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  This is the organizational structure and some associated documentation. This is the US chain of command for COVID pandemic management.
US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) COVID-19 Operational Picture

​  Ugo Bardi explains how this shadow-governance-oligarchy problem was actually solved and demonstrated a long time ago. 
In the comments section I argue that Moloch is a superior evil-deity for today's elites than Baphomet would be.
How to Create your own Shadow Government: why Worshiping Baphomet could be a Good Idea

​  ​Ukraine Air Force Commander Says Pilots Are Training to Fly F-16s in US
 ​USG neocons—such as Senators Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse, and the ever-bellicose and apparently criminally insane, Lindsay Graham—are celebrating escalation.
“The combination of tanks, fighter aircraft, and ATACMS will help Ukraine confront the upcoming Russian offensive and go on offense in both the east and the south in an attempt to further erode Russia’s capability to continue fighting in Ukraine. Let’s give the Ukrainians everything they need to win—now,” the trio declared in a statement.
​  ​The Hill believes sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine will “not likely… be seen as more of an escalation.”

​  Moon of Alabama makes a comparison with the military preparations for Desert Storm in Iraq/Kuwait, and what NATO might be able to do in Ukraine.
​  ​Russia occupies some 87,000 square kilometer of Ukraine. The Desert Storm theater around Kuwait was five times smaller.
​  ​A hypothetical U.S. coalition of the size of Desert Storm could probably cross the Dnieper and cut of Crimea. But it could do little more than that. The Donetz and Luhansk oblasts and Crimea itself would still be in Russian hands.
But there are many reasons why no such operation will ever be planned and executed.
​  ​The U.S. no longer has a force of the size it committed to Desert Storm. Nor do its allies.
​  ​The U.S. was able to create air superiority in Iraq because it could fly from nearby Saudi airfields and from aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. Air superiority in eastern Ukraine could only be achieved with the destruction of long range air-defenses within Russia. The next safe air fields the U.S. could use are in Poland and Romania. No U.S. aircraft carrier will dare to enter the Black Sea. U.S. fighter planes to not have the necessary reach for combat missions in eastern Ukraine.
​  ​The Ukrainian rail system is by now a mess. It is incapable of moving a large force from the west into east Ukraine.
​  ​Any attempt to move a large force through Ukraine would be subject to deep battle interdiction by Russian and Belorussian forces.
Iraqi equip
ment was badly maintained and Iraqi forces were barely trained. Russia has a well trained high tech army.

​  Will this be the next American/Israeli war? It always war-games badly for the US.​
Why Is The Mainstream Media Being So Quiet About The Military Strikes That Are Causing Massive Explosions In Iran?

​  ​White House Refuses To Say If Ukraine Will Get Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammo

​  This can keep dripping for a really long time. Each drip is a new crime.
SECOND Hunter Biden Email from Laptop WITH CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Uncovered – Hunter Shared with Ukraine Business Colleagues – More Coming

​ Thai Royal Princess is in a coma in the hospital after a Pfizer "vaccine". A prominent Thai doctor has presented the case that it is a vaccine injury. Thai government considers declaring its contract with Pfizer null and void. Thnks Luc in Oz.
Will Thailand take Pfizer to court for Fraud and NoVax Djokovic gets sweet revenge in Australia

​  The FAA cannot look at this, because of how it already looks.​ Political narrative-control is far more important than reality.
FAA Press Office responds: There will be no investigations into pilot death/disability caused by the COVID vaccines

​  mRNA COVID "vaccine" products are not only associated with neurological injuries of many kinds, but also acute psychosis. 
How badly would you have to be tormented to try to kill yourself by stabbing yourself in the abdomen?​ 
Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 Vaccination, Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

​  RFK Jr. and his allies are hard at work.
​  A federal judge in California on Wednesday granted Children’s Health Defense-California Chapter’s request for a preliminary injunction to block a California law that would have allowed the state’s medical boards to punish doctors for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation.”

"We analyzed the adverse reaction information, but our analysis must remain a secret, on principle."
CHD Sues FDA to Obtain Documents Related to VAERS Reports on COVID Vaccine Injuries, Deaths
​  ​The lawsuit alleges the FDA violated provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by refusing to provide key analysis of reports in the vaccine safety database.
​  ​CHD submitted the FOIA request in July 2022.
​  ​The FDA claimed the records sought are fully exempt from disclosure under FOIA because they are part of internal and intra-agency memoranda that include opinions and discussions protected by law, and because the records include discussions of legal and policy matters protected by attorney-client privilege.

​  YouTube disappeared the Project Veritas video of Jordan Trishton Walker MD, the Pfizer executive, bragging to his date about secretive guided-evolution project on COVID, which would be good for business, by allowing "vaccines" to be made ahead of a new variant wave. Project Veritas has it here:

Casting Light (pictured with homemade bed before "making it")​


  1. Thanks for collating all of this information, it's important. Kudos to you for your very strong moral stance on this issue, putting your livelihood at risk shows a great deal of character. On a lighter note I'm so impressed with your carpentry and gardening skills, I wish I could do that! All the very best, John, Northern England.

    1. Thanks John. Life is interesting. Here we go...