Monday, July 25, 2016

Keep Fooling Me

Permanently Robbed,

(Nuclear) Armageddon Approaches, Paul Craig Roberts The German government leak reveals a further stress within the Mutual Assured Destruction paradigm, with which we have grown so complacent. Is this going to be the big "solution" to all our problems? Neocons get us all killed and let God sort us out?

What Makes a Great Power War Possible.
Military Asymmetries and the Risk of War
A really illuminating scholarly investigation.

Who is "Putin's Useful Idiot" this week, or this afternoon? So many have been distinguished by this accolade. Look at these headlines.

Donald Trump, one of "Putin's useful idiots" gets a better laugh at Debbie Wasserman Schultz who rigged the fake Democratic primary and got caught doing it. She got bood-down at a little breakfast meeting of Delegates from her state, Flor-i-duh. She's this week's Putin, or Hitler, or Bernie Madoff, or something. The Republican Convention set a high bar for hypocritical lunatic circus, but the Democratic Convention is taking a very serious run at that bar.

Facebook blocked links to Wikileaks download of DNC emails, and got caught, and had to admit such an obvious thing...

"How can I join this class action lawsuit against the DNC?" I'm glad you asked yourself that question. 
If you donated to the Democratic Party or the Sanders campaign, you were harmed.  
Email for further information on joining this suit. You'll get an auto-reply with some links. I did.

How Much Should Food Cost? 
It's a really thought provoking dissection of our neoliberal economic system, and what was considered normal and obvious, not very long before globalists took over.
How do we count the cost, when so much of it is externalized, and rolled into a deathly tomorrow?


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