Friday, June 17, 2016

Smarter When Hungry

Seeing Inconsistencies,

The Saker looks at the latest terrorist media-extravaganza. Thanks Eleni.
Terrorism is really an illusion. For one thing, I am unaware of any form of real terrorism which is not sponsored by at least one, or several, government(s). The actual atrocity, no matter how horrible, is just a trigger for the much more important assault on our minds. The point of terrorism is not to kill people, it is to make us all stupid
From the point of view of this logic, the 50 people murdered in Orlando were really only “collateral damage”, that we all are the real targets of this assault
The only meaningful way to defeat terrorism is to refuse to think in the manner terrorist events are designed to make us think.
The scary part is that Hillary is now proposing a totally arbitrary system of denying 2nd Amendment rights to Americans based on the notorious “no fly” list. If that is not yet another frontal assault on our basic civil rights, I don’t know what is!

Paul Craig Roberts observes about the Orlando shooting, lots of official pronouncements, but "Still No Evidence" (In fact, what evidence seems to come from eyewitness reports contradicts the official stories, and not all in the same way, either.) I think Eleni sent this, too.

"Police admit officers may also be responsible for gunning down Orlando night club patrons"
Try searching that headline on Google News. Nothing, NADA!

"Media refusing to cover numerous witness accounts of multiple shooters in Orlando massacre"
That's another headline from Eleni, at this link:
Search Google News for "Multiple shooters, Orlando". 
All I get is 3 stories, all 3-4 days old. 
First is Snopes "disproving" one account of multiple shooters, primarily by police statements. 
The other 2 are police statements saying there was just the one guy. 

Pro-"Stay" British MP, Jo Cox was shot and stabbed, with media reporting that murderer shouted the name of a "Leave" rightist movement twice just before the grisly murder. Other say he said no such thing. One might expect a terrorist act like this, being blamed on the :"Leave" crowd, would swing sentiment to "Stay". It didn't. "Leave" lost no support, but "Stay" lost some support to "Don't Know". Are people getting wise to terroristic manipulation? (Naaaah...)

Brexit, as seen by disposessed British workers: “I’m sick of being called a racist because I worry about my own mum and my own child,” and “I don’t begrudge anyone a roof who needs it but we can’t manage either.”
Ambrose Evans Pritchard takes a hard and righteous stance against the British political elites who are increasingly desperate in their statements supporting "Stay" in the EU.

Switzerland formally withdraws 1992 application to join EU.

79% of Greeks are now without access to health care, on top of unemployed and getting evicted and electricity cut off. They are dying younger across the board. Thanks Eleni (All refugees get Greek health care.)

About that group of 51 State Department staffers wanting Obama to bomb Syria more to get rid of Assad, because he supports ISIS, or something.  

Saudi Foreign Minister visits with President Obama and urges more bombing of Syria to get rid of Assad. (Unanimous, then?)

leaked emails show the DNC colluded with mainstream outlets to heavily favor Clinton.  (Ugly facts here. Just the start.)

"Guccifer-2" says the DNC is grasping at straws when it claims Russia hacked Secretary of State Clinton's unprotected Blackberry and email server (Why would any country do that?  :-) 
"He", whoever he is says he did it, was in there a year, and found all this swell dirty email! Thanks Tom.

There has been work towards sustainable economy, mostly out of necessity. Argentina is used as an example here, but Cuba fits, too. Extractive economy has extracted so much of the good easy fuel and ore that it can't grow. Stagnation collapses the financial model and forces a reset. Change is inevitable. Hands over ears, shouting "I can't hear you", is to no avail.

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  1. Re: Assault Weapons are not a Civil Right!

    I was pleasantly surprised, strike that... I was amazed to read that common sense made a rare appearance at Fox News Network recently. Bravely, Gretchen Carlson pointed out the obvious. Gun madness has seized control of this nation and it needs to be brought to heel.

    This thing is not a civil right:

    1. Hillary Clinton wants to take away anybody's right to keep and bear arms who is placed on the no-fly list. That could be everybody soon. It's already an unregulated and extrajudicial list.

    2. I'm still baffled after all these years that you fail to see the difference between the standard issue single shot black powder musket of 1790 from the 30 bullet clipped AR-15 of today.

      You really need to acknowledge that you're living in the 21st Century and not the 18th.

      As the sheer destructiveness of modern weaponry expands, it's time to take your quaint 18th Century notions about 2nd Amendment hysteria and come to grips with today's reality.

      Just sayin'. Gretchen Carlson is making sense. So howzaboutchew?

  2. .... And the prize for most succinct brilliant insight into the morass of politics goes to.... Pepe Escobar for this zinger about Brazil's national shame:

    "Even Western mainstream media was forced to admit that Dilma did not steal anything but is being impeached by a bunch of thieves.".

    1. Brazil is getting the Econominc Hit Man treatment to force regime change. Vicious endgame by global multinational corporations as we head into the big reset. The music is about to stop, and they want control of all the chairs when it does.

    2. Interesting thought John. I handn't considered John Perkins insights in the present case in Brazil. While it is true that there's a heavy hand of the CIA and other spook shops attempting to bring down the Maduro government in Venezuela, I haven't gotten the sense that Brazil's woes are clandestinely being orchestrated in Langley. My sense is that Brazil's right wing is perfectly aligned with and capable of taking a huge whack at democracy on their own with our spooks doing more cheer-leadering than real leading.