Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Law By Rulers



FBI Orders All Orlando Records Withheld From Public. 
Yeah, same FBI that just gave Clinton the green-light to go be their president. One good cover-up deserves another, doesn't it?

Europe is retrenching, having been rudely awakened to the backlash against EU Commission elite autocrats. Wolfgang Schauble, German Finance Minister, advocates 27 EU heads of state managing Brexit, not the usual finance guys.

Angela Merkel makes noises about getting rid of Chief EU autocrat, Jean-Claude Druncker, er... Juncker.
Mrs Merkel’s anger reflects a growing schism in Europe between those, like Mr Juncker and the French and Belgian leaders, who want to see “more Europe” after Brexit, and those, like Mrs Merkel and her powerful finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble who believe that would be “crazy”.

Juncker, demonstrating drunken-monkey kung-fu style declares that all 27 EU member state parliaments will get to have their say on the upcoming (don't count on it, now)  CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) with Canada. This is more than the German and French parliaments. This is everybody. Death-by-1000-cuts is what Juncker proposes as his parting gift, and it's not a bad idea, either. He just punted past the other elitists who were rushing him. This may destroy CETA. Good Riddance! Thanks Eleni:

Eastern European EU members really want the trade and travel, are fine with keeping their national currencies, and would like Brussels to butt-out with all the lawmaking and micromanaging.

David Stockman presents his view that the current global financial situation is the-same-just-worse when compared to the 2007-2009 stock market correction, following 27 years of Greenspan-Bubble-Blowing, beginning after 1987 crash. Bubbles are still the only central bank game in town (until the next game. It's deflation time, and banks will own everything soon.)

Senior Labour Party insider reveals in pub that plan to oust elected party head , Jeremy Corbyn has been in place for 10 months. (This dude is the husband of the Labour Party leader that Corbyn replaced unexpectedly last year.)

100 years ago farmers in North Dakota were bled by St Louis Bankers, robbed by railroad owners and swindled by silo owners. What can their very successful populist takeover of government do to inform our current situation?

iPads stop a child's muscles and nerves from developing properly. (I have been extremely concerned with the devastation to critical development of the entire neuromuscular and sensory systems of small children who focus their existence into these little screens day in and day out.I see it constantly in the clinic, and Jenny sees the effects each year in the worsening condition of kindergarteners.)

"Multitasking" Drains your brain. (We can't multitask, anyway. We just break sequences up into smaller bites, but the focus is lost in the jumping back and forth, and takes time to regain.