Sunday, September 8, 2019

Freeing Truth

Analyzing structures,

​ ​This week, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth announced their partnership with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in releasing a draft report of an in depth four-year study on what actually brought down WTC 7.
​ ​After conducting comprehensive modeling and studying countless scenarios, the study’s authors, J. Leroy Hulsey, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., UAF, Zhili Quan, Ph.D., Bridge Engineer South Carolina Department of Transportation, and Feng Xiao, Ph.D., Associate Professor Nanjing University of Science and Technology Department of Civil Engineering, concluded the following:
​ ​Fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.

​Carbyne has a system that hijacks all smartphones and other electronic sensors in any area, or any other related pattern, to create a complete space-time information and movement picture. The system will decide when to call in police, ambulances or military. 
People won't have to call 911 at all. Isn't that great? It's what Jeffrey Epstein and Ehud Barak were financial partners in. 
Your tax dollars at work for the Mossad.  Whitney Webb has the story:
​ ​As part of the partnership, Carbyne’s President of North American Operations Paul Tatro told Government Technology that the Carbyne platform would combine the data it obtains from smartphones and other Carbyne-connected devices with “what’s available through nearby Cisco-connected road cameras, roadside sensors, smart streetlamps, smart parking meters or other devices.” Tatro further asserted that “Carbyne can also analyze data that’s being collected by Cisco IoT devices … and alert 911 automatically, without any person making a phone call, if there appears to be a worthy problem,” and expressed his view that soon most emergency calls will not be made by human beings but “by smart cars, telematics or other smart city devices.”  ​...
​ ​In early August, in the wake of the shooting at an El Paso Walmart, President Trump called on big tech companies to collaborate with the Justice Department in the creation of software that “stops mass murders before they start” by detecting potential mass shooters before they can act.

The Pentagon Wants More Control Over the News. What Could Go Wrong?​  Matt Taibbi

David Stockman predicts what will be the Subprime Mortgage CDOs of the next (big) reset:
 It’s the mother of all bond market bubbles. And it’s not just that speculators have driven the price of almost all sovereign debt way above par. It’s going to come back to par, either when the market corrects or when the bonds are redeemed—and somebody’s got a capital loss of large magnitude sitting right on their balance sheet at the moment.
​ ​That’s the crisis because it’s being done on leverage. Of course, there are some cash buyers, but all the smart money and the speculators are buying this low-yielding or negative-yielding debt on repo and collecting the capital gain. Let’s say the price moves 110 to 120 on 95% leverage, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. This is big-time speculation.
​ ​When it reverses, they’re going to unwind these trades and all these elevated, insane prices in the bond market.
​ ​That’s what $16 trillion of negative yield means. It equals insanity.
​ ​So, the point is it’s going to correct, and when it does, it will correct hard. It will ricochet through the entire financial system.

​The main point of US trade war with China may just be making the US less dependent upon one big rival power. Rebuilding American manufacturing will take time, and it will take a cost adjustment. Too many costs like healthcare and retirement have been loaded onto the price of American labor. That can be reduced a whole lot, by (GASP!) socializing them, like everybody else does.​
​ ​It’s important to note that decoupling, even if the trend continues, isn’t necessarily a bullish force for the U.S. economy. It doesn’t mean there will be any increase in American jobs, as the expected Google moves to Vietnam and Thailand make clear. The tariffs on Chinese goods are also not making America richer or directly growing our economy, no matter what the White House says.  

 Russia and Ukraine have completed a long-awaited exchange of prisoners.
Those freed include 24 Ukrainian sailors and - controversially - a "person of interest" over the downing of flight MH17 which killed 298 people.
The swap is hoped to ease tensions between the two neighbours.
Greeting the Ukrainians at the airport, President Volodymyr Zelensky said: "We have to do all the steps to finish this horrible war." Russia said it was glad its citizens had returned home.

​Mish Shedlock's read is that the wording of the Benn Bill, which tells Boris Johnson exactlyy what he must do, removes his prerogatives of action, and therefore requires "The Queen's Consent". Johnson does not have to do as he is commanded by Parliament without The Queen's Consent. (Court decisions are implied. How long will that take? When? What triggers that?)​
The Benn Bill requires Johnson's approval. What do you think the odds of that are?
That's the long and short of it.
It's unclear if Benn knew this or not. It's possible he did and hoped Johnson would not catch it. More likely, the drafters of the Benn bill did not know.
Either way, the point is moot.
There is no way to force Johnson to approve this. And he won't, even if Bercow demands.

Tom Luongo also figures Brexit Boris is on top, because he is fronting for the team within the power elites, which is destined soon to win.
If Brexit is locked-in as the absolute and unavoidable Halloween even, then, and only then, does Boris Johnson have negotiating power with the EU to toss out the Irish Backstop border closure. The Eurogroup has shown, in Greece, that it can do whatever it bloody-well pleases, after all.
 This week’s Brexit drama was vitally important for Boris Johnson. And intentional or not he has maneuvered events to a very interesting inflection point.
​ ​The random acts of vandalism performed by Remainers on all sides of the political aisle in the House of Commons were, I think, invoked by Johnson himself strategically...
If the vote succeeded the price for Brexit would be the validity of the British system of government. We have nearly reached that point...
​ ​He simply refuses to offer the bill to the Queen, which is within his Prerogative as he is in charge of treaty negotiations not Parliament, prorogues Parliament with the bill pending. It expires along with all the others outstanding.
 T​he clock restarts when they come back on October 14th. At that point there isn’t time for a General Election so reintroducing the bill would be pointless because Johnson can then run out the clock.
Parliament would then have to take whatever Johnson offers when he comes back from Brussels.
(And Brussels would have ​had ​to give him something.)

​Amber Rudd resigns from Johnson's cabinet. He's been making decisions without her. Looks like she couldn't be trusted, doesn't it?
​ Amber Rudd has claimed it is unclear who is running the country following her shock resignation from the government.
 The former work and pensions secretary said she did not think the cabinet was having “proper discussions about policy”.
 When asked who was running the country, if not the cabinet, she told The Andrew Marr Show: “If I knew that I would have perhaps had further conversations with the prime minister or them.”
 Ms Rudd, who announced her resignation from the cabinet on Saturday, said she quit because she had not seen enough evidence of planning for a no-deal Brexit.
 She claimed she was shown a “one-page summary” when she asked for evidence of the government’s work in negotiating a deal with the European Union.

Mish has really done further homework, and he is sending some of it to Nigel Farage without public disclosure. 
He says Boris Johnson has 9 interwoven options. Interesting analysis.

Final Inning

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