Sunday, July 3, 2016

Just The Facts


Hillary Clinton quietly spoke to the FBI for three and a half hours yesterday, all friendly, no subpoena... All she could have said in that short time is, "I didn't do it", and "I have no recollection of that", repeatedly.

Here is the argument from Global Research, that one man in an Orlando gay bar, with an assault weapon, clips of ammo, and a handgun, could not possibly have killed and wounded 100 people in 2 minutes, while aiming at the SWAT team bursting through the walls in armored vehicles. The conclusion is that there is a cover-up of the SWAT team shooting most of those people.

5 Confirmed False Flag Operations and How to Spot Them in the Future (from a year ago, but bears repeating)

Is Turkey about to break up politically? The Saker presents the argument for the political failure of the Turkish regime, now quickly trying to patch things up, after failing to play the critical regional-broker role, which Erdogan envisioned. He just shat on everybody possible, all at once. "Ukrainian level of incompetence, arrogance and delusion." 

Russian aircraft carrier will be in the Mediterrannian, off the Syrian coast, this fall.

Will Ireland reunite as a result of Brexit? The biggest focus for the Irish, north and south, is that they have freedom of travel, one country at ground level, no soldiers at the borders. Irish carry a PTSD trauma from soldiers at the borders. This is a big deal. There has been an economic advantage for the Northern Irish, in remaining part of the UK. that is about to completely reverse, and carry the trauma of border police with it.

"Nations are political units but increasingly, they are not economic ones. World cities are connected to developing-nation industrial belts and resource-rich hinterlands in other nations to form a global economic order on its own. Elites from across the world coordinate in ever-deeper ways. Cutting across this global economic order is the vestigial grid of nation states. This contradiction between national polities and global economies will continue to throw up earthquakes like Brexit.
The elite-run press wail at the death of reasonable discourse, the failure of experts to convince the public with technocratic arguments, the perfidy of opportunists who weaponize peoples' misery with sheer lies. Yet the simple truth is that reasoned arguments never held the political order together; this was always a liberal myth. The order held together because it delivered the consumerist goodies. And it could only continue to deliver by means of increasingly-fragile fudges. These are now over."

The IMF produces this paper, which is at odds with the savings-based macroeconomic theory, which is pervasively taught and upon-which most macroeconomic models are based.
Of course the truth is that banks create money from thin air when they originate loans, which they do a lot of in growing economy, and almost none of in riskier shrinking economy. Banks creating money leads directly to amplification of boom-bust cycles. 
(This paper may presage major central banking policy changes. Taking the creation of money out of the hands of retail bankers, and reserving it to central banks, is an experiment, upon which Iceland is embarking.)

David Stockman: "The recession will come, therefore, with the Fed flat-footed again and this time, out of dry powder, as well. Indeed, so thoroughly will the Fed be discredited when the market crashes again by 40% or 50% or more, that modern Keynesian central banking will be faced with an existential crisis."

One of the major findings in the brains of Alzheimer's patients is the build-up of gunky beta-amyloid in the nerve cells, which then causes inflammation, cellular dysfunction and cell death. New research shows that a natural botanical compound, already with a long history of human use, reduces beta amyloid in nerve cells of Alzheimer's patients, and also reduces the inflammation.
Obviously, this is extremely promising, and I hope they will be able to get enough test subjects for a study, in order to get statistically valid results as quickly as possible. Both treatment and long-term prophylaxis studies are in-order. 
Is Alzheimer's preventable through dietary supplementation? The active compound is analogous to some compounds already found to have regulatory functions in the human central nervous system. Those compounds are often referred to as "endogenous cannabinoids", "endocannabinoids". The therapeutically promising plant extract is called "tetrohydrocannabinol" or "THC" for short. It was previously thought to have no medical application, and may need to have it's therapeutic schedule category adjusted before it can be widely prescribed. Ironically, one of the side effects of the treatment is short term memory impairment.

Mary Hartman

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