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Stampeding Into Crisis

 Rogue Outliers,

​  Military Industrial Complex Unraveled & Exposed,  Helena Glass  
(Thanks to Christine for this and several other hard hitting stories about elite corruption today.)
​  CVC Capital Partners is a private equity investment advisory firm in Luxembourg holding over $155 billion in assets.   CVC was a spinoff of Citicorp in 1990 and is considered the largest private equity firm in Europe.   In 2019, CVC Capital bought a majority stake in Teneo. Teneo is a ‘global advisory firm’ with extensive ties to the Clinton family.   Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were both on the advisory board of Teneo.   Huma Abedin, was a paid consultant at Teneo during her tenure as assistant to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Other advisors include Paul Ryan, George Mitchell and Chris Dodd.
​  Chris Dodd went on to become President of the Motion Picture Association – a 501©(3) that determines content for every major media outlet including Disney, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, and Netflix.   Past Presidents have all come from US government positions
​  In 2022, Teneo acquired a majority interest in Westexec.   Westexec was founded by Anthony Blinken and Michele Flournoy in 2017.   Their list of 40 advisors include: FORMER, National Security Advisors, US – UN Officials, US Ambassadors, CIA Directors, Special ops, Federal Reserve Directors, NASA, Department of Defense, a slew of generals from all military branches, etc… all having served during the Obama Administration.
​  Teneo is a Partner at the World Economic Forum.
​  What these Westexec advisors do is run the wars and staff the presidential offices to support their wars. They write the major media scripts that are distributed daily – and they write Biden’s teleprompts. Given the executive picks of Biden’s cabinet are fundamentally weak and ineffective, they were likely chosen for their malleability and basic uselessness so as to effectuate Westexec advisors.​..

​  “White Angel” and “Phoenix” are groups of former and current law enforcement officers of Ukraine who are engaged in kidnapping underage children and, according to sources of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, taking them to Western countries through Ukraine. The Foundation to Battle Injustice has learned that the methods used by these paramilitary groups go far beyond any principles of humanity and public morality. The Foundation to Battle Injustice has obtained facts and testimonies of direct eyewitnesses of the events, which directly indicate the connection of criminal structures operating under the license of NATO with the Kiev government and personally President of Ukraine Zelensky.

​No, No, NO ! ! !   Clintons Re-Launch Global Initiative Foundation & Presidential Run

​  M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​ , Biden’s phase’ of Ukraine war is beginning
​  The ground war in Ukraine has run its course, a new phase is beginning. Even diehard supporters of Ukraine in the western media and think tanks are admitting that a military victory over Russia is impossible and a vacation of the territory under Russian control is way beyond Kiev’s capability.
​  Hence the ingenuity of the Biden Administration to explore Plan B counselling Kiev to be realistic about loss of territory and pragmatically seek dialogue with Moscow. This was the bitter message that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken transmitted to Kiev recently in person...
..Suffice to say, Zelensky’s visit to the White House in the coming days becomes a defining moment. The Biden Administration is in a sombre mood that the proxy war is hindering a full-throttle Indo-Pacific strategy against China. Yet, during an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Blinken explicitly stated for the first time that the US would not oppose Ukraine using US-supplied longer-range missiles to attack deep inside Russian territory, a move that Moscow has previously called a “red line,” which would make Washington a direct party to the conflict.
​  The well-known American military historian, strategic thinker and combat veteran Colonel (Retd.) Douglas MacGregor (who served as advisor to the Pentagon during the Trump administration), is prescient when he says that a new “Biden’s phase of the war” is about to begin. That is to say, having run out of ground forces, the locus will now shift to long-range strike weapons like the Storm Shadow, Taurus,  ATACMS long-range missiles, etc.
​  The US is considering sending ATACMS long-range missiles that Ukraine has been asking for a long time with the capability to strike deep inside Russian territory. The most provocative part is that NATO reconnaissance platforms, both manned and unmanned, will be used in such operations, making the US a virtual co-belligerent.​..
..Russia is not going to accept such a brazen escalation, especially as these advanced weapon systems used to attack Russia are actually manned by NATO personnel — contractors, trained ex-military hands or even serving officers. President Putin told the media on Friday that “we have detected foreign mercenaries and instructors both on the battlefield and in the units where training is carried out. I think yesterday or the day before yesterday someone was captured again.”
​  The US calculus is that at some point, Russia will be compelled to negotiate and a frozen conflict will ensue where the NATO allies would retain the option to continue with Ukraine’s military build-up and the process leading to its membership of the Atlantic alliance, and allow the Biden Administration to focus on the Indo-Pacific.
​  However, Russia will not settle for a “frozen conflict” that falls far short of the objectives of demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine that are the key objectives of its special military operation.​..
​..Already, it is possible to see the potential resumption of military-technical  cooperation between Russia and the DPRK (potentially including ICBM technology) as a natural consequence of the aggressive US policy towards Russia and its support for Ukraine — as much as of the current international situation. The point is, today it is with DPRK; tomorrow it could be with Iran, Cuba or Venezuela — what Col. MacGregor calls “horizontal escalation” by Moscow.  The situation in Ukraine has become interconnected with the problems of the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan.
​  Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said on state television on Wednesday that Russia has “no other options” but to achieve a victory in its special military operation and will continue to make progress with their key mission of mowing down the enemy’s equipment and personnel. This suggests that the attritional war will be further intensified while the overall strategy may shift to achieving total military victory.

​  In the very long history of men and women who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; miss the forest for the trees; and turn a molehill of profit into a mountain of loss, the US, British and German attempt to stop the tankers which carry Russian oil and gas to market is an exceptional  failure.
​  It’s exceptional  in the same way, and for the same reason of strategic miscalculation that Napoleon’s “Continental System” failed to destroy British trade with Europe – but destroyed the French economy instead. That was 217 years ago – France has never recovered from the damage the over-confident, miscalculating Napoleon did to the French position in Europe’s seaborne trade.  
​  Napoleon multiplied the catastrophic cost of his misjudgement by deciding that, in order to stop the smuggling and bypass trade, and enforce his blockade, he should invade Spain, Portugal and Russia, and close their ports. Russia then buried Napoleon twice — once in Moscow in 1812, then in Paris in 1814, before he and the French army were finished off by others at Waterloo.
​  This time round, the NATO blockade of the Russian maritime trade is Napoleonic in the obviousness of the miscalculation; it is also Napoleonic in the refusal to acknowledge defeat.

​  The US-led sanctions war against Russian fossil fuel exports, especially oil, has been the best thing to have happened to Sovcomflot, Russia’s leading shipping company and operator of the world’s largest oil and gas tanker fleets.
​  Revenues are up, earnings and profits are multiplying; Sovcomflot has never had so much cash in the bank; its debt is down to the lowest level in more than twenty years – and none of it is in American or European bank hands.​.. A company insider comments: “The gearing is extremely low – the bank debt plus $350 million in Chinese bonds (2.5 billion yuan) are practically nothing. Earnings are high even with the reduced [fleet] tonnage. Overall, if these figures are reliable and there is no concealment of Russian bank facilities, SCF is in perfect shape.”

​  Will Zoll presents Part V of "1871", the modern history of money, particularly imperial money. This is a very clear explanation of how central banks came to own everybody.
​  In Part 1 we presented the rich history of the City of London.
​  In Part 2 we presented the monetary history of America. We looked at how the colonies were forced to use fiat currency; how the birth of the Republic started with a central bank and huge public debts; how Andrew Jackson defeated the globalist central bankers, and how the Civil War forced America back onto fiat currency, which led to eye-watering public debt. We also showed how those Civil War bonds were snapped up by rich Prussians, including Otto von Bismarck and Gerson von Bleichroder.
​  Part 3 showed how globalist investors, with the help of Bismarck’s massive spy network, managed to subvert the United States Constitution’s 14th Amendment, and avoid a potential collapse in Civil War bond prices. The 1871 Treaty of Washington became one of the foundations for international law, laying the groundwork for the establishment of the League of Nations, and later the United Nations. Organizations such as the WHO use the UN’s system of treaties and international law to essentially override national sovereignty and implement its globalist policies. The UN and the WEF have now openly declared their partnership, signalling the co-ordination between unelected UN officials and the army of multinational corporations, which we refer to as the ReichsWEF.
​  Part 4 followed the money from the Civil War bonds after 1871. America’s debts were financed in the City of London, and globalist investors locked in enormous profits. European investors, mainly in Britain and Germany, used international corporate structures to control the resources and supply chains of America. This marked the birth of the infamous American monopolies, as well as the beginning of multinational corporations. In particular, the German-banking sector in New York had become so powerful, that they successfully implemented the US Federal Reserve; a private central bank modelled from the German Reichsbank.
​  The architect of the Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg. While he was busy implementing a central bank, his brother Max was advising the Kaiser on military preparations for a war that had not yet begun. Unsurprisingly, America’s entry into WWI allowed the Federal Reserve to rapidly expand its balance sheet, and flood the nation with its new currency, known as Federal Reserve Notes.
​  In this final part to the 1871 series, we will bring the monetary fiasco into the modern era, and show how the United States and its mighty dollar have become hostage to the globalist elite. We will show how We The People have been forced to defend the value of a fiat system that serves the globalist beast and its desire for a New World Order.​..

​..When the US entered WWI, the emergency allowed the federal government to be the borrower that the Federal Reserve needed to expand the supply of credit, and thereby begin to take control over the American economy.​..
​..When depositors began to withdraw their money from banks in the form of gold coin, the real depression began. Since the nation was on a gold standard, any gold withdrawn from a bank would result in banks being forced to reduce their loan exposures. The result was that the foreclosure rates on businesses, farms and mortgages skyrocketed. The Federal Reserve’s gold deposits also contracted, forcing the amount of credit in circulation to contract even further. It was a mess.
​  The night before the 1932 election, FDR addressed the rumors about gold confiscation. He vehemently denied the rumors, and the following day he won the election in a landslide. Between December 1932, until FDR took office in 1933, gold was being withdrawn at a ferocious rate from the banking system. The entire monetary system of the United States was about to collapse. The day FDR took office, the rumors of his true intentions became reality.​..
​..The gold in the Treasury’s vault was part of the federal government, which was of the people, by the people and for the people. That gold was now locked up by the Treasury, and nobody was allowed to use or own it. This gold was the collateral for a new monetary standard controlled by the Fed. This was how a bankrupt nation was re-organized to do trade with the rest of the world; as a hostage to a private central bank. It was a financial structure like none other in world history.
​  This was not a currency for American citizens, but instead a currency for the globalist money-lenders and merchants predominantly residing in the City of London. It was a special purpose vehicle (SPV), that could potentially be used to control the world’s money and trade.​..
​..Nixon was forced to take the USD off the gold standard in order to save what was left in the Treasury’s vault. All of this was due to the enormous amount of Eurodollars floating around the world, completely dismantling the ability for the USD to maintain a gold standard. This was all thanks to the actions of the Federal Reserve.
​  It took the “France First” patriots such as de Gaulle, Pompidou and the French Navy to wake up the world.​..
​..Nixon, Kissinger, and the Treasury decided that the value of the USD would now come from a new “petrodollar standard”.​..
​..At the time, the deal Nixon made with the Saudis was significant. From 1974, the world believed that the petrodollar standard was a feasible alternative to a gold standard. As always, the devil was in the detail. This new monetary system needed a few extra components to keep it going; debt, dollars, and war.​..
​..For the petrodollar complex to be maintained, the American taxpayer must shoulder a burden of perpetual and ever-expanding debt obligations. Since 1971, federal debt levels have never retreated...
​..The Federal Reserve does not want credit to contract, ever. To achieve this in the current monetary system, American taxpayers must continue to service more and more debt.​.
​..For every $1 of GDP created, worldwide, the City of London generates up to $15 of foreign exchange transactions to facilitate international trade. This is not a free service. The City of London provides their services for a fee; a fee that everyone in the world pays.​..
​..If the world wants to do trade, the City of London will get paid.​ It is the Fifth Column.​..
“Hidden dollars” is another term for dollars that sit offshore, free from US tax and regulation. From the humble beginnings of Siegmund Warburg’s first Eurodollar bond offering, it has now morphed into a $65 trillion beast.​..
​..Understanding this history begs the question: Are we witnessing the beginning of the biggest credit contraction in world history?​ ...
​..By now, everyone knows about BRICS. It is also referred to as “de-dollarization”. If India can now buy its oil from Saudi Arabia without USD, what is the value of the USD in the transaction? ZERO! If there are zero dollars in the transaction, what fees can the City of London collect?​ ...
​..Stage 2 of the petrodollar complex requires that the dollar holdings of oil-producing nations purchase US Government bonds. One of the largest producers of oil today is Russia. Considering the happenings in Ukraine, will they purchase US Government bonds from Joe Biden’s Treasury? Furthermore, the Saudis now see their bond investments as a particularly large risk, especially with all this talk of “default”.​..
​..The American taxpayer is currently financing $33 trillion of public debt. Joe Biden’s “inflation reduction” strategy requires the nation to shoulder even more debt, possibly an extra $5 trillion this year alone. In order to raise this money, Joe Biden’s Treasury will need to sell more bonds into a market that everyone else, particularly the Saudis, are also sellers. This will mean dropping bond prices, which means interest rates must rise.​..

Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Level of Aluminum in His Blood, Report Confirms
The parents of 62-day-old Sawyer learned their baby’s blood contained 95 micrograms per liter of aluminum, a level that would be toxic for adults. The toxicologist who read Sawyer’s report said the aluminum and antigen levels in the blood were due to the vaccines.

​Meryl Nass MD ,  Myocarditis and COVID-19 Vaccines: How the CDC Missed a Safety Signal and Hid a Warning
Zachary Stieber at the Epoch Times has important new information on the subject of what the federal agencies knew and when they knew it and when they lied about it​.

FDA Has 'Gone Rogue' In Its Approval Of New COVID-19 Boosters: Dr. Robert Malone

​Sasha Latypova ,  Update on CHD Lawsuit Challenging Government's License to Kill (PREP Act)
Or, why you should not expect Donald Trump speaking the truth about hospital murders or vax death/injury any time soon​.

​Meryl Nass MD , ("Show me the doctor and I'll show you the crime") 
GUILTY: The Medical Board has created a false model--Dr. Nass ran a "pill mill"--to tar and feather me
Today's meeting a great microcosm of what we see in the world: 2 world views that never meet. And the Board showed me who was the "Boss"--for now​.

​  David Bell , The UN’s New Political Declaration on Pandemics  [Wide ranging transnational emergency powers, never before seen, could be used in a currency crisis.]
  On September 20th our representatives meeting at the United Nations (UN) will sign off on a ‘Declaration’ titled: “Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.”
​  This was announced as a ‘silence procedure,’ meaning that States not responding will be deemed supporters of the text. The document expresses a new policy pathway for managing populations when the World Health Organization (WHO), the health arm of the UN, declares a future viral variant to be a ‘public health emergency of international concern.’

​  One promising candidate for the title of  next "Public Health Emergency of International Concern":
​  Nipah virus is a bat-borne, zoonotic virus that causes Nipah virus infection in humans and other animals, a disease with a high mortality rate. Numerous disease outbreaks caused by Nipah virus have occurred in North East Africa and Southeast Asia. Nipah virus belongs to the genus Henipavirus along with the Hendra virus, which has also caused disease outbreaks.

​  With fruit bats positive for Nipah virus antibodies seen in other States, it is likely that Nipah virus infection and deaths may be going undetected in other States while they get picked up in Kerala, especially in Kozhikode district.

Batman​ (pictured in sun-exposed alter-ego planting Texas heirloom garlic row)

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