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COVID Vaccine Causes Suicide

 Not Covered,

This life insurance case in France sets an important precedent for the life insurance companies of the world, and those holding their policies.  
  Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death
​  ​Although vaccination is recognized as the cause of death by doctors and the insurance company, it has refused to pay out. The reason is because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published. They argue that the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk. Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a “critical illness”.
​  ​According to the company, an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide​...
​  ​The court allegedly justified its ruling as follows: “The side effects of the experimental vaccine are published and the deceased could not claim to have known nothing about it when he voluntarily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that compelled him to be vaccinated. Hence his death is essentially suicide.” ​ ​Since suicide is not covered by the policy from the outset, the insurance refuses to budge.

​ ​It's pretty clear that the placebo patients were doing way better until they were "unblinded" and most of them got the Pfizer vaccine.  Take a look.
Pfizer 6 Month Data Shows COVID Shots May “Cause More Illness than They Prevent”: Canadian Doctors and Scientists
​  ​An alliance of more than 500 independent Canadian doctors, professors, scientists and health care practitioners have come together to form the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. Throughout this pandemic they’ve been committed to providing an evidence-based approach with regards to informing the Canadian public about all things COVID.
​  ​Their list of representatives include PhDs in Immunogenetics, Immunology, Molecular Virology, Viral Immunology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Research, Biochemistry, Bioanalytics, practicing family doctors, MDs and more.
​  ​The alliance recently released a PDF showing that, according to them, the Pfizer 6 month data shows that their COVID inoculations “cause more illness than they prevent.” The PDF is called “The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19: More Harm Than Good”

​Kids with pus in their brains that has to be drained. "Headaches", comas..  Neurosurgeons notice the sudden increase in "rare" cases.
.Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out
But it can't be caused by the vaccines, masks, or swabs since all are "safe and effective" according to the CDC. My experts think it is all 3. Infectious disease docs say nothing is wrong, ignore it.

​Divisions this severe do not last forever.​ Some consensus must be reached. Americans traditionally favor individual freedoms.
​  ​A new Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of voters favor President Joe Biden’s plan to impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on the employees of large companies and government agencies. That includes 33% who Strongly Favor the mandate. Forty-eight percent (48%) are opposed to Biden’s vaccine mandate, including 40% who Strongly Oppose the mandate.
​  ​Voters are similarly divided over the federal government’s top COVID-19 expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Forty-five percent (45%) view Fauci favorably, including 28% who have a Very Favorable impression of him. Forty-eight percent (48%) have an unfavorable impression of Fauci, including 34% who have a Very Unfavorable view of him.
​  ​The even split among voters is the result of deep partisan divisions. While 78% of Democratic voters support the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate plan, only 22% of Republicans and 41% of voters not affiliated with either major party support the vaccine mandate. And many Democrats would support even harsher measures, including fines for Americans who won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine and criminal punishment for vaccine critics.

​It was a closed meeting, but nobody denies he said this.  
Mass General Expert Predicts: No Boosters. Normal Life. We Can Move on From Covid
​  ​The director of global infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital is predicting what was unthinkable less than a month ago: The end of the pandemic.
​  ​Dr. Edward Ryan made stunning and encouraging comments on the Omicron variant that give hope for a return to normalcy. Among these: Omicron will make boosters unnecessary. The covid virus will join the ranks of the “common cold.” And the latest wave will enter “clean up mode” shortly.
​  “We are fighting the last war with COVID and should be pivoting back to normal life,” the summary of Dr. Ryan’s comments states. “Spring/Summer will be really nice!”

​Dr. Kory feels hopeful about this prediction:
​  Woke up last Sunday to a text forwarded to me by my wife. It was a series of notes taken by a good friend of hers which summarized the main points heard on a conference call with the International Head of Infectious Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital (i.e. “Haavaad”)...  
  I found it remarkable on a number of fronts given that this information;
  Comes out of the Top of the Ivory Tower of Ivory Towers (Harvard)
  Comes from the Director of International Infectious Disease

Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID 'narrative has crumbled'​  ​
'The vaccines should be pulled off the market, they clearly are not solving the problem'
​  ​Dr. Peter McCullough – a renowned cardiologist and highly published medical scientist whose confrontation of the government's COVID-19 policies has drawn more than 40 million views on Joe Rogan's podcast – told WND in a video interview Thursday night the official pandemic narrative that has been fiercely guarded by establishment media and social-media censors is "completely crumbling."

​  ​The NCAA has released updated guidance for winter sports competing during the COVID-19 pandemic​...
​  For purposes of the winter guidelines, the NCAA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group has developed a definition of "fully vaccinated" that considers both vaccination status and other immunity factors​...
...​A person who has had a documented COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days is considered the equivalent of "fully vaccinated."

​  ​Mass Formation: Deployed on You After Over 200 Years of Study​  
Robert Malone MD MS
Junior academics cited by "Forbes", AP, Reuters and "The Independent" have not done their homework  
 Today in “factchecking the factcheckers”, junior academics cited by Forbes, Associated Press, Reuters and The Independent have just not done their homework concerning the work of Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet of the University of Ghent in Belgum. All I can say about this is that I hope that their naive, ignorant, grandstanding statements to the press are brought up during their future Academic Tenure and Advancement reviews
  But there has been an amazingly coordinated effort to shoot the messenger and actively character assassinate (or “defenstrate”) me as a surrogate while avoiding any reference to the highly credentialed academic Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet who actually developed the theory and has documented the extensive evidence in an upcoming academic book.

​"The Bee"  ​Supreme Court Sets Dangerous Precedent Of Letting The American People Make Medical Decisions For Themselves
​  ​U.S.—The SCOTUS has struck down Biden’s vaccine mandates on the grounds that they are unconstitutional. Experts say this sets a dangerous precedent of letting individuals make their own medical decisions.
​  ​“What am I supposed to do now that I don’t have private companies working with the Federal government to force me to inject a foreign substance into my body?” said Linda Waddlebum, a concerned mother of 6 cats. “So dangerous and shortsighted. How will I stay healthy? I don’t even recognize this America anymore.”

​Everybody knows that everybody knows this:​  
The CIA Has Been Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries to ‘Kill Russians’
Yahoo News reported that the training program started in 2015

​This is new and useful information. Since the cat is out of the bag, is it OK to not do this, guys? (NATO, I'm looking at YOU!) Thanks Dr.D.
  The U.S. and Ukraine are secretly preparing for all-out war while advancing propaganda to make it appear that Russia is the aggressor...
​ In early December, the water of the Severdonetsk River—which supplies more than 90% of the municipal tap water to all major cities of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine (as well as major cities of Donetsk Oblast under Ukrainian control)—was contaminated by chemical and biological agents from sources in Kharkov and Slavyansk.
​  ​This contamination—augmented by “fracking” in the areas of Donetsk Oblast under Ukrainian control—has resulted in the tap water of the DPR being unsuitable for cooking or drinking.
​  ​Press Secretary of the DPR Defense Ministry Eduard Basurin confirmed that Ukraine had received several batches of toxic substances, botulinum toxin and an antidote to it from the U.S.
​  ​He stated:
​  ​Various types of chemical weapons were brought to Ukraine. In October, one of the shipments contained an antidote against botulinum toxin. In November, the chemical itself was delivered. It can be used with grenade launchers. The weight is small. It can be dropped from drones, and Ukraine has been using shock drones all the time lately.
​  ​In addition, “Another container weighing 300 kilograms was delivered to Mariupol by sea, where there was a chemical warfare agent—dibenzoxazepine, which is used in the form of an aerosol.”​   
("Dibenzoxazepine" is a ​unique class of antipsychotic agents. I'm not sure what the military application would be.)
​  ​In the southern sector of the Front, near Mariupol, citizens of the frontline village Granitnoye have reported Ukrainian soldiers in full chemical/biological protective suits unloading containers.​..
...On December 17, 2021, Russia published a draft of a pair of treaties for mutual security guarantees between Russia, the U.S. and NATO, with eight specific articles, the first of which is a demand for equal recognition of the security interests of both countries...
...On December 21st, four days after the Russian treaty proposal was published, Ukraine, on U.S. and NATO orders, with reckless impudence again amended the Ukrainian Constitution to allow foreign troops to operate on Ukrainian soil, in preparation for multiple NATO exercises to be held in Ukraine in 2022.
​Charles Hugh Smith, Politics Is Dead; Here's What Killed It.​
​  ​Representational democracy--a.k.a. politics as a solution to social and economic problems--has passed away. It did not die a natural death. Politics developed a cancer very early in life (circa the early 1800s), caused by wealth outweighing public opinion. This cancer spread slowly but metastasized in the past few decades, spreading to every nook and cranny of our society and economy as "democracy" devolved into an invitation-only auction of elections and political favors.​..
1. The Federal Reserve transferred trillions of dollars of unearned wealth into the feeding troughs of the super-wealthy and corporations, vastly increasing the wealth the top 0.01% had to buy elections and favors...
2. The Supreme Court betrayed the nation's representative democracy by labeling corporations buying elections and political favors a form of "free speech."...
3. The two political parties betrayed their traditional voter bases to kneel at the altar of corporate / elite wealth, wealth which bought elections and political favors...  just as the Democratic Party tossed the working class overboard to the sharks, the Republican Party walked small business off the gangplank right into the voracious jaws of cartels and globalized, financialized corporate sharks.
​  To cloak their betrayal and treachery, the parties have pursued a divide-and-conquer distraction game, pushing half the nation into one-size-fits-all "enemies lists" with labels that have lost all meaning other than as means to promote divisiveness and rancor: Liberal and Conservative, socialist and capitalist, etc.

​Dead in the Water
(pictured putting fiberglass insulation between attic rafters)


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    1. Thanks Holly,

      I know you'll share it around.


  2. John - after two years of viewing your blog on a near daily basis, I thought I would jump into the comment section to thank you for being a calming influence over these past two tumultuous years by providing important insights from your medical perspective. Your choice of featured articles has expanded my purview of national and international events.

    As a military brat myself, I would be curious to know how you view those "formative years" as a military dependent.

    Jim Henely

    1. Hi Jim,

      I grew up on and around USMC and Navy bases from 1958 until 1971, when Dad retired from the Marines. That was Vietnam. Dad got back just before the Tet Offensive. It was mostly good until Dad got back from Vietnam in January 1968. 1968 was a hard year for American perceptions, a hard year on military bases, and Vietnam had been hard on Dad.
      We got to Camp Lejeune NC just in time for Martin and Bobby's assassinations, Kent State and Nixon's "secret plan to end the war".
      When Dad retired in 1971 he went to Japan for 2 years to get things ready for the family to move there. Dad had liked being stationed in Japan.
      We got to live on my Grandfather's ranch in rural Texas, where he raised Black Angus breeding stock. I was 13 - 15, and he was a wonderful grandfather to me in those formative years. I raised a calf for Ag class, and decided to stop eating mammals, because I felt how bad it was for that lonely calf.
      We mover to Japan, where I finished high school in Yokohama, though I could go on the bases with my ID card and buy things.
      I got to live near San Diego until I was 6 in 1964, near my Dad's parents, which was very nice. I became adept at meeting new people, and adjusting myself every one to three years when we got orders to move again. I learned to adapt myself, and take the chance to "improve' myself in the new setting, or at least "define" who I would be.
      We military brats are pretty adaptable, and tend to see things broadly, aware that people see things somewhat differently in every new place you move to.

  3. Hello John,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply at length to the question I posed. Whenever I meet a military brat, I usually inquire about their experiences growing up with a military father. I, much like you, found it to be an adventure filled with exotic places and local customs, new friends, and much to process.

    My father flew fighters in WWII, and experienced the "full tour," starting in England, moving on to North Africa, and ultimately up the Italian "boot." After the war he went back and finished his masters degree and began teaching, but he had stayed in the reserves, and ultimately, was called back to active duty during Korea. Afterwards, I assume he made the decision to stay in the service based on all the years he had accrued towards retirement.

    Your buddhist orientation comes through in your final sentence where you speak of adaptability, a broadened perspective, and a tolerance for different perspectives.

    Thank you once again for your service on the medical 'frontlines" during these past two tumultuous years. And I have greatly appreciated your blog during this period where you have helped readers like me gain a broader view on our increasingly crazy world.

    Quoting Nisargaddata Maharaj: "There is no such thing as enlightenment, the realization of that fact is itself enlightenment.'



    1. John,

      I, like you, chose to avoid the gene therapy, and now we are starting to see ample justification for our decision. Unfortunately, many family members and friends chose differently. May we keep them in our prayers.


    2. Thanks Jim,
      "No such thing as enlightenment..." I have, however, become aware of so much work that needs to be done, and I am the one who sees it...
      My Dad was in Korea, too, but I had not met him yet at the time.