Sunday, June 26, 2016

Secret Agreements

Listening at Keyholes,

I only hope that this article by John Helmer, who lives in Russia and has long corresponded from there, is correct, that secret negotiations are well underway between Germany and Russia, and gratefully blessed by Italy, and potentially others, for mutual trade and security cooperation. 
The American/Neocon hand at the helm of NATO is costly to Europeans at all levels, and threatens them with nuclear war, not the "security" it once advertised.

The Road to Brexit: There are a whole lot of laws and treaties to reform by many vast networks of agreement, which took decades to create, and need to be revised on the fly. The UK Civil Service just had a lot of job cuts. Austerity budget. Who is going to do all the things that are so well catalogued in this assessment?

A majority of citizens in France and Italy want their own referenda on EU membership, and there are 6 more EU member states that are quite close to that watershed. Would Brexit be simplified or complicated by the whole EU project ceasing to exist as what it now is?

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UN Legal Expert explains why these trade deals are illegal: TTP, TTIP, TISA, CETA

Bernie Sanders Weighs In on Brexit: Global Economy is Failing the People (In one month the Democratic National Convention will be in it's second day. Lots is going on. There is not a Democratic presidential candidate until the convention elects one, is there?)

What might rising oil prices since 1998 have to do with stagnant wages, worker frustration, and the wave of populism sweeping western society? (This does not look at the vast wealth disparity which we know destabilizes societies, but makes a complimentary point, I think.)

Asian stocks open below Friday closing, drop further and bounce up and down a bit in the first hour of trading.

Donald Trump says he won't recognize Palestinian Statehood if elected President, and that Israeli expansion of "settlements" (on illegally occupied Palestinian land) is fine with him and what their country needs to grow. [He's running out of cash. This should get the contributions flowing in.]

Sucrose (table sugar), Fructose (part of corn syrup), aspartame ("Nutra-Sweet") and saccharine ("Sweet-N-Low"), have recently been studied in obese human subjects (yeah, most of us). The main thing being looked at was what these sweeteners did to "glucose tolerance". Glucose tolerance is the opposite of Diabetes Mellitus, a situation where blood sugar rises out of control with eating sugar or starch.
Aspartame ("Nutra-Sweet") the sweetener in diet Coke and others, worsens glucose intolerance, worsens "sugar-diabetes". 
Sugar makes blood sugar go up, as does corn syrup, but they don't sabotage the blood sugar regulation process like Nutra-Sweet does.
Ban it from your life. (Aspartame and saccharine both make humans and rats gain more weight than sugar does, too.)

Criminally Deceived

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  1. John inquires: "There is not a Democratic presidential candidate until the convention elects one, is there?"

    The new twist in media coverage of the horse race this year is that both major party candidates are merely "presumptive" until the coronation at the convention.

    I'd diverge from the media and say both major candidates are certainly presumptuous. And that it is presumptuous of me to suggest Gore Vidal's "The Best Man" to anyone interested in the history of political conventions, smoke-filled back rooms and back-stabbing in the dark.