory facial spasms were caused by the vaccine, the doc replied “Our whole practice is full of vaccine injuries but we are not allowed to talk about it.”...
..I define a complication of the Covid vaccine as an injury that generally results in “single organ dysfunction” developing in temporal association to the vaccine. Examples of single organ injuries include cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attack, stroke, aortic dissection, vision/hearing loss/tinnitus etc.​.. The list also includes dementia and other progressive, deteriorating neurologic diseases, rare and typical cancers, turbo cancers, auto-immune conditions, immunodeficiencies etc...
..What our practice specializes in are patients with Covid vaccine injury syndrome, which I define as “a constellation of symptoms that develop in temporal association to the vaccine.” The constellation of symptoms is strikingly similar to ME/CFS however there are a number of novel and unique aspects that I address in the second post of this series...

Pierre Kory MD ,  The Symptom Burden of Post-Covid Vaccine Injury Syndrome
​  Nearly every patient I have seen who becomes chronically ill after the vaccine presents with three “core” symptoms alongside a highly varied “side list” of diverse symptomatology. These three core symptoms are part of the established diagnostic criteria for the disease called Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)  ​... ​  The core symptoms are nearly identical to ME/CFS however the “side list” of symptoms is much more diverse and severe such that sometimes the accompanying symptoms are far more debilitating than the core symptoms.
​  The three “core” symptoms of vaccine injury syndrome are as follows (I estimate 95% of my patients have all three, and when one is missing it is usually the brain fog which might spare 5% of my patients):
​  Fatigue - daily, often debilitating, and new. Patients awaken with a physical sensation of not having the energy to do normal activities or they need to lie down frequently in order to feel OK. They feel best when doing very little and, at least initially, are often bed-bound for varying periods of time, sometimes prolonged.
​  Post-exertional malaise (PEM) - this is when exertion or activity (often minimal) exacerbates their fatigue, but exertion can also worsen many other symptoms as well, causing “flares” of misery. Note that in many, shockingly little exertion is required to trigger suffering, such as going to the curb to pick up mail from the mailbox which then leads them to have to lie in bed for two hours after. Anytime they surpass their individual exertional limit it leads to a further reduction in functioning and an increase in suffering. Note this “limit” varies among patients and varies over time. Some can get through a work-day but then are “demolished” when they come home in a way they had never before experienced. Further, the triggering “exertions” can be physical, cognitive, orthostatic, emotional, or sensory (like loud, crowded environments). Patients often describe their experience of PEM as “having to pay for it” in terms of fatigue and suffering over the next day(s) and sometimes week (s) each time they over-exert. Another sad aspect of PEM is that, after weeks to months of being housebound or bed-bound, patients sometimes push themselves to go out and do social or physical activities just to experience a more stimulating and fulfilling life. Then they “pay the price” for days to weeks after. Yet they do it again because the alternative of staying in the house or bedroom chronically is so depressing.
​  “Brain Fog” - new and varied cognitive deficits. In order below, from least bothersome to worst:
​  New word-finding difficulties when speaking (sometimes leaving patients embarrassed in public conversations). For example if they want someone to pass them a cup, they will say “Can you pass me that “….” (i.e. they can’t find the word “cup” in their thoughts).
​  Worsened short-term memory - forgetting where keys are, why they went into a room, forgetting an important step in a task or most disturbingly, completely forgetting something that was told to them earlier (especially by a spouse which is a no-no :).
​  Impairment in execution of tasks - when emptying a dishwasher, they put things in the wrong place or forget what they are supposed to do in the middle of a multi-step task. One memorable anecdote is when a patient told me they were driving and suddenly stopped 40 feet before a red light crosswalk and did not know why. Perhaps this is why car accidents resulting from sudden medical episodes have been skyrocketing since Covid and the global vaccine campaign (here, here, and here).
​  Inability to sustain focus or concentration, often further triggering post-exertional malaise in that exerting too much mental energy makes them tired or worsens their other symptoms (headache, vision disturbances, dizzyness, etc.) so much that they no longer dare to continue focusing on the task or on a screen.
​  Disorientation to time/place/person, hallucinations etc. This kind of severity is rare and typically occurs more acutely and then resolves, however we have had patients where this persisted for some time.

​  This article from Zero Hedge originated at Epoch Times, and discusses a recent MIT study showing  nerve cells to be  infected with COVID strains and actually releasing spike protein in a certain laboratory analogy of  "long COVID" (such a study can be funded). 
  The article then makes the cognitive-perspective adjustment That this is more common after mRNA vaccination where nerve cells may commonly be entered by the lipid-micelles containing the mRNA, which induces them to produce and release the "alpha" spike protein described in Wuhan for 6 months (maybe longer) in some cases.
  Treatments such as Ivermectin, Nattokinase and NAC help to clear spike protein from the bloodstream, but do not shorten the period of time that cells containing modified mRNA continue to produce the pathogenic spike protein.

​FLCCC has the I-RECOVER Post Vaccine Syndrome treatment protocols outlined here, with full 50 page (or so) download available:

​  "Not A Good Decision For Young People" - Florida Surgeon-General Snubs FDA 'COVID Boosters-For-All' Guidance
​  Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said in a statement that the vaccines "are not backed by clinical evidence, but blind faith alone with ZERO regard for widespread immunity."

​Dealing With The Mess (pictured raking leaves out of fall garden)


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