Friday, January 27, 2023

Jordon Trishton Walker MD

 At Risk For Suicide,

  The Pfizer executive, Jordan Trishton Walker MD, and this does check out, though Google has scrubbed him for searches, is a real person, a real Pfizer executive, though he may be borrowed into that capacity from another company. Jordan did finish med school and left a Urology residency program for a good job offer. 
  Jordan was irate after being tricked on his "third date" with a man working for Project Veritas, and when confronted with this in a cafe, he became irate and combative (video). He was confused as to how to respond, called NYPD, who ended up restraining him. 
  Jordan may well have commitments to the US Department of Defense through his various employers. That is not completely clear yet. 
I would put Jordan on Suicide-Watch.  Luc in Oz has contributed several of these links. He was up all night (for us Americans)

  Tucker Carlson has a good and succinct synopsis:

  News Detectives has this video of the cafe confrontation and his distraught misbehavior when Jordan was confronted with the video evidence from his "date". His reasonable defense , "I'm a liar. I was lying".   

  Pharmacology executive turned forensic-investigator, Sasha Latypova (who in NOT SUICIDAL AT ALL) has a detailed assessment from yesterday, thinks that Jordan is real, and that big pharma does frequently hire people like this these days, and for practical reasons.
OMG! Pfizer is MUTATING COVID!!!​  ​Movie script where "Contagion" meets "Idiocracy"

​  Today's further corroboration by Sasha Latypova. It is still all checking out. Very good confirmatory statements by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas.
Another Quick Post on "PfizerMutatingVirusGate"
​  ​Funny things: the drunk guy became far less drunk in this section of video footage, and claimed he was lying to impress the date “like all normal men do”. Huh. Interesting part - James says this person is “Boston Consulting and Pfizer”. This refers to outsourcing of everything at Pfizer, as I noted before, including staff.

​  Who is Jordan Trishton Walker MD? This is a carefully confirmed and documented bio of this actual person. It all checks out.

  This is more evidence regarding the Department of Defense ownership of all COVID-19 "vaccine" products, and everything that goes with them, through a chain of custody, covered by Federal laws. (You're in trouble if you don't comply with these policies and procedures.)
Covid Injections: a DOD prototype projec​t​  The prototype shot is government property until it is in your body.

​  US Senator Marco Rubio (R. Fla.) ,who I don't personally like, has written a letter to Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, regarding these latest events and revelations, which is good, because Pfizer won't get back to Tucker Carlson about it.

​  ​Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds​ , Igor Chudov has details.

​  That study he cites: ​
  The role of social circle COVID-19 illness and vaccination experiences in COVID-19 vaccination decisions: an online survey of the United States population
  2nd Smartest Guy in the World: ​
  Secret Australian Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020

  Alasdair Macleod, from Goldmoney
​  ​We have confirmation from the highest sources that Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) are considering using gold for pan-Asian trade settlements, fully replacing dollars and euros.
​  ​In an article written for Vedomosti, a Moscow-based Russian newspaper published on 27 December, Sergey Glazyev, a prominent economic adviser to Vladimir Putin who is heading up the Eurasian Economic Union committee charged with devising a replacement for dollars in trade settlements sent a very clear signal to that effect. It appears he will drop earlier plans to design a new commodity-linked trade currency because it has been superseded.

​  ​France, Croatia Deny 'West At War With Russia' After German Foreign Minister Sparks Outrage
​  ​On Tuesday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock ignited a firestorm of debate when she stated that Western allies are fighting a war against Russia - causing many to suggest that she essentially 'declared war' on Russia, and contradicting the official stance by saying the quiet part out loud.

​  Moon of Alabama: (yeah, duh, even Rand says so)  Ukraine - RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War

Risk Averse

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