Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pay The Bills

Poor but Honest,

Make $2500/month retainer, plus $50/hr when you are working an event, and get insurance and benefits as a paid protester against Donald Trump. 
Really. You have to be in one of the cities on the list (I am). Good work if you need work, but how long is the contract for? Who is the client? Oh, "confidential".
Demand Protest: "With absolute discretion a top priority, our operatives create convincing scenes that become the building blocks of massive movements. When you need the appearance of outrage, we are able to deliver it at scale while keeping your reputation intact." 

Abolish the CIA. JFK intended to, but...

Julian Assange will keep his word, to surrender his life for that of Chelsie Manning, whose sentence will end May 15, 2017, commuted by President Obama. 
(Of course both birds may be snared, once both are in the US.)

Is the "Deep-State" divided into two warring factions, the neocons/neoliberals vs. the rational-militarists? Have the military forces become the anti-this-kinda'-war faction? Do they have Trump protected? "The roots of such speculations stretch back to Dallas, November 1963, when a "long gunman" with ties to the CIA and various CIA proxies assassinated President Kennedy, an avowed foe of the CIA."

Gen. Mercier is France’s Air Force Chief of Staff as well as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, and says he believes NATO is far too focused on deploying troops abroad, and sending expeditionary forces into various countries, singling out Afghanistan in particular. ("Agrees with Trump", they say.)

Marine LePen, who probably won't get elected President of France (right?), arranges an EU-Wide Eurosceptic Conference (how disruptive). Thanks Eleni.

In this wide world, the country least trusted by her own citizens is... France.
"Countries that combine a lack of faith in the system with deep societal fears, such as France, Italy, South Africa, the U.S. and Mexico, are electing or moving towards populist candidates," reads the research.

Billionaire-panel at Davos discusses solutions to middle-class-poverty-crisis. (Sorry, I couldn't watch it. I'm sure it's fine.)

Why we need central banks, and why we need to get rid of cash, and use electronic money, and sometimes negative interest rates, and complicated things like that. (We don't?)
Long and detailed and clear. Professor Richard Werner

Brexit is a gamble, but nobody except Trump is saying that others may leave, too. What if there is no EU in 2 years? Since this is forbidden to consider, maybe it is important.
"No country has left the single market before. But given the obligations that come with it — especially open borders and budget contributions — it may well not be worth much."

EU representatives say that there can be no bilateral trade deal between the US and UK until Brexit negotiations are complete, which will take years. The UK must "play by the rules". (Stop squirming! I'll just spank you more. Come back right now!)   “What we definitely don’t want is a negotiation that will create an attractive standard for leaving the EU that other countries would want to imitate,” said Caresche. “It’s not just a British issue — it’s also about not creating incentives for other countries to leave.”

China has employed a new device to expand it's credit-bubble just-a-little-longer, the ultimate borrow-short-lend-long scheme. It can work as long as a fire hose of fresh money keeps flowing harder and harder.

Chinese oil production, from old, established fields, is dropping hard. (That is holding prices up a little bit.)

Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency, fears a looming oil shortage after an unprecedented collapse in spending on exploration and development over the last two years. "Alarm bells will be ringing if there is no major new investment this year," he said. (Who is "winning", Saudi Arabia, US shale, or nobody?)

What's happening in the skies over Syria? Russian and Syrian military planes are flying around like they own the place, causing dangerous near misses with American planes, who own the whole world, as everybody knows. Thanks Eleni.

Thanks to American air support in late 2015 (that "mistake") and ongoing supply of war materials and salaries, ISIS is poised to capture the 100,000 citizens of Dier Ezzor, and their airport, a critical outpost for Syrian forces. The city is now cut off from the airport, and airlifted supplies. Matter of time, they say... (That'll teach 'em to snub America!)

Pledging Allegiance 

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