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Working For Yourself

 Temp Workers,

  The "Uniparty" imperial courtiers in Washington DC, London and Brussels manage the investment properties ("world") for the global owners. The owners hide their identities through management companies like BlackRock and Vanguard, and the central banks of the world. They all own stock in each other's companies, so they share investment interests while remaining invisible as individuals and families. "Owning everything" is the basic strategy, and when business losses are to be imposed, they are to be imposed upon smaller companies and businesses outside of this global networks. That it straightforward, and it has worked well since 1990, while there wa a "unipolar world" the the western US/NATO empire holding persuasive force, enough to ruin Iraq, Libya, Syria, and to block central asian cooperation by making Afghanistan a war zone, bleeding heroin and violence into Iran, Russia and China.

  Those days of easy-management of the global properties have ended, but there is no restructuring yet. Doubling down on threats has turned into the kinds of defeat that weaken the threats, so that more countries are emboldened to pursue national interests, rather than be bled of their natural resources by globalist neo-colonialism.

  The colonized periphery is pulling away, and the colonization is retreating into Europe and to the streets of the United States, where the squeeze that was put on the Greeks to save German and French banks is now being put on German and French, Italian, Belgian, Spanish, etc. citizens and businesses. This self-digestion cannot persist very long. The maximum value was already being extracted from the productive parts of western economies. More extraction is rapidly shrinking European economies, and the cutoff of inexpensive fuel and feedstocks has just put a lot of them out of business. There is no "recovery" possible in this context, not under the same management protocols.

  The rest of the world continues to reorganize trade incrementally, outside of the $US currency regime, bypassing that value-extraction arrangement. The rest of the world does not want to spook the declining and unstable empire, still armed with weapons of total-annihilation. The rest of the world is still paying tribute, but is looking forward to not paying tribute when that can be safely arranged. Argentina just joined BRICS (official 1/1/2024). Argentina owes a lot of $US denominated debt, but it is mostly held by local Argentine elite families. Hmmm, those families have interests which sharply diverge from the rest of Argentine citizens, don't they. Elections are coming up. The local Argentine elites will do whatever they can to maintain their ownership positions. This reflects neocolonialist mechanisms in other countries, also. Local financial elites need the military and financial threats available from the rest of the $US denominated empire to sustain their local positions of power, ownership and value-extraction. BRICS+ threatens their prerogatives.
  This winter and this coming year are set for continual incremental weakening of $US based ownership and control status in the world. The direction is for national interests to gather the wealth at home, rather than to export cheap commodities to be processed for additional value in industrialized countries. No sudden, threatening moves, though.

  In the US/NATO/EU/Israel/5-Eyes countries, the interwoven courtiers and deep-states are all slowly sinking together. None is able to take initiative against the consensus, which is to pretend that the "unipolar world" is "still" the thing that it never quite became during the Bush/Cheney global war on brown people in oil countries.
  The US particularly faces an election cycle which can't be convincingly faked to obtain an arranged outcome, as the Hillary Clinton election almost was, and the Joe Biden election decisively was. There is increasing chaos and disorder as bad political-economic managers in the collective west are increasingly desperate and open in their non-democratic criminal actions to maintain their positions of power and immunity from the consequences of their actions. This holds the productive and other members of society hostage and extracts the value of their work, while saddling them with unpayable debts.

  The globalist owners know that they also face a loss of income, and even of some of their ownership, while these managers continue in power, but what are the alternatives for the owners? They are collectively like the monkey holding onto sweet rice inside a coconut with a hole too small to let the grasping fist out, trapped until they let go...

​  BREAKING NEWS: Obama insider and author and biographer Joel Gilbert has claimed Michelle Obama is preparing to enter the 2024 race and become the Democratic presidential nominee allegedly due to Biden’s declining health.​ (​a fourth term for Barack Obama)

​  Jim Kunstler, A Theory of the Game:
​  Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss was a bigger shock to the Washington DC deep state Blob than Donald Trump’s victory... In the group madness provoked by Hillary Clinton’s loss, the dirty secret was that she had actually bought the Democratic National Committee in 2016, meaning the machinery that runs the party. She used lavish contributions to the Clinton Foundation to accomplish that. And Hillary along with her foundation — and husband Bill, who had been reduced by late career misadventure to a kind of political fashion accessory — had committed any number of grave crimes against our country over the years, especially during her service as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Think: Skolkovo… Uranium One…. In 2016 Hillary used her ownership of the DNC to underhandedly de-rail the likely Democratic primary winner, Bernie Sanders, from being nominated.​..
..And who was Barack Obama exactly? Good question. This mysterious figure who rose so swiftly from being, briefly, a mere state senator in Illinois, then to the US Senate — for only a few years, accomplishing next to nothing there — then to being nominated for president, and actually winning the 2008 election! ...
..Mr. Obama was liberalism’s wish-fulfillment: a half-century after the Civil Rights movement, America elects the first black president (half-black, anyway)! Liberalism needed, above all, a sense of moral superiority, to heal an imperfect world, to be ahead-of-the-curve in mankind’s implacable march of progress toward perfection, and especially to set an example for how to live for all those gun-loving, bible-thumping, meth-smoking, opiate-scarfing, racist, rapist flyover rubes who would dare to vote for such misogynistic vermin as the TV-clown Donald J. Trump...
..To what degree was Mr. Obama a tool of other forces lurking in the deep background of world politics, and what are these forces?  Many of the non-Left will say they are a loose consortium of corporate and financial actors desperate to keep in motion a set of rackets that magically stabilize business-as-usual, which asset-strips the remaining wealth of the middle classes and transfers it to the already super-wealthy...
​  “Joe Biden” was Mr. Obama’s device for wresting control of the DNC from Hillary Clinton’s gang. But now “Joe Biden” has criminal problems of his own that threaten to take down not only his own presidency, but of everything connected to it, namely his controller, Mr. Obama & Company, and the Democratic Liberal order itself driven insane by its own criminality. Meanwhile, his nemesis, Donald Trump has proven to be extraordinarily resilient in the remorseless war against him. And now that has culminated in the (so far) four cockamamie criminal cases cooked up by Obama / “Biden” as the final line of defense against the Golden Golem of Greatness — who obviously has no intention of surrendering.
       It looks like Mr. Obama is now in the process of being “outed” as something other than the suave performer he was for two terms in the White House. The Tucker Carlson interview with one Larry Sinclair, a gay cruiser and druggie who claims to have frolicked with Mr. Obama before he was a celebrity, was met with ominous silence in the mainstream media. They didn’t even dare denounce it to avoid drawing more attention to it. And the mysterious “drowning” of the Obama family’s chef, Tafari Campbell, paddleboarding at night in the shallow bay off the Obama estate on Martha’s Vineyard, remains woefully under-investigated. Will Barack Obama and “Joe Biden” end up sinking each other and the Democratic Party with them? And then, will Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. be called in to rescue the darn thing while driving all the demons out of it?​  
[Naw Jim, they'll just nominate Michelle Obama and fight to somebody's death.]

As per Wayne's World, "Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!"  The uniparty has policies and procedures by which it "operates".
Biden Impeachment Vote Could Take Place in Mid-September - US Lawmaker

​How protected are gay Jewish lawyers when push comes to shove?
Greenwald Exposes "Fraudulent" WaPo Disinformation Study, David Frum, And ADL Propaganda To Silence Dissent

​Changing names and definitions is the main solution that our leaders can offer to us.
The New Authoritarian Agenda Revealed (Globalism Rebranded)​ 
​..I came across a video promoting a barely publicized project called the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism.”
​  The group, headed by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is the culmination of decades of various globalist agendas combined to represent the ultimate proof of conspiracy.
The CIC is intimately tied to institutions like the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but it is primarily an attempt to link all these organizations more closely to the corporate world in an open display of cooperation. The group pushes the spread of what they call “Stakeholder Capitalism.” This is the notion that international corporations are obligated to engage in social engineering. That’s another way of saying that corporations are required to manipulate citizens and governments with economic punishments and rewards...
..We have also seen stakeholder capitalism on display in the push for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) guidelines among major companies. Most readers are probably familiar with ESG at this point, but keep in mind, the public was oblivious to the terminology until the past 2 years. Globalists have been developing ESG rules since 2005.....ESG was intended to be the tool that globalists and governments would use to force companies into the stakeholder capitalism model. It is a kind of social credit system, but for companies...
​..The exposure of ESG is perhaps one of the greatest triumphs of the alternative media. It was proof that the “woke-ification” of our economy and society was not the result of some grassroots activist movement or the natural evolution of civilization. No, everything woke was a product, forced into existence by corporate and globalist interests.
​  It is with some disappointment I’m sure that Lynn Forester de Rothschild admitted the defeat of ESG at the B20 Summit in India recently
. Though, as is usually the case, Rothschild admits that the goal will be to replace the term “ESG” with something else that the public is not as privy to while continuing to institute social credit scoring for companies as a means to dominate them.

​  On Friday evening, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) issued an emergency order suspending the right of law-abiding citizens to open and conceal​-carry firearms in crime-ridden Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days, after declaring a public health emergency in response to a spate of recent gun violence.​ Grisham, who apparently thinks criminals will follow her orders, says she expects legal challenges, but was 'compelled to act' following recent shootings. 
​  The Governor of New Mexico has just declared the 1st & 2nd Amendment “does not exist” due to an “emergency.”

​Finally, some good news!
The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that several Biden administration officials had likely breached the First Amendment by pressuring social media companies to moderate or take down content they deemed problematic.

​  MK Bhadrakumar The Ankara-Moscow relationship challenges western expectations: Here is a unique model of cooperation among regional powers, built on mutual interests, respect, and the recognition of each country's independent foreign policies and strategic autonomy.
​  In the full flush of his election victory, Erdogan made certain efforts to mend fences with the west, signaling a willingness to agree to Sweden’s induction into NATO and showing solidarity with Ukraine. In moves that could seriously upset Moscow, Ankara wantonly released Azov commanders who were captured by Russia in Mariupol last year and announced an intent to jointly produce weaponry with Ukraine.
​  Nonetheless, Moscow reacted cautiously. The Kremlin could afford to mark time since this is also an asymmetrical relationship where Russia holds the upper hand. Moscow could sense that Erdogan was not really “pivoting” to the west, but was rather showing an interest in improving western ties which had soured in recent years -and its outcome remains far from certain.​..
​..Basically, Russia’s relations with Turkiye are fortified by the warm personal equations between Putin and Erdogan, and both leaders are consummate realists with shared interests and a keenness to challenge Western dominance in regional politics...
  The “body language” of the meeting in Sochi confirmed that there is no change in the verve of the personal relationship between the two leaders. Television footage showed the two men smiling and shaking hands upon Erdogan’s arrival at Putin’s residence, where the Russian president suggested that his guest take a vacation in the Black Sea resort.
​  In his opening remarks, Putin put Erdogan at ease by reassuring him upfront that the Russian offer to create a global “energy hub” in Turkiye is very much in the cards and will materialize soon.
​  However, the icing on the cake is the proposed agreement that would facilitate free exports of grain from Russia to six African nations with the help of Turkiye and Qatar. In Erdogan’s presence, Putin announced:
​  “We are close to completing agreements with six African states, where we intend to supply foodstuffs for free and even carry out delivery and logistics for free. Deliveries will begin in the next couple of weeks.”

​  The political and geopolitical resonance of this decision in Africa is simply immeasurable — Russia is offering, on the one hand, the Wagner Group as gatekeepers, and on the other hand, food security for the continent. In one fell swoop, western propaganda was trashed, with some help from Ankara.
​  Erdogan, on his part, expressed confidence that Russia would “soon” revive the Black Sea grain deal, while also echoing Putin’s stance that the west had betrayed its deal commitments with Russia. Equally, he distanced Ankara from rival western plans to send grain across the Black Sea - which now becomes a non-starter.  As he put it:
​  “The alternative proposals brought to the agenda could not offer a sustainable, secure and permanent model based on cooperation between the parties like the Black Sea Initiative.”...
..Putin voiced satisfaction that he and Erdogan have raised the relations to a “very good, high level.” Interestingly, Putin singled out the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant - Turkiye's first, built by the Russians - which will be fully operational next year, as he described Turkiye as a new member of the “international nuclear club.”
​  These are measured words, no doubt. The message out of the Sochi talks is that Russian-Turkish relations have gained maturity. The summit followed last week’s talks between Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Moscow.
​  Later, in the presence of Fidan, Lavrov spoke at some length and with extraordinary clarity about Russia’s policies towards Turkiye. The salience lies in Russia’s profound appreciation of  Tukiye’s independent foreign policy, “which is geared towards its own national interests,” resisting Western pressure.
​  Lavrov said Turkiye’s “constructive and equitable interaction” with Russia is not only mutually beneficial economically and advantageous, but also strengthens “the sovereign basis” of Turkiye’s foreign policy. Lavrov expressed the hope that Turkiye “will continue to respond with reciprocity despite pressure from the United States and its allies who seek to pit everyone against the Russian Federation,” concluding:
​  “The effectiveness of our policy dialogue and economic cooperation will continue to depend on mutual willingness to consider each other’s concerns and interests and to seek to balance them. Our Turkish partners possess the necessary strategic vision. We will continue to adhere to approaches based on mutual respect and a balance of interests.”
​  Evidently, Lavrov spoke with great deliberation and purpose. What emerges is that although NATO-member Turkiye has not yet sought membership in the expanded BRICS or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) — unlike Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or Egypt — Russia nonetheless gives pivotal importance to Turkiye given its strategic autonomy, which is both a game changer in regional politics and a trendsetter.​..
..As Lavrov stated recently, Russia is willing to cooperate with any country that treasures its independence.

​Gilbert Doctorow explains that NATO countries are barely in compliance with their commitments to mutual defense and will be out of compliance if they donate F-16s and such.
Why Belgium is not sending F-16s to Ukraine

​  Recent Ukrainian attacks in against the villages of Rabotino and Verbovoe will only lead to further attrition of Kiev’s forces, Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector, told Sputnik's New Rules podcast.​  
 "Russia always had a primarily defensive doctrine inherited from the Soviet times. But this new defensive doctrine that's being implemented, especially in the Zaporozhye front, is the brainchild of Lieutenant General Alexander Romanchuck, former deputy commander, I believe, of the 58th Combined Arms Army. He was sent to the Combined Arms Academy after participating in the early phases of the Special Military Operation. While he was at the Combined Arms Academy, he rewrote Russian defensive doctrine and then he was brought out of the Combined Arms Academy and given a leadership position in the Zapporozhye front in the Rabotino area.
  "In accordance with the doctrine, "the purpose of the forward defensive zone is to receive an enemy attack to help break it up, to use defensive belts, minefields, obstacles, what they call, 'fire cauldrons' or 'sacks' where you want to force the enemy to come in so you can hit them with artillery, to break up the attack, but not to hold and die," explained Ritter..
..Exhausted by struggling to overcome Russia's defense lines, the Ukrainians will have no strength left to push on forward, said Ritter. "This is part of Alexander Romanchuck's defensive concept, and it's been executed perfectly by the Russians at Rabotino," he stressed...
..While Ukraine's objectives include the physical reconquest of territory Ukraine believes belongs to it, NATO's goal is not so much about achieving decisive military victory on the battlefield, but to inflict pain on Russia to an extent that there could be a "Moscow Maidan", akin to one that happened in Kiev in 2014, Ritter explained...
.."The answer is, NATO itself has a paper tiger that for the last 20 years has not been funded properly. They haven't been training properly. They've not been doing the right kind of defense procurement properly. And there's not a single military today that's healthy enough to carry out the kind of combat that's taking place in Ukraine, let alone transfer equipment to the Ukrainian military that could assist them in doing this kind of warfare."

​  US media reported on Thursday that the Pentagon had postponed testing of its Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) a day prior, based on “pre-flight checks.” The test was to take place in Florida, with the weapon fired eastward into the Atlantic Ocean.​..
​..This, Drozdenko noted, was a key difference between reentry vehicles and hypersonic weapons: they have to be controlled and maneuvered, not just allowed to “ram the atmosphere with their belly” until they slow down.
“The task of hypersonic weapons like Avangard is to maneuver. This is the most important thing, so that air defense systems can neither detect it nor shoot it down. It needs a control system that can somehow analyze the external environment despite being in this plasma cloud. There is a whole complex of fundamental theoretical sciences - materials science, aerodynamics of high speeds - which current control systems and radio electronics do not have. This is a huge barrier.”​ ..
..“And now we actually have just three types of weapons: the glider, Avangard, which has already been repeatedly tested; we have the Kinzhal missile with a rocket engine; and Zircon, a sea-based rocket that works with a ramjet engine that is a further development of the Onyx missile."​    [and rubbing it in...]
​  “Part of these technologies was received by India in the process of joint development of the Brahmos missile. That is why the Americans fail: because a good part of humanity does not want to share technology with [them]. They didn’t manage to steal from them themselves, until they fully developed it.”

​  Peter McCullough MD ,  Vaccination Makes Long-COVID Syndrome Worse and Last Longer
​  Lancet Paper Inadvertently Discloses Data on Vaccination Worsening Long-COVID Symptomatology
​  I have seen patients in my practice become progressively more ill with fatigue, weakness, hair loss, headaches, effort intolerance, sleep disturbance and in some cases cardiac and neurological symptoms with progressive mRNA injections every six months. Meanwhile the Biden Administration US HHS National Action Plan on Long COVID-19 has been running a billion dollar research plan with no consideration that the vaccine could be the cause of symptoms. The medical literature is loaded with papers on long-COVID ignoring the fact the same patient groups have all been taking COVID-19 vaccines. In essence, there is a global coverup of vaccine injury syndromes as “long-COVID.”
​  Mateu et al studied 548 individuals, 341 with long-COVID, followed for a median of 23 months (IQR 16.5–23.5). With continued vaccination, only 26 subjects (7.6%) recovered from long-COVID during follow-up; almost all of them (n = 24) belonged to the less symptomatic cluster and importantly the syndrome finally lessened when they dropped vaccination.

​And furthermore...
People who received a new COVID-19 vaccine booster were more likely to contract COVID-19 than people who received no COVID-19 vaccine doses, according to a new study of prisons in California.​..
​..While the population of bivalent recipients was higher than the unvaccinated—36,609 compared to 20,889—the rate of infection was still elevated in the bivalent group owing to nearly double the number of infections, the researchers found.
​  Infection rates in the group that received bivalent shots was 3.2 percent, over the 2.7 percent in the unvaccinated.
“The bivalent-vaccinated group had a slightly but statistically significantly higher infection rate than the unvaccinated group,” Dr. Robert Mayes of the California Correctional Healthcare Services and the other authors wrote.

​  I always advised pregnant patients against COVID vaccinations, and incurred the ire of the OB/GYN department. I gave the pregnant patients bottles of vitamin-D and instructions for taking it. This was a horrendous betrayal, and Obstetricians in America abandoned all of their usual conservatism to blindly follow and promulgate this advice in lock-step. The leaks about harms to pregnancy were out way before the vaccines came out. I already knew that. It was knowable.
​  Government Gave Millions To Top Reproductive Health Org To Promote COVID-19 Vaccines To Pregnant Women​ 
 The premier professional membership organization for obstetricians and gynecologists accepted $11.8 million from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to promote COVID-19 vaccines to pregnant women, despite the exclusion of pregnant women from clinical trials and regulatory data showing the vaccine had not been tested for safety during pregnancy.
​  To learn more about COVID-19 funding received by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) during the pandemic and what prompted the organization’s guidance on COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women, Dr. James Thorp, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine physician made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in 2022 to HHS.
​  “My request was simple: It sought only to obtain documents involving the three ‘Cooperative Agreement’ grants HHS/CDC made to ACOG during the pandemic, one of which was for $11.8 million, listed on a publicly accessible open data source for federal spending,,” Thorp told The Epoch Times.
​  Documents obtained by Dr. Thorp show ACOG, on Feb. 1, 2021, was awarded the first of three cooperative agreement grants by HHS and the CDC. The receipt of COVID-19 grant money was contingent upon ACOG yielding substantial control over projects funded by the CDC to the agency and ACOG’s full compliance with CDC guidance on COVID-19 infection and control.

Main Cause of Snowball Earth Period That Lasted 60 Million Years Identified​ (11 minutes)

​Self Employed (pictured this morning trimming drip-watered areas where grass grows despite drought)


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