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Seize The Initiative

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  The WEF "Great Reset" has not quite worked out yet, and the window of opportunity for this final-solution is considerably less open than it was a year ago.
The trajectory of that plan was to change everything at once for everybody. Vaccine-passports on smartphones would also be wallets for central bank digital currency, and record where you were and what you spent it on, to be reviewed for appropriateness... You were on the road to "Own nothing and be happy" by 2030. 
Tessa (fights robots) Lena had The Great Reset For Dummies in late 2020, which is still a wonderful perspective piece.

​  ​Thus, the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world’s economy and geopolitical relations based on two assumptions: one, that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory (managed by the allegedly benevolent state, which, in turn, is owned by several suddenly benevolent wealthy people, via technology)—and two, that all inventory needs to be strictly accounted for: be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner and easily ID’ed, and be managed by AI, using the latest “science.” The goal is to count and then efficiently manage and control all resources, including people, on an unprecedented scale, with unprecedented digital anxiety and precision—all while the masters keep indulging, enjoying vast patches of conserved nature, free of unnecessary sovereign peasants and their unpredictability.

​Steve Kirsch:  ​The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece
​  ​The vaccines make you more likely to get COVID: It was supposed to make things better, but we’re basically mandating you get a shot that makes you more likely to get infected... UK Government Data proves the Covid-19 Vaccines DOUBLE your chances of catching Covid-19​.
​  ​The vaccines aren’t safe: I’m now hearing a lot from prominent formerly pro-vax docs that they are turning on the vaccine.​..
  ​Cloth masks don’t work: ​(nor do surgical masks) ​The CDC finally admits that cloth masks that they said worked before and that everyone wore  don’t actually work.​..
​  ​Kids shouldn’t have boosters shots: Top WHO scientist finally admits that kids shouldn’t get boosted!!!! Yet the US colleges and universities aren’t going to back off.​..
​  Remdesivir is killing patients, not saving them: RDV is standard operating procedure in the US, but everyone I talk to says it doesn’t work and is much more likely to kill patients than save them...[Remdesivir might work in the first week, since it impairs viral replication, but nobody gets sick enough to hospitalize in the first week. Hospitalization occurs in the second week, the inflammatory phase, where the immune response to the (already decreasing) virus wreaks havoc.]
  ​Social distancing doesn’t work: The MIT study came out in April, 2021 that showed social distancing makes no difference.

​  The breaking down of this particular narrative entry to the world of owning nothing and living (as permitted) through a smartphone ap​, does not mean that goal is abandoned by the billionaires, who did very well in the past 2 years. ( may have noticed.) They have consolidated ownership at their level, and reduced ownership of small businesses which have gone bankrupt. This is a new high water mark of wealth disparity in our world. 
  I see the next on-ramp to the Build Back Better expressway as being free-digital-currency in the next financial crisis. The carrot. 
"Sure you need some help right now. Take this free electronic money and pay on your credit card, mortgage and car."   You see where that goes.

  mRNA gene-insertion technology, "the vaccine", has not gone away, and the fatal side effects are being brushed under the bulging rug by corporate media and governments, because there is a lot of liability to go around, if everybody realizes how very bad the body count and medical consequences are. All cause mortality is up, up, up...  I believe we can openly address this ongoing threat. There is some hope to publicly address the global mass poisoning, some hope...

​  ​Moderna will have an Omicron-specific vaccine as early as March​  (ha, ha, too late), and they won’t be the only ones. The compliant triple jabbed can look forward to having their fully vaccinated status revoked once again... 
​  ​Moderna are working in close collaboration with “Dr. Fauci’s team” and with public health experts to develop an annual combined mRNA flu, RSV and Corona vaccine to reduce “compliance issues.” 
​  ​The industry more broadly has targeted about 20 pathogens for vaccine development, from Zika to Nipah, with a view towards being able to rapidly deploy mRNA vaccines against future virus threats.  
​  ​The ​"​vaccinators​"​ are a great sword of Damocles over our heads. As I type this, they are scouring the earth for the novel pathogens their products require, and they, together with their bureaucratic and academic allies, will do their level best to call into being new pandemic scares and vaccination campaigns whenever possible – perhaps every flu season.

​CJ Hopkins, The Last Days of the Covidian Cult
​  ​This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets. There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other forms of ass-covering, as suddenly former Covidian Cult members make a last-minute break for the jungle before the fully-vaxxed-and-boosted “Safe and Effective Kool-Aid” servers get to them.
​  ​Yes, that’s right, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the official Covid narrative is finally falling apart, or is being hastily disassembled, or historically revised, right before our eyes. The “experts” and “authorities” are finally acknowledging that the “Covid deaths” and “hospitalization” statistics are artificially inflated and totally unreliable (which they have been from the very beginning), and they are admitting that their miracle “vaccines” don’t work (unless you change the definition of the word “vaccine”), and that they have killed a few people, or maybe more than a few people, and that lockdowns were probably “a serious mistake.”​ ...
​  It was always mostly just a matter of time. As Klaus Schwab said, “the pandemic represent[ed] a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” ...
​  It isn’t over, but that window is closing, and our world has not been “reimagined” and “reset,” not irrevocably, not just yet. Clearly, GloboCap underestimated the potential resistance to the Great Reset, and the time it would take to crush that resistance. And now the clock is running down, and the resistance isn’t crushed … on the contrary, it is growing. And there is nothing GloboCap can do to stop it, other than go openly totalitarian, which it can’t, as that would be suicidal. 
[The carrot, CJ, the CARROT]​  
​  ​“New Normal totalitarianism — and any global-capitalist form of totalitarianism — cannot display itself as totalitarianism, or even authoritarianism. It cannot acknowledge its political nature. In order to exist, it must not exist. Above all, it must erase its violence (the violence that all politics ultimately comes down to) and appear to us as an essentially beneficent response to a legitimate ‘global health crisis’ …”
​  I don’t know what is going to happen. I’m not an oracle. I’m just a satirist. But we are getting dangerously close to the point where GloboCap will need to go full-blown fascist if they want to finish what they started. If that happens, things are going to get very ugly. I know, things are already ugly, but I’m talking a whole different kind of ugly. Think Jonestown, or Hitler’s final days in the bunker, or the last few months of the Manson Family.​  [CJ lives in Germany. It's bad in Germany.]

Irish journalist, Graham Dockery, asks:  How did Fox News become the voice of reason?
​  ​But the American of 2002, if you could pry him away from ‘CSI: Miami,’ would find it shocking to flip on the news networks and find the sole anti-war message at prime time coming from Fox News, and the loudest pro-war shrieking coming from the liberal CNN and MSNBC.

​  Every year there is a story presenting the powerful evidence that Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by the FBI and local police, by the best marksman in​ the Memphis police department, who spent the whole prior day practicing at the rifle range. He was finally smothered to death with a pillow in the hospital, by doctors.
 The King family is still trying to get the case reopened...

Israel finds 4 Covid vaccine jabs ‘not good enough’ against Omicron
​  ​Despite the new findings, Israeli health officials already moved ahead with fourth doses for the elderly, the immunocompromised and medical workers beginning earlier this month, with some 500,000 receiving a second booster on top of an initial two-dose regimen as of Sunday.

​  ​New research suggests COVID was less deadly than thought in first year of pandemic​  ​(​The​ case is water-tight, but the conclusions are unpopular.)
Meta-research pioneer John Ioannidis of Stanford cuts "infection fatality rate" by half for age groups including young people, using international "seroprevalence" review.

​Boris Johnson is a political survivor...  ​England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

Starbucks says will no longer require vaccine or testing for employees​    ("Weathervane")

  ​Jenny said two teachers at her school, where I treated multiple teachers (free) for COVID last winter, just came back from COVID leave, having been treated by their doctors with ivermectin. This is a BIG CHANGE in Austin (though a small sample)​.
The War on Treatment Is Fiercer Now Than Even Covid Itself​  , Mary​ ​Beth​ ​Pfeiffer
Western governments drop plans to cut Russia off from SWIFT – media​ 
​  ​German newspaper Handelsblatt has reported that Western leaders have ruled out the possibility of disconnecting Russia from the global banking interchange SWIFT. However, the US government has contradicted the assertion.
​  ​“No option is off the table,” a spokesperson for Washington's National Security Council told reporters on Monday. 
​  ​The denial comes after Handelsblatt claimed that the US had, in fact, given up on the threat of removing Russia from SWIFT in talks with the German government. If the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication cuts ties with Russian banks, Germany would have no way of paying Moscow for its natural gas contracts.

  ​The US wants to ship liquified natural gas to Europe at triple the Russian price, but does not have the shipping capacity or terminal capacity to do it. 
"Got Your Back", indeed.​  US Scrambles For 'Contingency Plans' From Energy Firms On Gas Supply Crunch Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

  ​Iran is selling a lot of oil to China. China must buy less elsewhere. Iran may not be able to increase supply into global markets as much as we had assumed.
Flouting Sanctions, Iran Says Oil Sales Have Enjoyed "Staggering" Rise Over Past Year

Energy analyst, Art Berman, talks about the ill-planned "trip to Abilene" for a mediocre meal, which nobody really wanted, but everybody went along for.
  Population is the currency of evolution. Growth is not some frivolous, uniquely human behavior. There seems to be a genetic imperative for all species to increase their numbers. Those with the best access to highly productive sources of energy grow the most. Those that are able to adapt with larger populations live and those that are not become extinct.
​  ​Energy is central. Any movement, activity or event in nature requires energy. Energy is and always will be the currency of life.​..​
​  ​Most people think that the economy runs on money. It doesn’t. It runs on work which requires energy. The economy runs on energy. Energy is the economy. Oil is the primary source of energy today therefore, oil is the economy...
​  ​The world has used half (51%) of all the oil ever produced in just the last 25 years...
​  ​This is overshoot and population growth is the root cause. Climate change is just collateral damage.​..
​  ​Guidelines were agreed upon to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 at the recent COP26 meeting but no government agreed to cut its economic growth or population. In the most optimistic outcome, therefore, we will continue to overshoot earth’s ecosystem using more renewable and less fossil energy inputs.
​  ​U.S. envoy John Kerry’s comments are worth considering:
  ​“I’m told by scientists that 50% of the reductions we have to make (to get to near zero emissions) by 2050 or 2045 are going to come from technologies we don’t yet have.”
We’ve agreed to do something that’s impossible without a miracle.

​The Archdruid, John Michael Greer​ : The Unmanageable Future
​  ​Christopher Columbus, when he set sail on the first of his voyages across the Atlantic, brought with him a copy of The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, a fraudulent medieval travelogue that claimed to recount a journey east to the Earthly Paradise across a wholly imaginary Asia, packed full of places and peoples that never existed. Columbus’ eager attention to that volume seems to have played a significant role in keeping him hopelessly confused about the difference between the Asia of his dreams and the place where he’d actually arrived.  It’s a story more than usually relevant today, because most people nowadays are equipped with comparable misinformation for their journey into the future, and are going to end up just as disoriented as Columbus.​..
​...Yet there’s another delusion, subtler but even more misleading, that pervades current notions about the future and promises an even more awkward collision with unwelcome realities.
​  That delusion? The notion that we can decide what future we’re going to get, and get it.​..
​  ​Politicians and pundits are always confidently predicting this or that future, while think tanks earnestly churn out reports on how to get to one future or how to avoid another. It’s not just Klaus Schwab and his well-paid flunkeys at the World Economic Forum, chattering away about their Orwellian plans for a Great Reset; with embarrassingly few exceptions, from the far left to the far right, everyone’s got a plan for the future, and acts as though all we have to do is adopt the plan and work hard, and everything will fall into place.
  What’s missing in this picture is any willingness to compare that rhetoric to reality and see how well it performs.​ (No time for that, right?)

​Seeing What Happens​
(slowly progressing)


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