Friday, July 1, 2016

Moving Out

Given Notice,

British Home Secretary rules-out invoking Article-50 before 2017 (which leaves the months of January, February and March to do so before those rules change, which nobody is talking about, except those articles from Anthony, which I sent June 30, at beginning of Trapdoor post, on )

The negotiations of the UK’s departure from the EU and new EU trade arrangements cannot take place in parallel. They must be sequential. No new deal talks with the EU until the exit is completed.

Jeremy Corbin comments on overly broad religion-linked judgementalism. 
“Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organisations.” 
Somebody gets bent-outta'-shape about it.

Israeli PM Netanyahu says that Israel will never accept a Palestinian state, or the end of (illegal) Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

Veterans Today proposes that the sudden about-face by Turkish president Erdogan was forced by his military, an offer he couldn't refuse. A lot has changed, and it looks like the Turkish military is now placed on the winning side of several conflicts, friendly with Russia and Israel, and turning on their protoges in ISIS, perhaps a lost cause at this point. We'll see.

Trump leads Clinton in first post-Brexit presidential preference poll.

Trump lambasts the Clintons for Bill's airstrip diplomacy with Loretta Lynch, but gets caught hitting-up foreign-nationals in Scotland for campaign contributions. (Is there no other possibility for POTUS than these two? No other possibility at all?)

Loretta Lynch, beset by scandal, recuses herself from any decision regarding criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton. There is now a lot of importance to whoever will take on that role. The stakes are very high. A person could lose a lot against the Clintons, or gain a lot serving them, but all dynasties end. "By the book" looks like the safest strategy, but there might be secret communications from parties on both sides of this issue, with carrots and sticks. This is high-stakes-poker.
[It is possible that this facilitates an orderly transfer of power, a bloodless political coup d'etat. If that is the case, then Clinton plea-bargains out before the Democratic Convention ends, and Sanders gets handed the baton. It's hard to judge probability in critical times like these, when we really don't see the real power dynamics. The world is so damned tired, and increasingly scared of the Neocons, and there are rumblings of mutiny in Europe.]

Elizabeth Warren opens a broad front of engagement, opposing rent-seeking corporate oligopolies like Google, Walmart and Comcast. (The implication is that she is not really supporting Clinton, since these are Clinton's sponsors.)

71% of Americans polled believe the economy is rigged.

Owner of self-driving Tesla gets decapitated when car fails to see tractor-trailer, which was about the same color as the bright sky, and runs right under it, shearing off the tops of Tesla and owner, basically killing both "driver" and "passenger". The load in the trailer was surely delayed, negatively impacting interstate commerce.

Israel puts self-driving, torpedo-firing navy ship into service, the "Seagull". (Hope it doesn't drop anything on you!)


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