Thursday, September 19, 2019

Completely Different

Fresh Eyes,

 Naomi Klein ("Shock Doctrine") has a new book out about the need for a new and sustainable social and environmental contract, since we have outgrown the nature-is-limitless model. 
 She lays out the species-wide agreement which must be made. Industrial and financial capitalism are extractive of resources, a one-way trip to less than when you started.Economy must become broadly regenerative, which life can do. 
Life must be the basis of the "Green New Deal", not Mine-to-Landfill. Billions and billions of epiphanies need to happen. 
 Why is there not already a Green New Deal? 
We were approaching it when Reagan got elected. My own answer is that the deal is what Chinese farmers with bicycles had 40 years ago. Really good farmers, by the way... Grow vegetables!
​ ​On Fire’: In New Book, Naomi Klein Makes the Case for a Green New Deal to Save the Planet” (interview) [Democracy Now]. This part two of a multipart series (one, three, four, and five)
[KLEIN:] But it isn’t a single carbon-based policy, like a tax, you know, or cap and trade. It’s really about transforming the economy and making it fairer. Right? So, it’s battling poverty, it’s battling racism, it’s battling all forms of inequality and exclusion, at the same time as we radically lower our emissions, because we do know that if we are going to lower our emissions in time, it is going to take transformations of how we live in cities, how we move ourselves around, how we grow our food, where we get our energy from. So, essentially what the Green new Deal is saying: If we’re going to do all that, why wouldn’t we tackle all of these systemic economic and social crises at the same time? Because we live in a time of multiple, overlapping crises.​..

​(It’s not enough to know that you have a house on fire, or even that you desperately wish to extinguish it. Is the cause of the fire electrical, or not? Should we use water, or not? For our home, the earth, is the fire caused by bad ideas? White supremacy? Income disparity? Capital? And if combined, how? Surely our answer as to why there is no GND, and what we should do to get one, will vary, according to our theory of the cause of the fire? Given a theory of the fire, what is to be done? “Furious activity is no substitute for understanding,” as programmer H.H. Williams once said.​  Lambert​​)​

​This kind of thinking within the same box is never going to accomplish the human transformation into stewards of life on Earth, which is what we need to become.  
"Scientists​ Set Out How to Halve Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030" fails to address the extractive economic model, and suggests that Google and Facebook should adjust people's thinking more effectively, so that they will embrace this necessary austerity for their own good. "Here, here's the list of what you have to do and what you have to give up to be worthy of your own life.You'll do fine." 
Nothing is said about applying this to the owners and managers first.

T​his is the third day that the Federal Reserve is coming up short with quick-pawn-cash for secure assets, like US Treasuries (and maybe some crap assets, too)​. Despite trying to get back ahead of the action, this morning's $75 billion repo auction was oversubscribed. The pawn shop did not have enough cash to satisfy the pressured supplicants.

Asymmetric-warfare-changes-everything update: 
​ ​We are the Houthis and we’re coming to town. With the spectacular attack on Abqaiq, Yemen’s Houthis have overturned the geopolitical chessboard in Southwest Asia – going as far as introducing a whole new dimension: the distinct possibility of investing in a push to drive the House of Saud out of power...
​ ​The only missile parts shown by the Saudis so far come from a Yemeni Quds 1 cruise missile. According to Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Sana’a-based Yemeni Armed Forces, “the Quds system proved its great ability to hit its targets and to bypass enemy interceptor systems.” ...
​ ​My conversations with sources in Tehran over the past two years have ascertained that the Houthis’ new drones and missiles are essentially copies of Iranian designs assembled in Yemen itself with crucial help from Hezbollah engineers.
 Professor Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran, who has very close relations with the Foreign Ministry, is adamant: “It didn’t come from Iran. If it did, it would be very embarrassing for the Americans, showing they are unable to detect a large number of Iranian drones and missiles. That doesn’t make sense.”...
​ ​Now we are entering a whole new dimension in asymmetric hybrid war.
​ ​In the – horrendous – event that Washington would decide to attack Iran, egged on by the usual neocon suspects, the Pentagon could never hope to hit and disable all the Iranian and/or Yemeni drones. The US could expect, for sure, all-out war. And then no ships would sail through the Strait of Hormuz. We all know the consequences of that.
​ ​Which brings us to The Big Surprise. The real reason there would be no ships traversing the Strait of Hormuz is that there would be no oil in the Gulf left to pump. The oil fields, having been bombed, would be burning.

 ​ ​In comments to reporters on Wednesday, President Trump is continuing to reject the idea of starting a war with Iran. After dismissing Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) calls, saying not starting a war was a sign of strength, he continued to roast Graham, citing Graham’s support for the Iraqi War, and saying reporters should ask “how did going into Iraq work out?“

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has during talks with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman called for an unbiased investigation to be carried out into the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities on 14 September, the president's press service reported.
​ ​"The issue of the attack on Saudi oil refineries has been discussed [during talks]. Vladimir Putin expressed his concern with regard to the situation and has called for conducting a thorough and unbiased investigation of the incident", the statement said.

​ ​The UN has sent its experts to Saudi Arabia to investigate the attacks on the Saudi Aramco oil refineries, AFP news agency informed, citing diplomatic sources.
Earlier, Riyadh informed that Saudi officials aim to invite international experts and UN specialists to investigate the attacks.

​Looks like foreign policy is Bolton's show and O'Brien is a worker-bee.
​ According to media reports, the US President Previously had planned to give the seat of the National Security Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
 Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Robert O'Brien will join his administration as a new National Security Advisor. The Californian lawyer will replace John Bolton, who left the White House last week due to disagreements with the US President and members of his team.

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