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 Requesting Facts,

  Cardiologist Sanjay Verma MD has the best explanation I have yet seen on the medical evaluation process for athletes who have acute cardiac events.
​  ​Cardiac Arrest and Sudden Cardiac Death in AthletesI​  
  I​n this discussion it seems many (on all sides of the discussion) are subject to some confirmation bias and some deference to authority (quoting someone they respect but not understanding the pathophysiology themselves). While some aspects of the situation are speculative at best, other aspects can be interpreted with 100% confidence.
​  ​It really helps to put aside personal ego and not take any aspects of this discussion personally (and refrain from ad hominem attacks). Much of this can be explained or not explained with provable pathophysiology.

​  Damar Hamlin appears to be neurologically intact as he comes out of induced-sedation, holding hands and speaking to family and loved ones.
Time to forget this whole thing? Who needs answers? (Some football players still want answers, though.​)

  Short and long versions of this important paper. Thanks "Doc".
​  ​Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis​  
  ​Immunoprofiling of vaccinated adolescents and young adults revealed that the mRNA vaccine–induced immune responses did not differ between individuals who developed myocarditis and individuals who did not. However, free spike antigen was detected in the blood of adolescents and young adults who developed post-mRNA vaccine myocarditis, advancing insight into its potential underlying cause.

​Interview with Peter McCullough MD: NFL Player Drops Suddenly

FLCCC treatment options and protocols for post-COVID-vaccine syndromes. Thanks Ilargi.

"Card Catalogue" Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads to Date, With Links and a Glossary, Matt Taibbi
For those who haven't been following, a compilation of one-paragraph summaries of all the Twitter Files threads by every reporter. With links and notes on key revelations

This is actually a very good story. Twitter management did not initially want to get dragged into this black hole of censorship and propaganda, but was professionally coerced, with relentless pressure from multiple government offices, not just alphabet-agencies.
New Twitter bombshell: How American spies used false claims of Russian election interference to bring the tech giant to heel

  MK Bhadrakumar has further insights on the midnight, new years massacre of Russian recruits in their barracks, as they phoned-home.
​  ​US climbs escalation ladder in Ukraine​ 
​  ​In all probability, the message conveyed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov from his American counterpart Antony Blinken via Israel’s new foreign minister Eli Cohen concerned the Ukrainian missile attack on Makeyevka (Donetsk) on New Year Day at 12.02 am  killing 89 Russian conscripts...
​..​At any rate, although Russian intelligence would have a fair idea of the location of NATO officers conducting the Ukrainian operations, they have not been so far targeted. That is why, the Russian MOD’s decision on Monday to highlight that US-supplied Himars missiles have killed scores of Russian soldiers on Sunday night would have caused some uneasiness in Washington.
​  ​The big question is whether Moscow will also now go up the escalation ladder and directly target American military personnel deployed in Ukraine.
​  ​Of course, any killing of American military personnel in Ukraine will make very damaging headlines in the US
news cycle for the Biden Administration...
 ..The Russian readout of Cohen’s phone conversation with Lavrov on Tuesday mentioned that the latter “informed his Israeli counterpart about certain aspects of the situation in Ukraine in the context of Russia’s special military operation.”
​  ​Lavrov probably had his say on Blinken’s charade that the US had nothing to do with the killing of 89 Russian soldiers. The fact that as many was six deadly HIMARS missiles were fired in rapid sequence at a single target at 12.02 am shows a high level of certainty on the part of the Ukrainian side and/or their western mentors that maximum damage would be inflicted.
​  ​The intelligence inputs in real time show direct American participation in the horrific operation targeting the Russian conscripts’ New Year party just when the toasts began. Of course, whipping up public sentiments in Russia against Putin is a core American objective in the war.  

​Moon of Alabama (Germany)  ​Ukraine - The Big Push To End The War (There is mass delusion about the realities of this war. That must be clarified first.)
​  ​The 'western' propaganda is still quite strong. However, as I pointed out in March last year propaganda does not change a war and lies do not win it. Its believability is shrinking.
​  ​Former Lt.Col. Alex Vershinin, who in June pointed out that industrial warfare is back and the 'West' was not ready to wage it, has a new recommendable piece out which analyses the tactics on both sides, looks ahead and concludes that Russia will almost certainly win the war... (Colonel Macgregor says the same thing​.​)
..Casualties are expected in wars and the Russians, with their steady remembrance of the second world war as their Great Patriotic War, know this well. Screw ups also happen and at times some bad leadership decisions puts people into the wrong place where the enemy can and will kill them. That is what happened in Makeyevka (Donetsk) on New Years day 2 minutes after midnight. Some 100 Russian reservists died. The Russian leadership pointed out that they were killed by U.S. HIMARS missiles..​.
..Those are four HIMARS, three M-777, some Czech 'aid', 800 HIMARS missiles and some Ukrainian guns that were lost in just one day. That was probably more than the 'West' can deliver over the next months...
​..​This only confirms the point Alex Vershinin was making. Russia has cared for its resources while the Ukraine, and NATO, have wasted their stuff mostly in senseless frontal campaigns against well protected Russian troops.
​  ​Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism points out that Vershinin has left out the economic side of the war where the picture is as bad for Ukraine as it is on the ground...
​..​December interview the Ukrainian war leader General Valery Zaluzhny gave to the Economist.:
​  ​General Zaluzhny, who is raising a new army corps, reels off a wishlist. “I know that I can beat this enemy,” he says. “But I need resources. I need 300 tanks, 600-700 IFVs [infantry fighting vehicles], 500 Howitzers.” The incremental arsenal he is seeking is bigger than the total armoured forces of most European armies.
​  ​What Zaluzhny really says is that the war is lost if he does not get those resources. He knows well that is he will not receive them...
​..​Due to currently warmer than normal weather the ground in Ukraine is not yet frozen and the mud will return in March and April. That gives only a two months window to move forward.​..
..The big question is how the U.S. will respond. If the Ukraine falls the U.S. and NATO will have lost their war against Russia. That will cause serious political damage...
​..​The effect of losing the war will be noticed in global and domestic politics. 'Western' global standing will be degraded and the leadership of the war party will receive some well deserved bashing.
​  ​But will the U.S. let that happen? Can it allow itself to lose this war? Or will it escalate? Even when that is likely to only worsen its situation?

Russian drones far cheaper than Ukrainian air defenses​  (The Patriot air-defense missiles ​will ​cost $3-4 million each)
​​  The drones that Russia uses are priced at around $20,000 per unit, while a surface-to-air missile from Ukraine’s arsenal ranges from $140,000 for a Soviet-era S-300 to $500,000 for a US-supplied NASAM system, he said.

U.S. Forces in Europe Prepare for War With Russia​ (What can stop the war machine?​ Light infantry will be vaporized by artillery. USAF can't own this sky.​)

​ 101st Airborne Still Deployed in Romania Simulating War With Russia
​ Members of the division told CBS in October that they were prepared to enter Ukraine if given the 
(suicidal) ​order
​  ​About 4,000 members of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division are still deployed in Romania as part of a military buildup in Eastern Europe that President Biden ordered last year.​..
​..​The military buildup in Eastern Europe has brought US troop levels on the continent to over 100,000 for the first time since 2005. The Pentagon is expected to decide soon if it will maintain the current levels for the long term or reduce or increase them.​ ​

​  Putin is offering the Ukrainian soldiers Friday and Saturday off for Christmas. Many already feel abandoned/sacrificed by Kiev. How would you feel?
​  Ukraine Rejects Putin's Christmas Truce Proposal As "Hypocrisy" & "A Trap"
​  ​Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak announced on Twitter, that Russian forces...must leave the occupied territories - only then will it have a "temporary truce". Keep hypocrisy to yourself.​..
​..​If the Russian church's call for a Christmas truce is observed and holds, it could increase the chances of the two sides eventually seeking a more permanent ceasefire and negotiated settlement.

​Mental Health Day​

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