Sunday, July 17, 2016

Losing Mobility

Outta' Gas,

Transport fuel is about to start going away, and will be done going away from ordinary people within a decade. Nothing else will be the same, either. Trains should keep running, and we should have electricity most of the time, if we have a paycheck and a place to stay. 
This is part one of a 3 part series. I look forward to part 2, but I'm sure not waiting for it. Adapting now, while options remain, is my focus.

This is a really good color rendition index (CRI) light bulb, available for pretty cheap at Costco. The Feit bulbs screw right in, and are quite easy on the eyes. The soft white (2700 Kelvin color temperature) bulbs are efficient, due to using a blue (not violet) phosphor, but have been able to get fully away from the harshness of blue-phosphor LEDs, which we all know as glare. 
Look for the little rainbow color badge on the front of the box, announcing 90+ CRI. Lasts 22 years.

Friday night, in the air over Turkey, President Erdogan was in his presidential jet, when 2 Coup-Rebel F-16s flew up behind it, locked it into their targeting radar, ... and eventually disengaged. Why didn't either one of them pull the trigger. These 2 pilots decided the outcome of the coup. Where are they now?

6000 Turks are under arrest, pretty much everybody on Erdogan's usual-suspect list. This clears the deck for him. We'll see how this plays out, huh?

2 years ago MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine, over a war zone, where Ukraine controlled the air, and the US immediately blamed Russia. Where is the proof? Since no proof has been released after 2 years of very expensive investigation, we can only assume that the US/NATO have what lawyers call "bad facts". Ukraine did it, is the obvious conclusion.

New Zealand has officially recognized the legal personhood of a natural ecosystem, and also of a river. Monsanto won't like this... It must be killed in the cradle.

It's been validated. Cigarettes are the actual "gateway-drug". Marijuana might actually be the escape -hatch from addiction. Weird, huh?

"Bush Doctor"

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