Friday, June 10, 2016

The Revolution Will Not Be Facebook

Network Connections,

These thoughts have been forming as I bike commute, and I see people in cars with their smartphones out at every light, and just after, and in one hand, as they drive.
These portals into a world of interaction are always there, always beckoning, moment to moment.
You can't make a revolution against the owners of the internet, on Facebook.
Color revolutions can be coordinated on social media, but really only by the owners, folks like George Soros. That's why so many of the cellphone addresses used in the failed Iranian color revolution a few years ago.
The "swarming" of large groups of people, from many directions, onto a site chosen contemporaneously through satellite and human intelligence, to hit it hard and unpredictably, is a powerful use of technology and organization.
It looks spontaneous and organic, but it isn't.

"Why are Americans just accepting all this?" "What happened to them?"
How can there possibly be a revolution when every communication goes to a corporate processor or ten, before going to another human, or ten thousand?
I reason that there can be no revolution against the sophisticated controllers of vast communication networks, while those networks are the mode of communication.
The implication is that there can only be low tech, small, grassroots revolutions, and they can be treated as riots by all the militarized police forces, and that will be the end of one story, after another.

Grow vegetables. It's a process of learning and mastery, and human, and doesn't really need anything electronic or distant at all.
Naw, I don't really think it's a revolutionary act, but having some food independence always comes first.


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  1. John,

    In the last 36 hours every attempt I've made to contact you at Gmail has resulted in bounced mail. Is there an alternative to using Gmail we might consider? -Ray