Sunday, January 22, 2017

Year Of Resets

Seeking Clarification,

Eleni sends this assessment of how Donald Trump came to be President of the US, from Moon of Alabama, which is a German writer, as I understand it.
[T]he power elite can be best described as a “triangle of power,” linking the corporate, executive government, and military factions: “There is a political economy numerously linked with military order and decision. This triangle of power is now a structural fact, and it is the key to any understanding of the higher circles in America today.” The 2016 US election, like all other US elections, featured a gallery of pre-selected candidates that represented the three factions and their interests within the power elite. The 2016 US election, however, was vastly different from previous elections. As the election dragged on the power elite became bitterly divided, with the majority supporting Hilary Clinton, the candidate pre-selected by the political and corporate factions, while the military faction rallied around their choice of Donald Trump.

Pepe Escobar has this article, titled "How the Trump Presidency will play out", but it is not that, just as nothing ever really predicts what is to come. 
It does give the view of "X", a denizen of the deep-state, who cannot otherwise be named. 
The perspective of how Donald Trump came to be President is complimentary to the one above, dovetails with it, and I don't take either, or any of the others, to be "true", nor false. Eleni and I both found this article. It now seems marginally permissible to talk a bit about the deep-state running the show in Amerika. We'll see how that develops as we go forward.

What did President Trump do to the Affordable Care Act on Day #1? 
He seems to have asked that people not be forced to pay the income tax levy/fine if they have not bought insurance. 
This is the most unpopular part of the bill, and is a tax-by-another-name. Without this fine, people who are young, healthy and just getting by, will not purchase insurance they do not need. The "low" costs of insurance the first couple of years were always expected to rise in subsequent years, and were not cheap to start. They are going up about 140% this year, for new enrolees. There won't be that many. 
The insurance companies at all levels are dragging their heels on payments of all kinda already. 
It's a crappy, corrupt and amazingly wasteful "system", and it employs a lot of middle managers who will be out of jobs without it. It's a parasitic profit center for retirement plans. 
Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Germany and the UK all have way better and pay about 40% what we do as a nation. "Obamacare" will likely get more rank, rotten and unpopular all year.
I sure don't know what these clowns will put together to replace it. They will get blamed when they do. They know that.

If the federal government buys the companies that make the most expensive drugs, they can lower the prices, and everybody will be happy. 
(Perfect plans like this always turn out to be booby-trapped, right?)

New Year's Resolution: I'll stop eating stuff that tricks me into getting fat, and I'll sleep more, too.
Artificial sweeteners make your brain hungrier, inducing weight gain. Nutra-Sweet worsens diabetes through an additional mechanism, also.
I'll read labels (bring reading glasses) and avoid high-fructose-corn-syrup/"corn-sweetener/etc.
Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Moss goes inside the world of processed and packaged foods. Selling to teens in an attempt to hook them for life. Scientifically tweaking ratios of salt, sugar and fat to optimize consumer bliss. ("No-one can eat just one.")
Health-Journalist, Bill Sardi gives good explanations and refers to serious scientific papers in this article about how melatonin (the sleep hormone) derivation leads to weight gain and forgetfulness. There are multiple causes, like lights at night, changes of ageing, and calcification of the pineal gland. Taking 1-3 milligrams of cheap, over the counter melatonin cut fat by a couple of kilos and increased lean body mass by about the same in a Danish study. Placebo did nada. (We started 3 mg of melatonin at 9:00PM in December. It seems nice. I'm smarter and stronger and more youthful already. YMMV)

Violence: The Language Of A Jewish State In One Image
Who is this gentle man, and why was he just shot in the face with a rubber-covered-steel bullet? Thanks Eleni. You are much closer to this, where you live.

Robbed at Gunpoint

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