Sunday, September 1, 2019

Big One Approaches

Blown Away,

Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded by the National Hurricane Center to a 'catastrophic' Category Five, the highest on its five-point scale.

Trade war between US and China is flaring up again. China takes about 60 seconds to respond to new US sanctions, with counter-attack.
The 15% U.S. duty hit consumer goods ranging from footwear and apparel to home textiles and certain technology products like the Apple Watch. A separate batch of about $160 billion in Chinese goods - including laptops and cellphones - will be hit with 15% tariffs on Dec. 15.  China, meanwhile, began applying tariffs of 5 to 10% on U.S. goods ranging from frozen sweet corn and pork liver to bicycle tires on Sunday.  ​(I can't believe China imports bike tires from the US. Prove it!)​

Kyle Bass interviews exiled Chinese billionaire, Guo Wengui. Tom K. summarizes here. Video is about an hour.
This is a video interview of a Chinese billionaire named Guo Wengui AKA Miles Kwok who is here in the US for asylum lest he be killed by the CPC. Aside from the quality of the veracity of the information  he presents (I have no way of knowing), what he claims is a fascinating insider’s view of the Chinese economy and how it is run by the iron fisted oligarchs of the Chinese Communist Party. As such, he presents an alternative model as to how China works financially, and it makes sense. Much the same way that western financial oligarchs can print unlimited money to corrupt our systems with, in China, due to strict party control of everything, this principal operates on steroids with gargantuan corruption being the result. And not only of top party officials but, the money is spread all around the world to influence what is said and done about China.
Miles Kwok is wanted in China and there are many US moguls writing to the president asking him to end Kwok’s asylum here. Why is that Miles asks? Why aren’t these letters coming from waiters in restaurants but rather from American billionaires? Because China has corrupted them with hot money, monopolistic deals and blackmail (every hotel room for westerners in China is under surveillance).
Viewing this video is a truly worthwhile effort. It will open your eyes as it makes China look much more like the corruption of Imperial Rome then some kind of “economic miracle”. Including the Imperial summons to return to Rome, the ancient death sentence meted out to political and economic rivals throughout the empire. Today China is summoning prominent Chinese citizens “back to Rome” where they can be stripped of their assets, jailed, killed or disappeared.
The Chinese need US currency because their money is worthless to them outside of China therefore much of Chinese international banking operations are a money laundering systems for China’s party elites. Kwok is one of these Chinese people who were useful in developing the Chinese economy and he became a billionaire while doing so but his loyalty is to China and the Chinese people and not the CCP so he is a man with a price on his head. He tells of how his ilk, the developers of Chinese industry, are being brought into party HQ and are being forced to sign over all the stock in their companies to unnamed party officials. After that he says there are only two options, going to jail or being killed. This has just happened to the Chinese entrepreneur who developed their social media system Alibaba. A year ago Kwok predicted this outcome for another of his fellow entrepreneurs: That within a year the man would be killed. 363 days later the man fell off of a two foot wall on Province France and died. All the French authorities have zipped up everything about the death and have confiscated all the surveillance tapes. All because of the massive Chinese hot money corruption. Kwok sent over a private security group made up of former NYPD professionals and everyone was ordered not to talk to them.
Normally I would view an interview like this as CIA propaganda, however things have gone on long enough now and the corrupt, unfair policies of China are so evident now that Kowk’s model makes a great deal of sense. The American and European public is forced to subsidize the Chinese appetite for technology because China just steals it rather than pays for it. This alone is a huge burden on us.
Kwok’s evangelical enthusiasm is infections. He as a happy warrior who is facing death everyday but, as an entrepreneur, he has gone as far as he is allowed to go. He wants to go further but he cannot so he is appealing to the west where such entrepreneurial spirit is supposed to be held in higher esteem. He paints a picture of China’s corruption being so pervasive, that the mafia that runs the country is in a very precarious position. You won’t get this from the fake news because its owners are all part of this system and have long ago been bought off by it. Far from the economic colossus that is about to eat our lunch, a point of view held by many, including some in this salon, Kwok paints a picture of an ironfisted oligarchy desperate to keep the party going, something that is getting more and more difficult to do all the time. Forget about the South China Sea, it’s all about the (US) money. Half the loans on China’s books are “non performing”. Trump’s tariffs are going to be a big turd in the Chinese punch bowl. Look to the PRC to get on the “block Trump in 2020 bandwagon” bigtime.
I found this interview to be riveting, not just because of the information being given but also because of Kwok’s indomitable spirit in the face of death. Kwok’s Chinglish is difficult to understand, a fact that he brings up laughingly several times, but he wants to be understood so he paid for an interpreter to sit there and translate the more complex questions to him. Additionally the video features valuable subtitles which help cut through Kwok’s Chinglish.  I urge you to view this and consider adding Kwok’s point of view into the mix of models that you personally use to try and understand China with. You will be glad that you did.

Syria - Coordinated Foreign Airstrike Kills Leaders Of Two Al-Qaeda Aligned Groups
​ ​Some three hours ago an air- or missile strike in Syria's Idleb governorate hit a meeting of leaders of the al-Qaeda aligned Haras-al-Din and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) aka Jabhat al-Nusra. Both were killed. It is likely that leaders of other Jihadist groups were also present. The hit completely destroyed a Haras al-Din guesthouse or headquarter. The Syrian Observatory says that more than 40 people were killed in the strike. The hit will make it much easier for the Syrian army campaign to liberate Idleb governorate...
​ ​The strike might have been carried out by either the U.S. or by Turkey. It is likely Turkey that has the better on-the-ground intelligence insight on these groups as Turkey has for years directly supplied them with weapons, munitions and other goods. The Turkish President Erdogan changed his position on Idleb after his recent visit to Moscow. He stopped the supplies to the 'rebels' to allow the Syrian campaign against them to succeed. The so called 'rebels' Turkey has long supported now turn against it...
​ ​The current unilateral ceasefire, which I presume was only announced to allow for today's hit, will end again soon. It was likely the last one before the real big fight to liberate Idleb governorate begins. As the 'rebels' and Jihadis no longer have access to fresh supplies the speed and the progress of the campaign will likely be impressive.  

Helen of DesTroy, writing for RT:
US-bound AFRICAN migrants clash with police at southern Mexican border (VIDEO)
​ ​Migrants from Africa demanding the right to travel to the US and Canada clashed with Mexican military police after Mexico cracked down on free migration in response to US threats of economic retaliation.
​ ​Nationals of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Angola, Senegal, Cameroon, and several other African countries, stuck in southern Mexico after the government clamped down on northward migration in response to US pressure, are protesting for the right to continue their journey. They are demanding travel documents and government support, so that they can enter the US. On Tuesday, their demonstrations turned violent.
This from Greek correspondent, Eleni T. in Athens, regarding Helen's migrant (how'd they get THERE?) story.
  The Zodiacs (to be destroyed on arrival with strong knives able to do so, also expensive) so as to claim shipwreck under Law of the Sea, the engines, petrol and 550 life jackets
....this is also very expensive and we are referring only to ONE DAY. In 2015 between 600 and 1000 of these boats were been launched weekly to Lesvos, Samos, Kos, Chios etc.
 And ever since. At first old men gathered to rescue the engines but these have lost all value....there is also the cost of the new smartphone plus a 200 euro note per adult.
 Furthermore there is the cost of bringing the migrants to the Turkish coast. Just like the cost of your caravan. Much more than the final launch.
 I have been writing here the countries of origin for the last 3 years, almost all are not only at peace but many prospering. And if you sit on the islands it is striking that many of these people 
are actually well dressed. Though, not all. 
 Nobody asks about the fairy tale of "smugglers" and how these people HAVE between $2000 and $5000 in their pockets to pay smuggling fees.
Meanwhile a lot of money is being made. Not only the fabulously overpaid NGOs, their staffs equipped with eye-waveringly expensive SUVs, staying in well equipped rented houses etc.
While the "refugees" they house have miserable conditions.
But also black market locally. 
 My travel agent confessed he has been smuggling migrant families out of Greece for $20k-$30k each. There is a thriving drug smuggling too but the biggest is 
arms smuggling. And everyone assumes on the islands that organ harvesting, child and human trafficking is going on too. 
How is that arranged. 
 The "refugees" must immediately enter NGO camps who will process them. The NGOs are beyond national law or entry or inspection. Only if invited can firemen or police enter a camp, only in an emergency. (However despite the NGOs being "medical" every case of normal intervention i.e. beyond a bandaid or aspirin, is sent to the overburdened local hospital where they have priority status and everything must be provided free by the Greek state). Thus the nation states do not know who has arrived and is forbidden from knowing that until they are released for the state to take over.
 On the islands the camps are all on the water and the NGOs have their own high powered speed boats and NGO helicopters can also be called. Neither the coast guard or Frontex is permitted to interfere with these boats or helicopters nor the ports / helipads where they land. There they are picked up by another NGO and so on.
 Thus it is advantageous to deliver to the Greek islands rather than the main land.
Where they do enter by land it is by crossing the Evros dividing Turkey from Greece in the NE. This places migrants in the river valley system going north into the heart of Europe.
 Migrants are bussed and flown to embarkation points. Concerning Africa what do you think many of the US AFRICOM bases are there for? Concerning MEK and ISIS etc, there are training camps for both in Albania and Kosovo....Camp Bondsteel on the Kosovo / Macedonia border has 4. Bosnis and Georgia also have camps.
 A lot of money is being spent on this engineered migration but a lot of money is being made too. All under a banner of liberal humanitarianism.

Brexit appears locked-in now. Time is short, and Boris Johnson has shortened it to the point that the only action which Parliament can take against no-deal-Brexit, will paradoxically assure no-deal-Brexit. This changes the equation from Europe having the upper hand in negotiation pressure, to an equality of shared panic before the bomb goes off.
If the EU can possibly agree to leave the Irish border open, and keep everything else the same, then everybody will agree easily. That will pass. Otherwise, the EU guarantees no-deal-Brexit, which will hurt the EU a lot.
Mish Shedlock has the story and update.

The Democratic Presidential candidates who have been the most backed by billionaires have not been doing well in the polling thus far, and this fact greatly disturbs the billionaires. They know that the Democratic nominee will be chosen in the final round of primaries, and they have always wanted Pete Buttigieg to be in that final round. Therefore, they have backed him more than any of the other candidates. But what worries them now is that his opponent in that round might turn out to be Bernie Sanders, whom they all consider to be their nemesis. They want to avoid this outcome, at all costs. And they might have found a way to do it: Elizabeth Warren.​..
 Her record in the US Senate is consistently in support of US invasions, coups, and sanctions against countries that have never invaded nor even threatened to invade the US, such as Venezuela, Palestine, Syria, and Iran; she’s 100% a neocon (just like G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump were/are); and, to billionaires, that is even more important than her policy-record regarding Wall Street is, because the Military Industrial Complex, which she represents, is even more important to enforcing and spreading the US megacorporate empire than the investment-firms are.

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