Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Gmail And Johnday's Blog Deleted Yesterday, Now Back

 Information Connoisseurs,

  Last evening our gmail account had been shut down and my blog had disappeared from the internet. Google let us self-identify through a telephone contact drill, but the blog existed only in the "wayback machine"

  I was directed to "Is this your blog". 
None of the options for not finding it was helpful. 
I said they were not helpful, and wrote that restoring it and/or explaining the action to me would help.

  I'm beginning the process of setting up a Substack account, as Tessa (fights robots) Lena suggested, and which works for her.
It should be possible to transfer all of these emails to a send list from Substack.
Please tell me if you don't want to get the Substack version of the blog/newsletter. (I added a few folks into this send who don't usually get the newsletter.)

  My very strong suspicion is that this happened because of a modification of AI censorship settings. 
You can view yesterday's blog send here:

I had initially set up the blog as a parallel communication route in spring 2016 when my bcc newsmails to about 180 people started to get blocked in the primary season. I was posting links about the vote-rigging in the Democratic primaries, and other anti-narrative information.
All the sends went through starting 3 days after the (Trump) election, but the problem repeated in 2018 and 2020 election cycles.

  The blog has been hard to find on Google searches, but possible to access by URL. 
The news-emails get routed to trash for a lot of people. I keep getting word of this.
These all seem like AI algorithmic censorship to me.
I don't expect it to get better.

The new site will be at .
I need to get down to the homestead and do some interior construction work now.

John (pictured working out Sunday)


  1. I am so glad you're back and everything is ok...for now. Keep on trucking John 👍🙏😋, and quit hanging off the attic, you're gonna get hurt, you're no spring chicken 😂

    1. But I was doing fine, just posing for the picture.

  2. 😂☺️🤣you always seem to bring on the giggles...

  3. Nice of google to give you that demo of their oops we deleted your blog by accident software. You should be grateful.

    1. I have acted upon it.