Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gauntlet Is Cast


Stated objectives going into Trump Inaugural address:
  1. "The speech is an attempt to address the deep structural problems facing American society. … We're talking here about decades-long problems."
  2. The speech is "not ideological": "It's a rejection of ideological thinking. Ideological thinking is always looking at the world through a strictly dogmatic prism. It's having a set of beliefs that are uncompromising."
  3. The speech will convey "that a nation and its people and its affairs are like a family and you need to take care of them."

President Trump's Inauguration speech transcript: 
"I will fight for you with every breath in my body, and I will never, ever let you down." (He says he won't be intimidated by death-threats, right?)

"Trump's speech was different from any previous inaugural address. He spoke directly to his political base. He did not try to pull the country together in some kind of vague, pie-in-the-sky, common-ground political rhetoric. He threw down the gauntlet from the very beginning. Standing in front of the Capitol building, surrounded by former Presidents and politicians, he said that everything they had done in the past has been a way to extract power from the American people and to feather their own nests. This, of course, is exactly what they have done. Nobody had ever said this before in an inaugural address... The implication is obvious: previous Presidents have all betrayed them. And they have. Four of them were standing behind him when he said it. This was a breach of etiquette." Thanks Eleni.

Declaration of War in America. Paul Craig Roberts analyzes the Inaugural Address: Thanks Bill.
So along with the globalists, the CIA, the offshoring corporations, the armaments industries, the NATO establishment in Europe, and foreign politicians accustomed to being well paid for supporting Washington's interventionist foreign policy, Trump will have arrayed against him the leaders of the victimized peoples, the blacks, the hispanics, the feminists, the illegals, the homosexuals and transgendered. This long list, of course, includes the white liberals as well, as they are convinced that flyover America is the habitat of white racists, misogynists, homophobes, and gun nuts. As far as they are concerned, this 84% of geographical US should be quarantined or interred. 

Premier German Financial Publication, Handelsblatt, also described Trump Inaugural Address as "declaration of war".

USMC Generals Mattis and Kelly are approved as Secretaries of Defense and Director of Homeland Security.
Transition of Director of Central Intelligence is being politically delayed.

Women march across America, and the world against Donald Trump's rude sexist remarks. 
(This is a chance for Trump to make peace through public apology and vow to do better. Let's see if he does.)

2017 Global Geopolitics in 4 Useful Maps (clarifying):

The US is bombing ISIS in Syria, but mostly just oil tankers and refineries, not the troops laying siege to Der ez Zor, where the USAF infamously destroyed the Syrian army position commanding the heights above the city last September.  Thanks Eleni.

China Censors Trump Inauguration, News Blackout (That'll teach him!)

Outgoing President Obama casually clarified that there is no evidence of Russia hacking the DNC, that emails were "leaked", which is what insiders with access do...

Exiting Stage Left

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