Monday, July 11, 2016

Repair Crew

Reporting a Problem,

"America is Broken" (Duh!) These things happen periodically. We're working on it.

And then there is this image of one person making a noble stand within the midst of hierarchy, repression and anger.

What stage of insurrection is it when cops get shot as an act of war? I always forget. I think it means people are at some kind of breaking point or paradigm shift, or something. This author says that once things go this far they never stop until the power structure backs down, but it can take hundreds of years...
The Kennedy brothers backed down quickly from the top and prevented lots of tragedies in lots of cities. Whatever happened to those guys?

It says here that most Americans don't trust the government. It looks like the level of trust has kept dropping since right after John Kennedy was assassinated.

Jill Stein MD, presumptive Green Party candidate for President again this election invites Bernie Sanders to take her place on that ballot if the Democratic Party can't adopt a meaningful reform platform. (A lot of media is calling this things like "spoiler", but I see it as principled and visionary. The two parties are really one party these days. Broken status quo. This could be the year that "none of the above" translates to "Green Party".)

Donald Trump may select lifelong Democrat, General Michael Flynn, who was pushed out of the Pentagon for his strategic views, as Running Mate. Flynn likes Russians OK, too. Complex, thoughtful, straight-shooter who offends politicians with his directness.
"Michael Flynn not only foresaw the rise of Daesh describing intricately in a report ignored by President Obama and the State Department that the conditions were ripe for a fundamentalist Islamic terror group worse and more hardline than al-Qaeda to emerge from the group of US-backed rebels. Flynn routinely opposed the Obama administration’s policy of arming rebel groups against Bashar al-Assad and ominously warned that ousting Gadhafi in Libya would open Pandora’s box."

The Saker presents recent events that may foreshadow a major change in the Syrian war soon, but what?

The No State Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Thanks Tom. There's a lively debate in the comments section of this one. It seems like a factual and historically well researched article.

The Doomsday Forum is a free-event for mid to high level functionaries of the military arm of the military-industrial-complex. 
What's for dinner? $1 trillion for "preemptive-self-defense" nuclear attacks to destroy "4 rogue states", which pose threats.
"This important event –which consists in building a consensus in favor of a possible first strike pre-emptive US nuclear attack against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea– has barely been covered by the mainstream media."

The USA, and its European colonial forces, NATO, are massing forces along the Russian border for a major war, WW-3. What else could you call it?

Former Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbachev says, "the next war will be the last". (Can we not do this, please?)

The Italian economy can't heal itself, constrained by the Euro. It has not been healthy since entering the Euro. It's breaking and needs out. Italy is not thought to be long within the Euro, going forward.

Anatomy of a Failed Coup in the UK Labour Party: "Worst. Coup. Ever." 
This is a great article about the Blairite power elites in the Labour Party planning for over half a year to do an intervention at the right time, disgrace Jeremy Corbyn publicly in the media, all step away from the leftist leper, and let him step down and let a real politician take the helm. They ran this operation like clockwork; snick, snick, snick, the pins all fell into place perfectly and right on cue. Corbyn-the-Dolt refused to acknowledge that he had been bested. He just stood there and said stuff about "not betraying the trust of the people who voted for him". Stood there. Unmoving. Stupid, for the whole world to see. Shinned and oblivious. Then the Chilcot Report came out, and it was every bit as bad for Tony Blair and the MPs who voted to carry out that war of choice in Iraq, killing 250,000 humans and destroying millions upon millions of lives. Yeah, it was these same "Blairite" guys, and Corbyn-the-Dolt has more stupid working people behind him than ever. Well, they deserve what they're going to get from him now, don't they? Corbyn did manage a formal apology on behalf of Labour, to the bereaved families of British soldiers lost in the war. Proper form, that...

Jeremy Corbyn backs a motion to indict Tony Blair for "Contempt", a move by which Blair may still be brought to face legal proceedings, even though he is no longer PM.

Australia is dying, vast reefs and mangrove forests, just suddenly dead, all at once. It's not just the Great Barrier Reef.

Global insect die-off of 45% has happened in the past 45 years. It's not just bees, This is vast and ongoing.

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