Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Real Fake News

Urologically Uninhibited,

Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to get naked and pee on the bed President and Mrs Obama had slept in at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow!
Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! 
Reporters have had this information since October, as have top US politicians, including the Clintons. 
No wonder the press all hated Trump. 
This report is part of a 35 page dossier that an investigator compiled with the paid help of a Russian spy. The investigator was working for anti-Trump Republicans.
Nobody seems to be able to verify this stuff, and some of it is demonstrably false, but all 35 pages are now available for Americans to read 10 days before the inauguration. 

Aw, shucks... That story was made up ("unconfirmed" that it was made-up, though)
"let's recap what happened: >/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit rick wilson about trump making people piss in a bed obama slept in >he thought it was real and gave it to the cia >the central intelligence agency of the united states of america put this in their official classified intelligence report on russian involvement in the election"

Russian Spokesman: The information is not true and is nothing other than a total fabrication,” Peskov said, according to Interfax. “It’s a complete fake, it’s a complete fabrication, it’s total nonsense.”

Rex Tillerson, nominated for Secretary of State, will play it safe in confirmation hearings, declare that Russia is a danger that must be watched, and acts predictably in it's own long-term interests (a "rational actor"),

Mish Shedlock presents at least as good an unsubstantiated argument, for means of demonstration, that Israel, not Russia, maneuvered the US election into a Clinton loss to Trump. 
Good sport, and a good case, though... unproven.

Hungary cracks down on Soros-funded NGOs. "Subversive", they say. (Nice Mr Soros, "subversive"? Pish-tosh, eh?)

UK Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, further popularized by the failed knife-in-the-back last year by "Blairites", says the UK can be better off outside the EU. He was often a fan of national interests before, tepidly supported his party's platform of "stay" and was criticized for his lack of vigor. Now he's more comfortable, as he addresses how to enact the will of the people, best serve their interests.

Marine LePen says no French bank will meet with her to discuss funding her campaign. (Not one? They fund other candidates. This must be some kind of misunderstanding.)

UK Ambassador to France says the UK will have no talks with Marine LePen, Front Nationale Leader, since they never have talked to Front Nationale and never will. 
(Uh, Trump, guys. Remember what happened a few months ago?)

The world's most volatile currency lately is... the Turkish Lira. 
Maybe Mr. Erdogan is about to do something really, really stable and responsible, and that will make money and make friends. That would prob'ly fix it.

A lot of top EU central bankers were hacked, successfully, long-term, by a nuclear scientist who made investments from this insider knowledge. 18,000 (or so) email addresses were compromised. The perp was a high-ranking Mason. He lovingly dubbed his malware "eyepyramid". Cute.

There are talks this week in Switzerland, about the fact that Cyprus was invaded by good-friend, Turkey in 1974, and Turkey still holds about 40% of the country tightly, but what's that between friends? The UK gets to keep 2 critical military ports forever. That's not in question. What is in question is if Turkey can actually get more of Cyprus than it already controls. That's not how it is painted in the news. Eleni sends this best-analysis-out-there by John Helmer, from 11/22/16. (The secret meetings that Victoria Nuland and Henry Kissinger have been preparing for are 1/12/16. Google News shows NO stories on Cyprus talks since 1/9/17.)

Refugees freeze on Greek beaches. All of this was taken out of the hands of Greek government and communities long ago. 
It's completely NGOs which are failing to care for these people. Why is this not broadly explained? Influence, right?

"Just before Christmas 2016, NATO’s Syrian rebels threw thousands of tonnes of diesel into Damascus’ water reservoirs before blowing up the wells to divert the water into nearby rivers, which immediately flooded. The result of this war crime is that the 5 million civilians of Damascus have been without water since then."

The US has deployed 2800 tanks, mobile artillery, armored and supply vehicles to Poland, to practice war on Russia's border. Another 4000 US troops just got there. This is "one of the largest deployments to Europe since the Cold War ended", so more than 25 years. (I have to wonder if this is linked to some kind of coup d'etat in Cyprus. Nuland AND Kissinger, and last days of Obama...)

William Engdahl looks at the Trump administration developing as an instrument of Henry Kissinger, who is very good at sweet talking 5 people into a deal that kills one and leaves two injured, while splitting the remains, 3 ways, two of which are Kissinger's. (Which one is Clinton? Which is Trump? Which is Putin? Obama? Xi?...)
"With Kissinger now in a unique relationship with President-elect Trump as shadow foreign policy adviser, with Kissinger allies Tillerson as Secretary of State and Mattis as Secretary of Defense, it is beginning to appear that the heavy hand of Kissinger and his version of British Balance of Power political manipulations is about to target China, as well as Iran, and to try to use Putin and Russia to destroy the genuine possibility of a counterweight to Western One World delusions, by fostering mistrust and bad blood between China and Russia and Iran."

Charles Hugh Smith has a few words for the current generation of pro-humanitarian-war-liberals. (This is the free-speech-zone. You can go to the safe-space if you prefer.)
While you squandered your political capital defending zero-cost causes like "safe spaces on college campuses," the Empire was busy killing, maiming and making refugees of women and children in Syria. President Obama and his Neocon crew (former Secretary Hillary Clinton included) aren't fools; they rely on drones and proxy armies to do their dirty work.

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