Monday, January 23, 2017

Climbing The Avalanche

Abruptly Unsupported,

Charles Hugh Smith nails it. Excellent analysis here. (Thanks Eleni.)
The Left is not just in disarray--it is in complete collapse because the working class has awakened to the Left's betrayal and abandonment of the working class in favor of building personal wealth and power.

Robert Reich presents 7 points the Democratic Party must address, or it can finish dying. (Trump already notices the jobs thing, which is the main thing.)
It’s not enough for Democrats to be “against Trump,” and defend the status quo. Democrats have to fight like hell against regressive policies Trump wants to put in place, but Democrats also need to fight for a bold vision of what the nation must achieve—like expanding Social Security, and financing the expansion by raising the cap on income subject to Social Security taxes; Medicare for all; and world-class free public education for all.
The Party must change from being a giant fundraising machine to a movement. It needs to unite the poor, working class, and middle class, black and white—who haven’t had a raise in 30 years, and who feel angry, powerless, and disenfranchised.

Brandon Smith has done fairly well with recent predictions. He gives pointers. "How to Predict the Behavior of Globalists"
Globalists like to use the strategy of forced sacrifice, in which they threaten two targets simultaneously, or kill two birds with one stone. I realized at the beginning of 2016 that all the rhetoric by globalists in their own publications on the “rise of populism” was staging the groundwork for the success of the Brexit and the success of Trump. What better strategy for the establishment than to allow conservative movements to take the helm of the political and economic ship just as that ship is about to sink? In this way, the globalists can have the crisis they need, while at the same time scapegoating conservatives and avoiding blame, and, destroying the image of conservative ideals.

David Stockman is also of the opinion that Trump has little to work with, has inherited a fiscal crisis, which is about to roll over, won the poisoned chalice, etc.

Jim Kunstler paints Trump's position in living color: " The disassembly of such a vast matrix of rackets is unlikely to be managed without generating a lot of dangerous friction. Such a tall order would require, at least, some finesse. Virtually all the powers of the Deep State are arrayed against him, and he can’t resist taunting them, a dangerous game."

Theresa May will meet in Washington this Friday, to discuss post-Brexit trade deal with the US (not a negotiation). May is in an even less enviable position than Trump. British courts are still deciding who gets to invoke Article-2 and set the 2 year Brexit clock ticking. How "hard" of a Brexit, with how much hurt, and to whom? Nobody knows; history will tell.

The new U.S. administration of President Donald Trump said on Friday its trade strategy to protect American jobs would start with withdrawal from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact. The statement said Trump was committed to renegotiating another trade deal, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was signed in 1994 by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

European Central Bank Director, Mario Draghi, changes his position. 
It is now possible for a country to exit the Eurozone, but it must pay all debts to the Eurozone first. (That's his public opinion today.)

Marine Le Pen says the EU is dead, but doesn't know it yet, at a meeting of populists leaders which the EU doesn't see or hear.

Russia announces first joint air-strike mission against ISIS in Syria, involving Russian and US-led-coalition aircraft. 
Pentagon says "US didn't fly with Russia, just shared information to avoid collisions". 
Russia and Turkey say "that isn't what Russia said". 
Russian and Turkish fighters flew together over Syria, near the Turkish border, to attack ISIS/Daesh around the town of Al-Bab. 
Turkey wants ISIS out, but doesn't want Syrian Kurds to kick ISIS out, and join their two Kurdish enclaves` in the middle.

The last time the oceans got this warm, sea levels were 20 to 30 feet higher than they are now.

Waking Up Dead

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