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Standing Against Algorithms

Individually Unpredictable,

  Spartacus said: "The next evolution of State power is the Automatic State, the Algorithmic State, a mathematical form of government that needs no human intervention at all. All of this mass surveillance business is aimed primarily at cybernetic control of human behavior, and again, by cybernetics, I don’t necessarily mean bionic implants, although those do factor in. Rather, I refer again to classical cybernetics and control theory. You see, from the perspective of the behaviorists and materialists, human beings are not conscious agents with free will, but rather, are simply living algorithms. That is to say, humans are machines. Our impulses are driven by conditioned behaviors and a neuroendocrine system, and our brain generates an illusion of free will, and we don’t actually do anything original of our own volition; we just imitate things around us. This is what decades of behavioral psychology research have tried to model human beings as; a robot, and not a person. The dream of the Deep State, or the Administrative State, is to make governance largely automatic, and for that, they need to simplify people and make them into predictable, obedient, and unimaginative drones."

US headed for ‘hot war’ with Russia – Tucker Carlson

​  “They [Washington power elites] will do anything to win,” Carlson said in an hour-long interview with radio host Adam Carrolla. He argued that another coronavirus lockdown is unlikely, as too many people would refuse to comply, so “they’re going to go to war with Russia, that’s what they’re going to do.”
​  “There will be a hot war between the US and Russia in the next year,” Carlson said. “I don’t think we’ll win it.”
​  “We’re already at war with Russia, of course, we’re funding their enemies,” he added. The US has allocated over $130 billion for Kiev over the past 18 months for weapons, military equipment, ammunition, and the salaries of government officials.​  [​Plus $115 billion IMF loan without oversight.]

Biden Looks to Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War
The US and its allies are negotiating deals with Ukraine for long-term military support that could be hard for a future president to exit

Joe Biden Used Pseudonyms In At Least 5,400 Emails

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) revealed it's in possession of some 5,400 records that contain email pseudonyms that President Joe Biden used during his tenure as vice president.​ [Robert L. Peters]

​  Scott Ritter: Ukraine’s Fate Sealed Long Before Failing Counteroffensive
​  The tragic reality is that neither approach to warfare has enabled Ukraine to achieve the ambitious goals and objectives it has set out for itself when launching the counteroffensive, namely the breaching of the Russian defenses leading to the severing of the land bridge connecting Crimea to Russia. While Ukraine, with the support of its NATO allies, has accrued sufficient military capacity to engage in concerted military operations against Russia since the counteroffensive began in early June, the reality is that this effort is unsustainable. In short, Ukraine has reached the end of its tether. While the tactical situation along the line of contact with Russia fluctuates daily, and Ukraine has been able to achieve some limited success in certain areas, the cost that comes with these successes has been so high that Ukraine lacks not only the ability to exploit these successes, but is in danger of not being able to maintain a military presence along the entirety of the frontline sufficient to hold back any concerted Russian offensive operations.

​  Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has an excellent view of current global geopolitics in these early days of WW-3. I picked this out about Ukraine, but he gives a lot of insight into the big picture, including Africa and not who killed Prigozhin, but the withdrawal of his protection by the Russian State...
​  Geopolitics Update [i]​  Prigozhin, Offensives and Geopolitics
  I think we can now clearly see the following strategy. On the one hand, Russia is finishing off the Ukrainian professional army in the South. This is almost done and will be concluded within the next days, at the latest by the end of September. On the other hand, as soon as the Ukrainians run out of men and material in the South, Russia will increase the pressure by an order of magnitude in Kharkov while maintaining and increasing the pressure on all five theatres of war. Sumy (cross border), Kharkov, Seversk, Ugledar and Zaporozhye. Nevertheless, I’m not entirely sure whether Ugledar really will be continued or the attention might fully shift to Adveevka instead.
​  That President (???) Zelensky is preparing a general mobilization is telling me that the full collapse is not far away and the big push will not be needed. Things could, if they run well, manage themselves solely through the massively increased pressure through the two abovementioned vectors of “collapse”. Hence, I want to reiterate one fact. To re-take the densely populated Donetsk oblast, Russia will need to take Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. A frontal assault from the East is difficult because there are a lot of small villages and towns around. Moreover, this direction has been fortified for a long time. To take the Donbass back, Russia will need to come back to Izyum and encircle Kramatorsk and Slavyansk from the North and the West. Which was the initial plan, a year ago. This plan still stands and will be executed. I assume that the collapse of Ukraine will occur somewhere along the path to Kramatorsk from the North.
​  Hence, the Ukraine-Collapse-Path where the collapse will occur along the way is approximately the following: Kupyansk and Izyum will need to be taken. From which side Russia will come, I don’t know. I’m sure the Russian General Staff figured out a proper operational plan for this. After that the attention will shift south in direction of Kramatorsk. Will Russia need to completely defeat Ukraine in Kramatorsk, or will Ukraine collapse earlier? I don’t know. We will see.

​Gilbert Doctorow ,  Tucker Carlson goes global: dramatic interview in Hungary. Is Moscow next on his agenda? (Likely interview at time of Putin's choice.)

  Simplicius: SITREP 8/30/23: Ukraine Smokescreens Failures With Meaningless Deep-strikes (Long; with many topics carefully examined, Big Picture)

​  More of the same this week: Ukraine has intensified its drone campaign to carry out some headline-grabbing strike or terror stunt to manage media perceptions and keep themselves looking viable and relevant..​.

​..First let’s dispense with the fact that wikipedia gives the number of Russian Il-76s as 120 in active service, another 120 in reserve, with 20 on order and presumably being manufactured. So, while losing 2 or 4 may be a fairly bad hit, it’s not catastrophic. That’s not to even mention that these planes are not really even used in the SMO, as they’re transport planes and Russia does most of its logistics transport via rail and truck as most know. The Il-76s are mostly in Pskov as that’s where Russia’s famed 76th Pskov Paratroopers Airborne unit is stationed, and they use the planes to train with and jump out of.
​  The latest reports indicate that this operation was planned with British Mi6 for many months. Of course something that took months to coordinate will do some damage, particularly since the attack utilized a mass drone swarm of at least 21+ drones, according to some reports. They were said to possibly be the new Australian “card board” drones which have been in headlines recently​...

​..These drones are nearly invisible to radar because cardboard is basically porous to radar waves.​..

​..There are big questions also about how these drones made it all the way to Pskov, 600km+ from the Ukrainian border. Some are claiming they came from Estonia. Many people have asked me recently, in general, how Ukraine conducts drone strikes on Russian territory. So allow me to use this circumstance to elucidate slightly on this matter.
​  Firstly, it must be known that it was already confirmed by Western media several times that Ukraine is sending saboteurs into Russia armed with drones which are launched from within Russian territory​...

​..Lastly, I’d like to point out two important things. First of all, the Pskov airfield as I said has almost no military utility and is not even connected to the SMO. Thus it was targeted specifically due to this weakness, knowing that it’s not as well-defended because there’s nothing critical there.​..

​..The second point is this. Many ignorant people have whined something along these lines: “Russian air defense is weak, if cheap Ukrainian drones managed to bypass them imagine what NATO would do if Russia ends up in a full-scale war with NATO in the near future! Russia wouldn’t last more than a hour/day/week/etc.”
​  But here’s the catch they miss: Ukraine actually has a major advantage which NATO would never enjoy in such a hypothetical conflict. You see, Ukraine gets to enjoy the luxury of NATO’s full satellite dominance without Russia’s ability to take those assets out due to not wanting to start WW3. That means Ukraine gets a “cheat code” where they can see all Russian assets and plan everything around that, bypassing Russian defenses, etc.
​  But if Russia was in a ‘full out war’ against NATO, guess which asset would be the first thing to come down? That’s right—NATO’s satellites wouldn’t exist. NATO would be blind and have no ability whatsoever to see Russia’s AD or other assets from afar, which means that even Ukraine’s puny drone strikes to Russia’s “deep rear” are far more than what NATO would be capable of in many ways.​..

..The important thing to note is that, since the infamous recent “clash” between Zelensky and NATO leadership about wasting and dissipating his forces, there have been reports that Zelensky/Zaluzhny have now attempted to somewhat acquiesce to their masters’ demands. That means reinforcements have been stripped from the Bakhmut/Klescheyevka area and sent down to Rabotino to form an even bigger spearhead.
​  For Rabotino that was bad news, but the Klescheyevka guys have enjoyed a brief welcome respite and relay that the front has been ‘quiet’ for them after these reorientations.
​  However, even after all of these expenditures, Russian frontline sources report that Rabotino, while abandoned by them, is still not captured by the AFU and is now in a gray zone from which it may not emerge. One of the reasons is as with Staromayorsk and other towns, it’s now so destroyed that there is not much place to hide. So when AFU units move in they are bombarded by Russian artillery and are quickly forced to flee...

..The African country of Gabon has now become the latest to undergo an anti-colonial coup, and there could be a Russian/Chinese hand at play because the confluence of such events cannot be simple ‘coincidence.’ The Gabonese president issued a desperate plea, begging France and the Western world to save him.​.

​..Now there are reports that Cameroon is set for a coup next, and its leadership is already undergoing an emergency reshuffling of the military upper echelons in order to prevent it.
​  However, other reports claim that the Gabon coup is just Western imperialists eating their own as the junta leader, according to some, has been groomed by the U.S. and represents American interests:
​  But why did a pro-American general overthrow a pro-French president?
​  The leadership of the French intelligence DGSE explains this by the fact that, according to the Americans, the French authorities are no longer able to effectively protect the interests of the collective West, including the United States, in the territory under their control. Therefore, the White House decided to take the situation into their own hands and seize the initiative from the French.

​  Meanwhile, Niger’s junta has cut off water and supplies to the French consulate which has refused to leave the country, citing that they only take orders from the ‘legitimate’ president.

​  The fact that these historic movements are coming on the heels of the major BRICS developments means that by this time next year the world will have been reshaped, with Western powers waning like never before.
​  This is to give a bit of perspective to ongoing events of the Russian SMO. While some may consider progress to be slow, I stand by the position that the events of the SMO are merely the minor backdrop to the real machinations Putin and others are carrying out behind the scenes of the global geopolitical framework.
​  For instance, Russia has apparently already begun shipping new containers to Saudi Arabia by way of Iran in a new sort of one belt one road​.

​  The West is now in a lose-lose situation. Even if they back an ECOWAS military action against Niger or others, for instance, they will expose major hypocrisy not only to African countries but to the rest of the world which will merely bring down the West’s standing even more, push further countries to disconnect from them and join the new multipolar order...

​..Asia’s next step away from dollar
​  Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei will join other major Southeast Asian economies in an interconnected QR code payment system that aims to reduce reliance on the US dollar - Nikkei reported.
​  Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore have previously joined the same initiative.
​  Payments through the system will be made in local currency, meaning payments in Thailand using the Indonesian app will be directly exchanged into rupiahs and baht, bypassing the US dollar as an intermediary.
​  Next, the central banks will seek to link this network with other regional clusters around the world, and bring the same structure to real-time bank transfers and even central bank digital currencies eventually.​..

​..When you add all the latest developments up, it spells doom for the West. The problem with the West is they have always subsisted on the natural resources, and later the manufacturing, of others as they slowly transitioned into developed service economies. In order to achieve this they had to keep all the developing natural-resource-rich nations under their thumb...

Russia to Determine Whether Drone Attack on Pskov Perpetrated from Latvia or Estonia – Kremlin

Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.08.31​  The drone swarm to Pskov may have flown over Estonia from a NATO ship in the Gulf of Finland

​Revenge: Russia Carries Out Successful High-Precision Strikes on Ukrainian Military Intel, Command Facilities

​  A transit train hauling 36 containers entered Iran for the first time from Russia through Iran’s Incheh Borun rail border near Turkmenistan, Miad Salehi stated.​ The deputy roads minister added that this cargo transit train was dispatched to the port city of Bandar Abbas on the Strait of Hormuz and will be transferred from there to the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah by sea.

​  MK Bhadrakumar ,  Petrodollar be warned: Three Persian Gulf energy powers just joined BRICS
The BRICS revealed its geopolitical priorities when it added three Persian Gulf states to its once exclusive roster of members. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have been strategically included to put an end to the petrodollar.

​  RFK, Jr.’s touching tribute to Maui after the Lahaina Fire
​  The highlight of his speech was the wise counsel his mother had offered him when his brother Michael died.
​  "My mother was accustomed to grief, and she had figured out how to process it in a way that was really dignified and admirable. I asked her if the hole that people leave in us when they die ever gets any smaller. My mother told me that it never gets any smaller, but our job is to grow ourselves bigger around that hole, and the way we do that is by incorporating the best virtues of those people that we lost into our own character, and in making that effort, we build ourselves—we build our character, and we give those people a kind of immortality, because we’re thinking every day about how to improve ourselves by incorporating the lessons of their lives and the virtues they displayed when they were with us, and at the same time, we grow ourselves into bigger people. And when we do that, that hole gets proportionately smaller.
​  This very admirable path that you have committed yourselves to shows us that you have used this incident not to allow yourselves to be shattered and destroyed or overwhelmed, but rather to bring yourselves together—not wait for the government to rescue you, but to bring yourselves together and to rebuild a sense of community.
​  God talks to us through each other, through organized religion, through the great books of those religions, through wise people and prophets, through art, music, literature, and poetry—and through nature and the creation. But He—or She or It—probably talks to us most precisely through each other, and we understand God through our relationships. His or Her power flows through us from other people—even people we don’t like—but especially from people who we love.​"

​  Thanks Christine ,  Plantation Disaster Capitalism

​  “Plantation disaster capitalism is, unfortunately, the perfect term for what’s going on,” says Hawaiian law professor Kapuaʻala Sproat, who just published a piece in The Guardian with Naomi Klein. She is professor of law at Ka Huli Ao Native Hawaiian Law Center and co-director of the Native Hawaiian Rights Clinic at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa School of Law. “The plantations, the large landed interests that have had control over not just the land, but really much of Hawaii’s and Maui Komohana’s resources for the last several centuries, are using this opportunity, are using this time of tremendous trauma for the people of Maui, to swoop in and to get past the law.”​  ...

​..So, to provide some context, for several years now, Hawaii’s state water commission has proactively attempted to create what we call water management designation, which is really just a fancy term. It’s an additional layer, kind of like zoning, that goes over an area where we know water resources are threatened. And once that happens, there’s an additional layer of permitting that’s invoked, that allows the water commission to revisit allocations and how water is actually used and distributed.
​  This is really important, because in Hawaii we have a public trust doctrine, which means that our water resources are managed for present and future generations and cannot be owned by any individual. But the problem is that despite what we call the black letter law, in many ways in Hawaii, and for the last century at least, might has made right. And in small towns like Lahaina, companies with a lot of influence have been able to maintain control of the water resources, even when there are interests like Native Hawaiian families, like the streams themselves, that have a higher call to right or higher water rights, at least according to the black letter law.
​  So, part of the situation in Maui Komohana is that because of this long history of struggle, Native Hawaiians and, really, people across the community came forward, participated in public hearings before our state water commission and loudly called for more proactive water management. And in June 2022, they were successful in achieving this water management area designation for Lahaina. That means additional permit protections were put into place. And many folks, Native Hawaiians, who have superior rights but whose rights have been ignored, were able to come forward and begin a permitting process.
​  Unfortunately, those existing water use permit applications were due on Monday, August 7th, and the fire ravaged Lahaina on Tuesday, August 8th. And then, on Wednesday, August 9, the Governor’s Office issued these emergency proclamations, which suspended the water code. So, despite this huge effort to try and put this additional protection in place — which of course was, predictably, opposed by industry interests and development interests, but they were unsuccessful. The water commission unanimously voted for water management area designation. And yet, then, what they [industry & development $] were unable to accomplish legally, they were able to accomplish with the support of the governor and the emergency proclamation.

​Things were getting so complicated by tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists constantly misinterpreting the data, so ...
CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports in Its V-Safe Program

​  Ron Paul MD , A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season!

​  Why are they coming back around for another round of Covid tyranny? Fear is a weapon to gain control. Last time around they generated fear to radically change how America voted. Suddenly everyone was mailed ballots. How closely were they checked? No one knew and no one dared ask. The people who did ask about the election are now facing jail terms.
They want us to shut up while they do it again. Will we?

​  Meryl Nass MD ,  This is what it will take. We have the power to overturn mandates if we stand together!
It only took 4 days for Kaiser Permanente staff to push back and get mask mandates lifted.

Standing with Humanity (pictured standing with 2007 Honda Fit, finally running well)

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