Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shared Interests

Rational Actors,

Here is a long term business investment to consider.
The planet is heating up and drying up and overpopulated, with farmland turning into desert, and aquifers depleted. The easy-oil has mostly been pumped from the ground, and this was the cheap energy that drove the industrial and population boom of the 20th century, including the green-revolution farming with fertilizers, irrigation and vast fields, plowed, planted and harvested by diesel-driven machines.
China, the Mideast, India and North Africa, with thousands of years of agricultural civilization, are densely populated, with played out farmland and drained aquifers, and importing grain to feed their citizens. Global warming is expected to worsen all this, as the oil that fuels it becomes too expensive to pump, and economic patterns break down.
The Countries which surround the melting North Pole, Russia, Canada and the US, (and Norway and Greenland) are much less populated, with plenty of forest, farmland and ground water. The melting North Pole has begun to open the long-sought Northwest passage for shipping, which can completely change the global power strategies associated with critical shipping lanes, like those through the South China Sea and the Strait of Hormuz.
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What if a business deal could be struck between the US, Russia and Canada, to make the best of a bad situation, pump the easy oil they found in Siberia, with Exxon's help, open up some shipping routes, mining, and some agriculture?
There's clean air, and clean water under the ground. 
All it needs is to melt the ice and get some warm air up there. 
Hey, the shift in the jet stream is doing exactly that this winter. I know, it's freezing in Texas today, while the North Pole is 50 degrees warmer than usual.

You know, the US military vowed in the 1970s to "own the weather" by now. I wonder what ever happened with that. Back then they had already made it rain on the Ho Chi Minh trail, and even the Woodstock festival, by some reports.
They say Russia has the same technology, like HAARP , and of course those reflective-particle "chemtrails" that people are so worried about. They sure do reflect sunlight out into space, and city lights back down on us at night. 

I wonder if Trump and Putin are already working on a deal like this.

Here is what our skies look like with different kinds of filters on the cameras.
Then comparisons of our fair planet from space in 1972 and 2015. (Smog?)

It says here in "Sputnik" News that Russia wants to "develop" the North Pole and is putting in a new radar installation for air traffic up there.

This would be a big foreign-policy reversal for the US, and the Obama administration is clearly miffed, and trying to prevent such big changes. We need to not drill where the polar bears are going extinct, and to put more military on Russia's borders to maintain the tensions that we have all learned to fund-out-of-fear.

Paul Craig Roberts thinks the CIA would like to assassinate Trump to get things back on track, the way they did with JFK when he tried to make peace with Russia and refused to invade Cuba, according to (CIA) plans.
The CIA’s open, blatant, and unprecedented propaganda attack against a president-elect has caused Trump to throw down the gauntlet to CIA director John Brennan. There are reports that Trump intends to revamp and reorganize the intelligence agency. The last president who said this, John F. Kennedy, was murdered by the CIA before he could strike against them. Kennedy believed that he could not take on the CIA until he was re-elected. The delay gave the CIA time to arrange his assassination. Trump appears to understand his danger. He has announced that he intends to supplement his Secret Service protection (which was turned against JFK) with private security. Isn’t it striking? The president of Russia states publicly that Washington is driving the world to thermo-nuclear war and that his warnings are ignored. The president-elect of the United States is under full-scale attack from the CIA and knows that he cannot trust his official security force. One might think that these extraordinary topics would be the only ones under discussion. But you can find such discussion only on a few alternative media websites, such as this one, branded by PropOrNot and the Washington Post as “under Russian influence.”

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