Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Decertification Proceedings


  Sunday afternoon when we got  back to Austin from working on the Yoakum homestead there was an envelope from the American Board of Family Medicine. 
I have been certified by this board for 31 years. I have a recertification test coming up in April, and have met all of the extensive and costly requirements to maintain certification, which include paying for and doing many weeks of their own costly medical education in the past decades, as well as extensive self study. 
Half of that continuing-education credit is provided by medical services that I pay for and half is self study. 
  Last summer, having extensively studied and documented COVID since late 2019, I sent the board a blog link to point out how much research on COVID I had continuously done, which was unsurprisingly not accepted as proof of self study. Subsequent to that I laboriously entered citations for 150 COVID-19 treatment studies, claiming one hour of credit each, which was accepted.
  The "Letter of Concern" states that the Board did look at my blog, and I stand accused of "denigrating vaccination for COVID-19, discouraging the public from being vaccinated, and spreading other misinformation about the virus publicly, including that the vaccine itself contributes to causing COVID-19 infections and death".
  Well, except for the word "misinformation", which should have the first 3 letters removed, I don't dispute that statement.
  In my reply I pointed out the deaths and serious adverse reactions caused by the genetic therapy "vaccines" available in the US and Europe, and also pointed out that the "negative  efficacy" well documented since last summer in UK data, reflects "ADE", antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity, caused by the antibodies formed to the original January 2020 spike protein. I also pointed out that in children and young adults the dangers of these treatments clearly outweigh even short term protective benefits, so these people should not be subjected to these treatments in any case.
  At the end of my (fairly neatly handwritten) letter, I requested that if the Board decides to decertify me, that I be refunded my full testing fee, which I paid last September. My first guess is that they will find a way to keep the fee and also to add me to their list of sanctioned and decertified non-compliant doctors. 
We'll know by mid April, I guess. I'll post updates.

Jim Kunstler has the crumbling-COVID-narrative overview:
  Meanwhile, a dozen or so other members of the Western Civ Club of Nations are ditching their Covid-19 mandates and restrictions. The reason: despite the mighty forces of deliberate organized mind-fuckery and resulting mass delusion, the Covid-19 “vaccines” are finally revealed as a criminal fraud, a danger to all who submitted to them, and an insult to the age-old accrued intelligence of the human race as used-to-be represented by science, ethics, and law.
  And still, America’s own putative leader, the empty suit known as “Joe Biden,” had the temerity to go on TV last week and once again tell his sore-beset people to “get vaccinated… get your kids vaccinated!” Who does he think he’s speaking to? The counter-information to Tony Fauci’s criminal bullshit is flooding the zone, despite America’s sinister Intel Community attempting to control the captured and discredited legacy news media.
  Just last night CBS’s 60-Minutes told its audience that our hospitals are overwhelmed by the unvaccinated with Covid, which is an outright lie...
  Some powerful counter-information to The Official Narrative emerged last week from the US military’s own Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) when several whistleblower doctors revealed to attorney Tom Renz heretofore suppressed statistics on the shocking increase in vaccine injuries among young, otherwise able-bodied soldiers.​ ​ 
(extensive list) ...
...Now the FDA has gone and issued a full approval of the Moderna vaccine, without convening the customary expert advisory panelThe documents explaining the FDA’s decision were scrubbed from the FDA’s website. The FDA spox responded to questions about it saying, “We are aware of the issue and hope to have the document reposted as soon as possible.”  So far, the docs are still missing-in-action. The primary objective of this approval seems to be adding the Moderna mRNA vax to the protocol for children, which would permit the disabling and murder of millions of innocents. This is exactly what “Joe Biden” is calling for. And by the way, adding it to the children’s vaccine schedule supposedly continues Moderna’s shield of immunity from lawsuits.

Natural immunity is vastly superior, and is actually impaired by available "vaccines", especially if administered prior to the inevitable COVID infection.
At the time the UK government and media were pumping out a narrative that most people who were becoming infected with COVID were unvaccinated, the prestigious Lancet journal quietly revealed that, in actual fact, 89% of cases were among the vaccinated.

​Oroboros sent the link to this Michael Hudson article about the US financial relationship with European "allies" (aka "tributary countries"). The $US global financial system needs industrial countries to stay bought-in to $US and buying US federal debt, or else the dollar will become an ordinary currency in the world, be dumped, and the rest of the world will send $US to the US for whatever is on sale that week. The extensive global military occupation forces will be defunded.  European countries have absorbed a lot of hurt over the years, but what is now being arranged is the suicidal loss of Russian gas in winter, which will hurt them far more than it will bother Russia.
America’s real adversaries are its European and other allies: The U.S. aim is to keep them from trading with China and Russia

  French President Macron had a marathon meeting yesterday with Russian President Putin  
  Just before flying to Moscow Macron had pointed out in a weekend interview with Le Journal du Dimanche that "The geopolitical objective of Russia today is clearly not Ukraine, but to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU."    
  Macron looked very tense and anxious to me, over performing and grasping the arms of his chair rigidly. Putin was relaxed and gracious , as usual. Macron stated his intent as damage-control, prevention of worsening the current situation (aka "avoid war this month") and said that he could not act unilaterally. (He CAN keep France out of a war with Russia in Ukraine, though). France gets about 25% of natural gas from Russia, is short on reserves and can't do without it in winter. 
  France sees the good deal on gas that Hungary just got extended to 2035. Macron faces increasingly stiff competition for the April elections he faces. Macron and Putin spoke positively of the meeting as a "good beginning" kind of thing. Macron needs good press and some kind of a good deal on natural gas.

This is a very strong joint statement of unity against the Western Empire on all fronts, very strong, and does not even mention Iran... 
A trilateral statement might be made in the nearish future..
Unpacking the Russian-Chinese joint statement

​This is the kind of breaking-off-pieces that would facilitate unseating of the $US based global military-financial regime. 
Russia, China and Iran can already trade without $US.
Trapped in IMF debt, Argentina turns to Russia and joins China’s Belt & Road
Argentina is trapped in $44 billion of IMF odious debt taken on by corrupt right-wing regimes. Seeking alternatives to US hegemony, President Alberto Fernández traveled to Russia and China, forming an alliance with the Eurasian powers, joining the Belt and Road Initiative.

Will this really happen today? Will the police in Ottawa really arrest people on foot carrying gasoline cans and picnic baskets? 
Some think not...
Ottawa police threaten arrests for sharing fuel with Freedom Convoy​  ​​ ​Authorities want to deprive protesters of ‘material support’

This is almost 3 toxic-jabs per year per Canadian.  
Federal contracts poised to deliver 100 million vaccine doses annually for years

This started around May, at least as far as he noticed. He says other embalmers tell him they see the same thing. Weird wormlike clots filling the blood vessels.
Embalmer Richard Hirschman reveals novel clotting in 65% of cases

​Another scholarly paper showing that these gene-therapy vaccines" suppress the natural competence of the human immune system:
Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations

​Rumble very politely and sincerely offers Joe Rogan a $100 million 4 year contract with no censorship at all and reinstatement of those 135 now-deleted interviews. Spotify has publicly self-flagellated about disagreeing with some of Rogan's views but supporting his free speech. (In related news, Neil Young calls on Spotify employees in Switzerland to resign their jobs.)​

From Nature: Genetic analysis of Omicron variants in New York sewage shows an extremely broad arary of mutations (which would take years to develop, not months) including mutations that facilitate binding to receptors in mice and rats, such as would arise if the strain had been developed in a lab using "humanized" mice and rats. These are all resistant to vaccine-induced antibodies.
​  ​To monitor New York City (NYC) for the presence of novel variants, we deep sequence most of the receptor binding domain coding sequence of the S protein of SARS-CoV-2 isolated from the New York City wastewater. Here we report detecting increasing frequencies of novel cryptic SARS-CoV-2 lineages not recognized in GISAID’s EpiCoV database. These lineages contain mutations that had been rarely observed in clinical samples, including Q493K, Q498Y, E484A, and T572N and share many mutations with the Omicron variant of concern. Some of these mutations expand the tropism of SARS-CoV-2 pseudoviruses by allowing infection of cells expressing the human, mouse, or rat ACE2 receptor. Finally, pseudoviruses containing the spike amino acid sequence of these lineages were resistant to different classes of receptor binding domain neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.

While many member states are abandoning COVID restrictions and mandates:  
EU Wants To Keep Vaccine Passports In Place For Another ENTIRE YEAR

How Empires Die, Charles Hugh Smith
When the state / empire loses the ability to recognize and solve core problems of security and fairness, it will be replaced by another arrangement that is more adaptable and adept at solving problems.

​Burning Phoenix​
​(pictured with Jenny in upstairs undergoing wood finishing preparatory to screwing-in walls)


  1. Great looking building John. I hope your certification goes well. The fuel that was confiscated in Ottawa was marked fuel, i.e. it has dye in it. It is for farm and fishing machinery and does not have most of the taxes on it that we pay at the pumps. So illegal to use for any other purpose.

    1. Thanks Red. It seems from your statement that the confiscated farm-only-fuel has been legally confiscated. The question is whether fuel for highway use in non-farm vehicles, food and water will be (illegally) confiscated.
      My Board Certification is not really an issue within my control. What is within my control is my own actions. They will do whatever they will do. They judge me politically, so their verdict is not difficult to predict. They need money, so their keeping the money ($500) is also my prediction.

  2. I haven't even read the rest of your blog yet but must say that what ever happens next with your decertification or recertification, I'm still so proud to actually know a real honest to goodness doctor that tells the truth, is truly out for the good of his patients and has a heart for always doing the right thing. I will pray that come April they will wakeup to the TRUTH of all your research and hopefully do the right thing...but sometimes prayer's are not always for what we want, but for much bigger things. I truly believe God stretches us to use us for better purposes.you have woken people up to actually think about their health, not just do what somebody says to do. Bravo and God bless you always. Vic and I actually pray for you daily. You're a good man John. 🙏👍Holly☺️

  3. Thank You, Holly.
    I am responsible for my own actions, my own intentions, and I wish the Board Members well. They are in a difficult position (if they want to do the right thing) which has been created by taking a series of easy steps...

  4. Unreal re: the Board. We received a bulletin from the TX BON stating that if nurses contradict what the CDC, NIH, etc. are saying.... watch out - you could lose your license. I'm at a loss for words, really.

    Unrelated note - what do you think is behind all these states starting to drop their restrictions/mandates? Even some of the most hard - core Covidians are doing a 180. Makes me think something is up... LS

    1. I think this COVID-Pandemic control-narrative is about played-out, but not everybody got the memo yet.
      Omicron-the-free-range-vaccine is snuffing this narrative out.
      War in Ukraine next? It's not catching on very well.
      The stock market will go bust, and they really want to blame it on Putin, but he's uncooperative again...