Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Laughing Nervously

Reported by Russians.

​ ​Hawaii Congresswoman and Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard took a shot at President Donald Trump after he tweeted about the US being “locked and loaded” and ready to respond pending Saudi conclusions on who was responsible for this weekend’s drone attacks against the country’s oil supplies.
​ ​Trump: Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!
​ ​Gabbard: Trump awaits instructions from his Saudi masters. Having our country act as Saudi Arabia's bitch is not "America First."  

​The US has made impressive, expensive offensive weapons and platforms, which were profitable for the military-industrial-complex. Russia and Iran have long had to find cheap ways to make do and defend themselves from attack, and also to create deterrent's to attack. US and allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel are having to suddenly come to terms with these capabilities. (No, Mr. President, you don't want an open war with Iran, nor do your regional allies, now that they see what that might mean.)
​ ​Yesterday, during a press conference in Ankara with his Turkish and Iranian colleagues, Putin trolled Saudi Arabia (video @38:20) with a similar offer as he had made to Trump:
Q: Does Russia intend to provide Saudi Arabia with any help or support in restoring its infrastructure?
Putin: As for assisting Saudi Arabia, it is also written in the Quran that violence of any kind is illegitimate except when protecting one’s people. In order to protect them and the country, we are ready to provide the necessary assistance to Saudi Arabia. All the political leaders of Saudi Arabia have to do is take a wise decision, as Iran did by buying the S-300 missile system, and as President Erdogan did when he bought Russia’s latest S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft system. They would offer reliable protection for any Saudi infrastructure facilities.
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani: So do they need to buy the S-300 or the S-400?
Vladimir Putin: It is up to them to decide.
Erdogan, Rouhani and Putin all laughed over this exchange.

​The Pantsir Missile System and sophisticated electronic jamming measures are what you need to defend your refineries and nuclear reactors from swarms of cheap drones carrying bombs. Too bad nobody makes that stuff... except Russia, of course.​

​Bedtime for Bibi: 
Netanyahu basically lost the Israeli election, because he needed an absolute majority in the Knesset to get around the legal process which will put him in prison for some of the crimes that he and his wife Sarah did. 
No party got a majority. A lot more dancing will be done before there is a new Israeli gub'mint.
Initial exit polls Tuesday reportedly indicate Netanyahu failed to secure a parliamentary majority. And while Israel's three major television stations had challenger Benny Gantz's centrist Blue and White party holding a slight lead over Netanyahu's Likud party, neither will reportedly be able to control a majority in the Knesset — at least without the support of former Netanyahu ally Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beitenu party, which refused to join Netanyahu's coalition in April. Lieberman may very well end up playing the role of kingmaker.

​Now that Israeli voting is over... Only two of these candidates have the military background for National Security Adviser. Bolton never did.
President Trump Tuesday afternoon revealed to reporters his short list of candidates to replace former national security adviser John Bolton. He presented his "top 5 candidates" which had been whittled down from 15 he was previously reported to be considering.
Per Axios the finalists are:
Top hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien

Former deputy national security adviser Ricky Waddell​ ​
(yeah, Major General, but sleazy career​ in central America​)  
Department of Energy Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Lisa Gordon-Hagerty
Bolton's former chief of staff Fred Fleitz
Vice President Mike Pence's national security adviser Keith Kellogg.

​What if the North and the South both had nuclear weapons during the American Civil War?​
​ ​Risking further inflaming tensions over Kashmir, a chief minister in the Indian state of Gujarat warned Pakistan to brace for losing its part of the contested state to New Delhi as it is ready to ‘re-unite’ pre-1947 India.
​ ​Islamabad “should be ready to lose Pakistani-occupied Kashmir,” Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani was quoted as saying by local media, using the Indian term for the disputed territory. The bellicose remark came weeks after India stripped Jammu and Kashmir region of its autonomous status, which the minister said provides an opening for Indian territorial claims.
​ ​Now, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) too is ours ... For fulfilling the dream of united India, we are ready to move forward for PoK.
​ ​Both countries were part of British India until the 1947 partition which triggered bitter sectarian divides and led to the Kashmir dispute. India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in full, but control only parts of it.
​ ​They fought a number of conventional wars, along with several border skirmishes, most recently this February.

Pakistani PM Khan hints at nuking India in ‘surrender-or-death’ scenario​  ​(Well, there's always THAT...)

​Since wars just got un-winnable in yet another unexpectedly cheap way, how's about we all play Good-Guy and save the earth from global warming by winding this shit down? 
What'cha say? War Machines are destroying the environment worse than just about anything. 
Let's all start slowly walking backwards...
“Before this political civilization came to its power and opened its hungry jaws wide enough to gulp down great continents of the earth,” Tagore wrote in “On Nationalism,” his 1917 book of essays, “we had wars, pillages, changes of monarchy and consequent miseries. But never such a sight of fearful and hopeless voracity, such wholesale feeding of nation upon nation, such huge machines for turning great portions of the earth into mincemeat, never such terrible jealousies with all their ugly teeth and claws ready for tearing open each other’s vitals.”  
At the time of his writing, World War I was underway. Tagore saw that conflict as the first of the modern wars that showed us the great power we had gained to destroy the natural world along with our fellow humans. The massive military industries created during that conflict pointed to an even more inhuman future that might be in store.

​There's this other big problem, but it's related to the weaponization of agriculture that Henry Kissinger and Earl Butz figured out for Richard Nixon to help keep-America-great after losing Vietnam and running out of gold.
​ ​The public is providing more than $1m per minute in global farm subsidies, much of which is driving the climate crisis and destruction of wildlife, according to a new report.
​ ​Just 1% of the $700bn (£560bn) a year given to farmers is used to benefit the environment, the analysis found. Much of the total instead promotes high-emission cattle production, forest destruction and pollution from the overuse of fertiliser.
​ ​The security of humanity is at risk without reform to these subsidies, a big reduction in meat eating in rich nations and other damaging uses of land, the report says. But redirecting the subsidies to storing carbon in soil, producing healthier food, cutting waste and growing trees is a huge opportunity, it says.
​ ​The report rejects the idea that subsidies are needed to supply cheap food. It found that the cost of the damage currently caused by agriculture is greater than the value of the food produced.

​Living Cheaply​

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