Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Intent To Harm


  Atypically, I will post a 31 minute video from the recent Doctors For COVID Ethics presentation, which opens with Pharmaceutical Industry expert Sasha Latypova proving in 20 minutes that the COVID "vaccines" have always been classified as "military countermeasures", and fall under exceptions to every known law. 
  All Pandemic management has been military, under the National Security Council. All of the "vaccine" countermeasures have been the property of the Department of Defense until injected in a person.
  Each of these "vaccine" injections has been a "prototype countermeasure", and is specifically not a pharmaceutical product, specifically not subject to any Good Manufacturing Practices laws, specifically not regulated or overseen in any way. One group of companies (like Pfizer & Moderna) provides "demonstrations" and another group of companies "manufactures", without any testing or oversight of their "products".
  Meryl Nass MD offers perspective from her decades of research into US military avoidance of laws regarding experimental vaccines, specifically dating to Gulf War Syndrome, which was autoimmune disease caused by secret and undisclosed experimental Anthrax vaccines, given to military service members during the first Gulf War, completely secretly, and in a setting where most recipients got an approved Anthrax vaccine, obscuring the trail, except for those who knew which member had gotten which product.
  Dr. Nass advocates mass resistance, since compliance of the vast majority of Americans is required for the power structure in this country to function. Other countries have been "more docile" as she puts it, and resistance has been spotty in the US. There are real laws and regulations on the books, which remain in effect. What has been done to circumvent them by declaring secret-emergencies is not legal. It is legal-fiction. This needs to be pursued relentlessly in the courts.
  Catherine Austin Fitts, was Director of Housing and Urban Development in the Reagan administration and has high level experience in investment banking. She has long followed the missing $US trillions announced by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001, which was being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon, until that specific area alone was destroyed the next morning. The destruction was either from a commercial jet that eft no parts, bodies or luggage, or from a cruise missile with a penetration warhead. Reports vary.
  Ms. Fitts points out that her experience in Washington is that when a program does not accomplish its stated objectives, but continues anyway, then whatever it is doing is the real objective. In this case, the unregulated countermeasures are killing people slowly. The vaccine-passports and Central Bank Digital Currency rollouts have hit some impediments at this point. The WHO treaty is still scheduled to remove national sovereignty and replace it with decree by unelected global bureaucrats.

Here is the link to the Symposium, which has transcripts and excerpts as well as other presenters:

And here is Sasha Latypova's blog post for today. It is rare for me to recommend another blog on an ongoing basis. I prefer to include specific links to focused data, but I must wholeheartedly recommend Sasha Latypova's blog, to which I have recently subscribed. Her work is always precisely honed, and dense with important content and essential perspective.

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