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Hidden Trapdoor

Distantly Controlled,

March 31, 2017 is the day before next April Fools Day, which seems fitting. Apparently the EU rules, under the Lisbon Treaty, change that day.
On April Fool's Day 2017, the leader of the British government may submit an intent to leave the EU with Brussels, and it will not become automatic in 2 years. Rather, it will be subject to approval by a majority vote of EU members.
Whoa! That's completely different.
No Way Out on April Fool's Day!
Thanks Anthony, fir the first and the follow-up articles.

Former London Mayor and Brexit campaigner, Boris Johnson, who clearly demonstrated that he was not up to the task, anyway, withdraws his (Tory) bid for Prime Minister.

The Archdruid has cutting political observation and commentary on the neoliberal Bremain camp:
Marketing failures: "Cameron’s government had already inflicted harsh budget cuts in the National Health Service and other programs that benefit ordinary Britons, and showed every sign of doing more of the same—and “Brexit Will Do What We’re Doing Anyway” somehow didn’t have the clout that Cameron apparently expected it to have."
Then he gets down to causes: "Once the dominant minority loses the loyalty of the masses by failing to deal with the needs of those outside the circles of affluence and privilege, sullen outward conformity and secret revolt replace the mutual trust that’s needed to make a society function."
His summation: "Outside the Hall of Mirrors, the sky is black with birds coming home to roost. Some of them have already settled on the rooftops of London. More of them are hovering above an assortment of European capitals, and many more are wheeling above the marble domes and pediments of Washington DC. When they land, their impact will shake the world."

The primary populist issue in the UK is the hot flood of refugees, which comes on top of many previous waves of flood-immigration from colonies and Eastern Europe. The losers every time have been the heirs of displaced peasants of the industrial revolution, the working-class, which Martin assures me is a real and strongly self identified and embattled class in England, Wales and Scotland. The EU already gave Britain exceptional advantage over immigration, and resented having gone so far. It's over, as far as EU countries are concerned. [The (covertly funded and fanned) Mideast wars driving hot floods of refugees should be stopped, shouldn't they?]

Portland Communications is the name of the company which has artfully engineered the (so far unsuccessful) media coup against elected Labour leader, Jeremy Corbin. It's probably good to clear all those traitors out of the upper ranks of the Labour party, so Corbyn can get to some very important historic business.
"The Canary can reveal that the current Labour ‘coup’ being instigated against Jeremy Corbyn appears to have been orchestrated by a PR company where Tony Blair’s arch spin-doctor, Alastair Campbell, is a senior advisor." 

"Significantly in all this, is the massive upsurge in membership of Momentum – the people’s movement to steer Labour left from within. People are joining in their droves to make sure they can back Corbyn in a new leadership challenge. This is where the rioja liberals of the party – those who lament the plight of working class Britain with moist eyes over a glass of red wine, yet react with nothing short of revulsion at the idea of that same working class holding any power within the party – have their day of reckoning with the working classes who built the party and want it back." [Yeah! Take your Party back!] This unwelcome and unrequested intervention by the Labour mutineers presents the party membership with a chance to restock those benches with MPs that look, sound and think like the voters they will need next time round.

Tony Blair consciously modeled “New Labour” on the Clinton’s “New Democrats” and adopted a broad range of the Tories’ policies.  New Labour’s adoption of the same contempt for labor and anti-labor policies pioneered by the Clintons produced the same horrific results for the working class. 
Corbyn was in an impossible position.  He became Party leader based on his willingness to oppose New Labour’s betrayal of labor and the working class.  He knew that New Labour’s contempt and anti-working class policies had led enormous numbers of traditional Labour voters to support BREXIT.  He has long, and accurately, warned that the EU is a neo-liberal institution that typically pursues policies that harm labor and the working class.
The New Democrats and New Labour did not embrace “free trade.”  They embraced deals that gave CEOs exceptional leverage to prevent effective environmental, financial, and safety regulation and increased leverage against their workers.
If there is a lesson for the United States in the decision by British voters to exit the European Union, it is the importance of the emerging split between the beneficiaries of multicultural globalism and the working-class ethno-nationalists who feel left behind.
Elite bankers grew ever wealthier, with complete impunity from the criminal laws, through the “sure thing” of running the most destructive epidemics of financial control frauds in history.

Massive discrepancies between exit polls and vote counts (winning-good-guys suddenly lose to bad-guys) suggest vote rigging, and there is an obvious suspect. A recount seems likely. (The science of rigging computer vote counts has gotten quite sophisticated in the past 20 years.)

Turkey normalizes relations with Israel after 6 years, giving up on Palestinians, who are left besieged after 3 major military assaults, unable to rebuild.

Erdogan apologized to Putin for killing that Russian pilot over Syrian airspace, also marking a redirection of Turkish policy in the region. Unable to beat Russia in Syria, Turkey might "join them".

How can the timing be so perfect? Just fate, I suppose. 
Colleen sends this news that the 3 ISIS suicide bombers at the Turkish airport are anti-Russian separatist rebels from Chechnya and related regions, so now Turkey and Russia can work together against ISIS in Syria and Chechnya. Do these dumb dead suicide-Rambo guys with their heavenly virgins realize what they just did? Speculative, isn't it?

"In this pivotal moment, the Democratic Party and a new Democratic president need to make clear that we stand with those who are struggling and who have been left behind. We must create national and global economies that work for all, not just a handful of billionaires." Bernie Sanders, in NYT Op Ed. Sanders is still running for President, at least 4 more weeks, possibly until November...

Speaking in Monessen, Pennsylvania, Trump said the "TPP would be the death blow for American manufacturing" and vowed to "withdraw" the U.S. from the agreement. He said Clinton took "a leading part" in drafting the 12-nation deal, noting that the former secretary of state "praised or pushed the TPP on 45 separate occasions, and even called it the 'gold standard,'" according to prepared remarks.  Trump appeared to be "speaking directly to [Bernie] Sanders supporters." Sanders has made opposition to the TPP and other rights-trampling deals a cornerstone of his campaign.

William Jefferson Clinton meets privately with long term political ally, Loretta Lynch, who now heads the "Justice" Department, and will have to decide what to do with all that information the hundreds of FBI investigators have uncovered and organized on Hillary Rodham Clinton, the anointed next President of the United States of America. (Purely social; no business discussed...)
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Here is the timeline of how the 1965 student loan program, intended to free Americans by equalizing access to higher education, turned into a massive debt-slave/debt-master program through the Clintonian magic of Neoliberal-Economics. (Are you a debt slave?)

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