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Founding The New World Order

 Not Informed,

​  New World Order: The Founding Fathers​   ​  This article was first published in July 2013​     Thanks Christine.
​  Rich and powerful elites have long dreamed of world control. The ambitious Romans, Attila the Hun, great Muslim leaders of Medieval Spain, the Mughals of India all exercised immense influence over different parts of the globe in set periods of recognised ascendancy.
​  Sometimes tribal, sometimes national, sometimes religious, often dynastic, their success defined epochs, but was never effectively global until the twentieth century. At that point, with the future of the British Empire under threat from other aspiring nations, in particular Germany , a momentous decision was taken by a group of powerful and determined men, that direct action had to be taken to assert their control, and that of the British race, over the entire civilised world. It has grown from that tiny select cabal into a monster that may already be beyond control.
​  “One wintry afternoon in February 1891, three men were engaged in earnest conversation in London. From that conversation were to flow consequences of the greatest importance for the British Empire and to the world as a whole.”
​  So begins Professor Carroll Quigley’s book The Anglo American Establishment.  It may read like a John Le Carre thriller, but this was no spy fiction. The three staunch British Imperialists who met in London that day, Cecil Rhodes, William Stead and Lord Esher, were soon joined by Lords Rothschild, Salisbury, Rosebery and Milner, men whose financial, political, and administrative powers set them apart. Some of these names may not be familiar to you, but that is a mark of the absolute success of this group. From the outset they insisted on secrecy, operated in secret and ensured that their influence was airbrushed from history. They believed that white men of Anglo-Saxon descent rightly sat at the top of the racial hierarchy and they fully understood the impending threat from a burgeoning Germany whose modern, expanding economy had begun to challenge British hegemony on the world stage.
​  The above named elites drew up a plan for a secret society that aimed to renew the bond between Great Britain and the United States [1] and bring all habitable portions of the world under their influence and control. The U.S. had grown rapidly in self-esteem, wealth and opportunity since the declaration of independence in 1776, but Anglo-American connections remained strong and would embroil her in the long-term plan for one world government. The meeting in 1891 was, in effect, the birth of the New World Order cabal...
​,,In November 1910, five bankers representing Morgan, Rockefeller and Kuhn Loeb interests, met in total secrecy with Senator Aldrich and the Assistant Secretary to the U.S. Treasury on Jekyll Island , an exclusive playground of the mega-rich off the coast of Georgia . Of the seven conspirators, five, Senator Aldrich, Henry Davison, Benjamin Strong, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg, were members of The Pilgrims. [70] Their objective was to formulate a Central Banking Bill that would be presented to Congress as if it was the brainchild of Aldrich’s Monetary Commission.
​  The proposed “Federal Reserve System” was to be owned entirely by private banks, though its name implied that it was a government institution. Individuals from the American banking dynasties, including Morgan, Warburg, Schiff and Rockefeller, would hold the shares. It was to be a central bank of issue that would have a monopoly of all the money and credit of the people of the United States . It would control the interest rate and the volume of money in circulation. The Federal Reserve System constructed on Jekyll Island had powers that King Midas could never have contemplated. The objective was to establish a franchise to create money out of nothing for the purpose of lending, get the taxpayer to pick up any losses, and convince Congress that the aim was to protect the public. [71]
​  The Aldrich proposals never went to a vote. President Taft refused to support the Bill on the grounds that it would not impose sufficient government control over the banks. The Money Power decided that Taft had to go. Their support in the 1912 Presidential election swung behind the little known Woodrow Wilson. The speed with which Wilson was bounced from his post at Princeton University in 1910, to Governor of New Jersey in 1911, then Democratic Party nominee for the Presidency in 1912 made him the Solomon Grundy of U S politics.
​  Not only did the Secret Elite put their man in the White House, they also gave him a minder, Edward Mandell House. Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States but this shadowy figure stood by his side, controlling his every move. House, an Anglophile who had been part educated in England , was credited with swinging the 1912 Democratic Convention in Baltimore behind Wilson . [72] He became Woodrow Wilson’s constant companion from that point onwards, with his own suite of rooms in the White House. He was also in direct, sometimes daily contact with J. P. Morgan Jr, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, and Democrat Senators who sponsored the Federal Reserve Bill. [73] Mandell House guided the President in every aspect of foreign and domestic policy, chose his Cabinet and formulated the first policies of his new Administration. [74] He was the prime intermediary between the President and his Wall Street backers. [75] The Anglo-centric Money Power had complete control of the White House and finally established its central bank in time for the Secret Elite’s war.

​  Tulsi Gabbard on 9/11/23
​  "Hearing Biden lecture us about OUR responsibility to defend democracy as he and his admin do everything they can to undermine it is insulting beyond words. From the politicized prosecution of Trump, altering DNC rules to ice out RFK Jr, directing FBI & Big Tech to censor dissenting voices, to labeling concerned parents as terrorists - do they think we're too stupid to notice their hypocrisy?​"

​  Professor Anthony Hall,  If bin Laden Didn't Do 9/11, Then Who Did? Part 2
  Many other neoconservatives, some of whom absorbed the philosophy of “noble lies and perpetual war” taught by Prof. Leo Strauss, pulled together in the lead up and aftermath of 9/11. This muscular coalition of Israel-First neoconservatives became primary beneficiaries of the coup that elevated Zionist rule to unparalleled influence over the economic, legal, and political culture of the United States.
​  Prominent among those that took part in the coup were Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, William Kristol, Donald Kagan, Elliot Abrams, James Woolsey, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Norman Podhoretz, Dov Zakheim, Frank Gaffney, and “Scooter” Libby. Two mirrored reports, one directed at the Israeli government and the other directed at the US government, helped articulate the coup’s objectives. Some of the objectives of 9/11, including the drafting of the massive Patriot Act, were pre-prepared and then unpacked immediately, even as the dust from the pulverized towers was still lingering on the ground.
​  In 1996 Richard Perle chaired a committee that gave advice to Netanyahu as he took over the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister. In A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, a get-tough approach was outlined. The removal from office of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was proposed as was the alleged need for a showdown with the Russia-backed Assad government in Syria. The twinned partner of the Clean Break report was the Rebuilding America’s Defences report. In 2000 this US report presented ideas emanating the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).
​  The PNAC document explained how the USA could greatly expand its capacities to better engage in simultaneous campaigns of conquest and military policing throughout the world. This report culminated in a long process of transforming the Armed Forces of what was then world’s dominant superpower, into an instrument devoted primarily to waging wars for Israel. The shopping list of armaments and new military technologies included a provision expressing much contemporary resonance. This proposal was to engage in “advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes. [This innovation] may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

  ​I have been noticing a very high haze in the sky, not an azure blue, but it is higher than the chemtrails I still see sometimes. The chemtrails have been dense this summer, gently spreading across the sky from the lines laid out. The patterns of white particulates in the sky are changing. Christine found this.
​  Opinion: We're very far off course in meeting global climate goals. Get ready for Plan B
Scientists are researching ways to cool the atmosphere by injecting aerosols up to 12 miles above Earth's surface to reflect sunlight back to space.​..
​..The goal is to acquire baseline observations of the stratosphere that would lay the groundwork for “climate intervention” should current efforts to stop burning fossil fuels fall short and global-warming-related catastrophes worsen.
Call it Plan B: a Hail Mary attempt to cool the atmosphere by injecting aerosols up to 12 miles above Earth’s surface to reflect sunlight back to space.

Millan Millan and the Mystery of the Missing Mediterranean Storms​  [It's not just the CO2, but the cities, deforestation, and m​echanized farming that are causing harm.]
​  I’d like to introduce this piece with a scenario. Suppose someone pointed out that you’d been looking at the climate through a pair of glasses with only one lens? Lifting them off your nose, they then provide you a new pair of glasses with two lenses. Suddenly, parts of the climate you couldn’t see before appear. In addition to the atmosphere, you now see the landscapes around you and the soil beneath your feet, not as helpless victims, but as active drivers of this thing we call climate. Not only that, but you see that at one point, not too long ago, science looked at the climate in just such a manner. It was only later, in the 1980’s, that the glasses with the single lens was put before our eyes and declared the official scientific view.
​  These are some of the insights gained when you follow the path of Millan’s career and scientific work, though Millan uses different metaphors, referring to a “two-legged” climate understanding versus the one-legged, CO2-only view, the current orthodoxy. He also shows us that water, which lies at the heart of Earth’s climate, “begets water,” that soil is like a “womb” for rain and climate, and vegetation acts as a “midwife.”​ ...
​..By 1995 Millan had finished his analysis and began publishing his work and making presentations. It was a heady time. Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen reportedly considered it the most important climate science in twenty years. His mentor, Ted Munn referred to his use of traditional meteorological charts as proof, a “smoking gun.” High level officials within the European Commission were excited as well, and soon asked him to contribute chapters to their climate reports explaining how climate models were missing land effects, and to talk to the modelling community about the problems with their models. This, though, is when the troubles began. The modelers didn’t appreciate his insights as to how their models were off. Many simply refused to believe what he was telling them, their argument being essentially that their models didn’t see what his research revealed, and therefore it didn’t exist. These were not pleasant assignments for him, and it was about to get worse.
​  He was soon invited by the IPCC to contribute to their Third Assessment Report, scheduled for publication in 2002. But he ran into the same conflict. The modelers there “questioned every result we presented,” he said, describing a time of endless argument and report generation, which he eventually grew impatient with, leaving the IPCC.  “I had 80 mouths to feed at CEAM and no time to argue,” he recalls.
​  The political environment didn’t help. Politicians much preferred the news of the modelers to what Millan was telling them. The last thing a politician wants to hear is that wherever they develop the land, whether for a school or a factory, they damage the climate. They preferred what the modelers offered, a globally dispersed problem for which they had no specific local or regional responsibility. All the better if it allows them to promote growth and burnish their job-making credentials. Indeed, the solution framework being presented to them— “green” energy—allowed them to not only promote development, but at the same time claim to be green, a politician’s dream-come-true...
​..Though climate change has been portrayed as a modern, oil-age phenomenon, the authors, Kenyan and Sudanese scientists Julius S. Oguntoyinbo and Richard S. Odingo, reach a bit farther back, to between 6000 and 4700 years ago, when “the Sahara experienced a moister climate.”  “Desiccation of the climate possibly began well before 4700 BP, but the impact was apparently delayed due to higher water tables and extensive oases. Such sites provided adequate habitats for wildlife, domesticated animals, human beings and their crops.”
​  Though some form of land change via farming and herding had already been present in the region, for perhaps thousands of years, the authors suggest that the region, by virtue of its extensive oases and aquifers, was ecologically resilient enough to tolerate it, but only up to a point. Eventually human modification of the landscape could have tipped the balance, which later research corroborates. “The period between 4700 and 3700 BP was arid” they note, with “the region becoming successively drier, particularly during the Roman occupation, and in more recent times.”
​  It’s interesting they note the Roman occupation. If the experience of the Western Mediterranean Basin is any guide, it would have been a time of intensified land use, with marshes drained, hills mined, forests cut. And as noted, it was a drier time.
​  The reference to “more recent times” is even more interesting. After noting that the traditional peoples of the area—the Tuareg nomads, the Haussaand farmers and Fulani pastoralists— “had developed social, economic, political, and land use systems which enabled their survival within the constraints imposed by the environment of the area,” they describe how “European colonization introduced and imposed a variety of social and economic changes, which…disrupted the symbiotic relationships which had developed between socio-economic groups of the region. Among the measures introduced were the encouragement of the pastoralists to lead sedentary lives and the introduction of the cash crop economy. The expansion of cultivated areas took place at the expense of the more southerly and thus better watered grazing lands; fallow land was reduced; while much of the bushland, which was traditionally part of the pastoralists grazing land, was incorporated into the agricultural area.”
​  Today’s climate narrative typically blames Saharan droughts on CO2 emissions, but these authors clearly had land-use in their sites, pointing to “overgrazing of the deserts and their margins,” and “the driving back of the nomads from parts of the steppes (leading) to degradation of the sparse vegetation cover in the surrounding semi-deserts on the one hand, and to disturbance of the ecological balance of the cultivated steppes on the other. Serious consequences also resulted from the ploughing of dry soils in particular.”​  There’s much more that could be said about the WMO’s report, and it should be noted that it also devotes considerable attention to carbon emissions, including an Overview Paper on the physical basis, detailing what it is and how it works. But there is another report to consider, one that soon followed and which proved far more consequential to the trajectory of climate science. It’s called Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment, otherwise known as the “Charney Report.”
  Jules Charney was the brilliant mathematician credited with bringing weather forecasting into the computer age, working out the mathematics behind the computer modelling that revolutionized modern weather prediction. Number crunching that would’ve once required stadiums full of mathematicians could be done by increasingly sophisticated computers, and he was the matchmaker, vastly increasing the capability of weather forecasting and laying the groundwork for the flowing computer simulations we now take for granted on the nightly weather report.

  In the mid 1970’s, rising CO2 emissions caught the attention of the US Office of Science and Technology Policy, which made a formal request of the National Research Council—the century-old, private non-partisan institution set up by congress to serve as “scientific advisor to the nation,”—to look into the matter. The NRC turned the request over to its in-house Climate Research Group, which put together an Ad Hoc Study Group of scientists, led by Jules Charney. The Ad Hoc Group sequestered in Woods Hole, Massachusetts and began reviewing all the modelling on CO2 to date, reassessing weak spots and somewhat averaging the results. The outcome was a slim, 22-page report, with the closest thing yet to a definitive statement on CO2. Unlike the WMO report, which though comprehensive, offered no clear prediction regarding CO2, other than to say more research is needed, this report provided the closest thing yet to a firm prediction. If CO2 concentrations double, it said, global temperatures will increase 3 degrees centigrade.
  It was a bombshell. Media had an attention-grabbing headline and grabbed it, with petroleum interests and environmentalists lining up on either side of its conclusion, one attacking, the other defending. As a result, a kind of social feedback loop developed. The more CO2 was denied as a cause of climate change, the more it was declared by its defenders, cementing in place the public sense that carbon gases were the sole matter of climate change. Suddenly the CO2 leg stood in the spotlight, with the land-change leg hidden in shadow, lost in the uproar.
​  Did Charney and his associates intend to portray CO2 as the only cause of climate change? Likely not. They point out in their Summary and Conclusions, “we have limited our considerations to the direct climatic effects of steadily rising concentrations of CO2.” Like most scientists, they understood there is more to climate than CO2, but felt confident, despite the complexity of the subject, to make their prediction, “all other things being equal.”
​  It’s this “all other things being equal” where things get tricky. For within “all other things being equal” lies the land leg and the living processes around it, far too complex at the time for modelling. To simply leave those processes out, which is what the Charney Report essentially did, seems artificial, yet an attempt to predict the possible effects of rising CO2 concentrations was clearly needed, and waiting until all uncertainties were resolved before confronting the CO2 problem would likely mean waiting until it was too late to do anything about it. Further, setting aside uncertainties is a common practice in computer modelling, and can run both ways. For instance, in trying to model land-change effects, a modeler might tune out CO2 effects to get a clearer picture. It’s part of the modeling process and shouldn’t be seen as underhanded. It does, however, require a certain amount of explanation, which the Charney Report failed to provide, and which hasn’t been provided since.

McCarthy Launches Biden Impeachment Inquiry
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday announced that the House will open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over a variety of alleged crimes, skipping a formal House vote he had previously teased.
According to McCarthy, Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan will spearhead it.

​  The White House press pool is beginning to ask the right questions, and we can expect that these obvious inconsistencies will continue to dog the Biden campaign into the 2024 election.
​  First, on Wednesday the White House's national security council spokesman John Kirby was at the podium and was appropriately grilled about why "the president lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the 9/11 attacks" among other falsehoods. "What is going on with the president? Is he just believing things that didn't happen did happen, or is he just randomly making stuff up?"

​  The numerous criminal charges against former US President Donald Trump amount to persecution and showcase the “rot” in the American political system, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated.
​  The US in its current state “cannot claim the right to teach others democracy,” the Russian leader said on​ Tuesday during a panel discussion at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.​  “The things that are happening to Trump are persecution of a political competitor… That is what it is. And it is done in the full view of the US public and the entire world,”
he added.​..
..Moscow does not expect any substantial change in US foreign policy vis-a-vis Russia, regardless of who takes the White House after next year’s election, the president said.
​  “[Trump] was accused of having a special relation with Russia, which is total nonsense and bulls**t. But he was the president who introduced the most sanctions against Russia,” Putin noted.
​  The American elites predominantly perceive Russia as an existential enemy, Putin believes. The country also has friends in the US, who want good relations and share Russia’s views on traditional values, the president added, but those voices are being suppressed.

​Scroll all the way to the bottom for the videos of Kim Jong Un with Vladimir Putin. There is lots more, but "dessert-first!.
Simplicius , SITREP 9/13/23: Tradewinds of Change
Kim Jong Un has finally arrived in Russia and is meeting with Putin at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far East.

​Andrew Korybko is worth reading in full here; excellent analysis.
The Reported Russian-North Korean Military Deal Is All About Geostrategic Balancing
​  Unlike Russia’s global interests, North Korea’s are purely national, but they’re still complementary to Moscow’s. Pyongyang had been disproportionately dependent on Beijing since the end of the Old Cold War after the USSR collapsed, but China later leveraged this relationship to expand ties with the West by approving UNSC sanctions against North Korea. Russia did the same for identical reasons, but North Korea wasn’t dependent on Russia so Pyongyang didn’t hold a grudge against Moscow like it did Beijing.
​  It was this growing distrust of China that inspired Kim Jong Un to seriously explore Trump’s ultimately unsuccessful de-nuclearization proposal in order to rebalance his country’s relations with the People’s Republic. The same motivation was why Myanmar agreed to a rapprochement with the US under Obama that also ultimately failed. Both countries felt that their disproportionate dependence on China was disadvantageous and accordingly sought to rectify it by rebalancing ties with the US.
​  Since the American dimension of their balancing acts didn’t bear any fruit and is no longer viable, each is now looking towards Russia to play that same role in helping them relieve their disproportionate dependence on China. Russian-Myanmarese relations were explained here while Russian-North Korean ones will now be elaborated on a bit more. From Pyongyang’s perspective, even if Beijing gave it game-changing military technology, this could always be cut off one day if China reached a deal with the US.
​  In fact, China probably wouldn’t consider giving North Korea such technology anyhow since that could make it more difficult for Beijing to ever leverage its influence over Pyongyang again in pursuit of such a deal with Washington, thus limiting China’s own foreign policy sovereignty. The likelihood of Russia reaching a major deal with the US anytime soon is close to nil after all that’s unfolded over the past 18 months, so North Korea believes that Russia will be a much more reliable long-term military partner.
​  Russia and North Korea’s complementary balancing acts at the global and national levels vis-a-vis China coupled with China’s reluctance to burn all bridges with the West as it begins building alternative global institutions are the real driving forces behind the first two’s reported military deal. This grand strategic insight enables one to better understand the true state of relations between these countries and therefore helps objective observers produce more accurate analyses about them going forward.

Advancing on foot from Ukraine through Russian minefields to please Western financial institutions
​  Throughout August 2023, the Ukrainian army unsuccessfully tried to advance against Russian forces holding the territories east and south of the Dnieper River. Its soldiers literally crashed into the heavily fortified defensive lines of the Russian armed forces, with predictable and tragic consequences. The tactics of the Ukrainian army’s ‘counteroffensive’ have been determined by NATO instructors and have caused heavy casualties among Ukraine’s foot soldiers. They have been instructed to attack Russia’s main defense lines head-on, advancing on foot through minefields and lacking air cover.
​  Western countries now advise the Ukrainian armed forces to save expensive armored vehicles and ammunition and send their soldiers to advance on foot using light weapons. As a result, the battlefields have turned into huge cemeteries, from which it is difficult or impossible even to evacuate bodies.

​The ground is laid to scapegoat the corrupt puppet, Zelensky.
Ukrainians blame Zelensky for corruption – poll

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH​ , The World Council for Health is the first international body of physicians, scientists, and health professionals to issue a cautionary statement on the ever-expanding routine childhood vaccine schedule. This is in response to growing concerns over the safety of many vaccines given early at life during the same administration. Here is what the Council said:
​  “The number of vaccines given to babies and children has increased dramatically without the necessary due diligence by regulatory authorities. Parents are urged to adopt a common-sense, ‘Safer to Wait” approach.”

​Steve Kirsch , Further analysis of US Nursing Home data proves, once again, the vaccines made it more likely for the elderly to die
For every nursing home where the infection fatality rate (IFR) decreased post-COVID vaccine there were 6.5 nursing homes where it increased by a comparable amount.

​4 "humanized mice" were studied. That's enough now. 
FDA Approves New COVID Shots – But Who Wants To Take Them?
​  Only 17 percent of Americans wanted the last booster. But that hasn’t stopped the Biden administration from relaunching the COVID agenda and sending billions of taxpayer dollars to Big Pharma.
​  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on Monday that it has approved two new COVID-19 mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna.
The FDA states that these “updated” mRNA vaccines are approved for individuals 12 years and up and are authorized under emergency use for children between six months and 11 years of age.

​The FDA announcement, from 9/11/2023 , somehow an apt date, perhaps a cause for snickering amongst the elites tasked with culling us.

Not A Sucker (pictured planting fall garlic at dawn after first real rain in 3 months)


  1. The supposed founders of the NWO listed include lackeys of Anglo Saxon descent. This obfuscation, intentional or not, serves to muddy the waters. Ownership however, is purely Khazarian and it is that which points clearly to the actual founders. It is the same group which currently occupies a hugely disproportionate number of the top positions in the unelected regime ruling the US at present (including nearly one half of all general grade officers in the wake of Obama's purge of the military) and who are daily driving the world towards nuclear annihilation. That their actions beggar sanity should come as no surprise,

    Regards climate occurences, here is a thought out assertion,

    It is fact that the poles are moving and at a now greater rate. And it is fact that the polar shift is long overdue. Schizophrenic psychopaths push the ignorant masses to embrace a false doom while the real deal unfolds in plain sight.

  2. I posted that Ethical Skeptic article here last month. If you look closely you will see that they are complimentary, discussing various modes of "climate forcing", all relevant.
    There are more comments and commenters on the newer mirror blog I started when Google began overtly censoring this blog