Friday, February 18, 2022

Stand And Smile

 Smiling Enigmatically,

  Our economic life support system's check-engine-light has been on for about two and a half years now. A whole slew of codes come up on the diagnostic port.
The usual mechanic says we need to sign the title over to him before he can fix it and give us the keys back. 
  We are dubious. We have gone to the Auto Zone and gotten the printouts of all the diagnostic codes. We're considering our options. It still runs poorly, but sports lapsed inspection and registration stickers, so we're keeping a low profile.

  Rulers govern with the consent of the governed, which consent is lapsing in bits and pieces, for non-performance, for repeatedly violating the "social contract".

  Politicians in "western democracies" usually serve the owners by talking the people into doing what the owners want. 
There is usually some carrot for the people, but lately it is all-stick, no-carrot and a future which is illuminated by the promise to use the stick on those who don't go along with the good donkeys. 

  Those "Others" are making all the problems. Donkeys are fitted with blinders and are not permitted to converse about insurrection on social-media.

  A bunch of donkeys are milling about in Canada without blinders, presenting an existential threat to the political-economic-life-support-system. They have stopped pulling their donkey carts. People will starve and freeze if the donkeys don't get their blinders back on and start pulling those carts again, PRONTO!
  Measures are being taken. Donkeys have been given written notice in their inflatable bouncy-castles. Their bank accounts and donkey-cart insurance cancellations are proceeding. Donkeys will starve first. Certainly, nobody wants that? Donkeys are still braying in the streets. You just can't talk to donkeys. It's not worth trying. The owners need those carrots themselves. It's stick or nothing, Donkeys! 

  Some people are trying to bring some little carrots to the donkeys, but that's got to be stopped. 
People and donkeys do not a life-support-system make. The owners are the critical ingredient. 
You understand that, right?

  What if the people and the donkeys refuse to make the life-support-system work? 
Everybody, including donkeys will die. It's happened before, repeatedly.
You get it, right?

  This is a critical point in time. The life support system is failing as supply lines are slowed and become hit-or-miss, intermittent.
The worst of the realization has not yet hit, but the mail is late, regular parts are on back-order for months, and there are no canned black olives at the grocery store.
Whatever the donkeys and people do now, the crumbling of the political-economy will continue, until...? 
What happened last time? Oh, yeah, World War-2.

  Well, that's off the list of options now... 
It's off the list, right?

  The owners need all of us people and donkeys to get back to the creaky carts and sparse stalls forever, no-questions-asked, or we will starve and freeze sooner, rather than later. We've always been able to trust them before, so we need to trust them now and in perpetuity. Implanting a remote-controlled kill switch is just an inviolable sign of our complete trust in our elected leaders and the important interests which they serve.

  For people bringing carrots and donkeys playing hooky, the choices are to comply immediately and get a lighter-whipping, to riot in the streets and get killed because it's absolutely necessary as a last resort, or to stand there and smile and be pleasant and present and unmoving, and just keep doing that, because there are really not enough resources to arrest that many donkeys and people, and they cannot, apparently be recruited from the ranks of other donkeys and other people. 

  Seriously, this has got to stop.Donkeys and people have never, ever been able to come up with new economic solutions, ever, all of the times that this has happened in the past. It has always been the beneficent owners and their loyal elected representatives who have solved the life-support problems, and they will do it again, if we will only give them our unquestioning and eternal support; 110%, just like in football.

  If we don't get back in line right away, our western political economy will pass a point of no-return (if it hasn't already) and the fault will be completely our own. We will have nobody but ourselves to blame; nobody but ourselves upon whom to rely for food, water, fuel and bouncy-castles. 
We'll all be dead in five years. Mark my words! 

  That being said, I have a few carrots growing, and I planted some bush beans and tomato seeds yesterday, and I'm fixing up the inside of the homestead addition, which will be a good gathering place, sort of like The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Cat McGuire in New York and environs sends this article she wrote last weekend as she and some other people enjoyed taking supplies to Canadian truckers at the border. Cat is a real person, who even came and visited our Austin garden and had dinner a couple of times. Cat does things. Cat rides a bike, too.
​  ​Morgan said, “It was so exciting that we actually were boots-on-the-ground support for Canada’s freedom fighters. They have been such a personal inspiration to me that I galvanized everyone I know to get on board and support them.”  She added, “Our two convoys brought a variety of supplies to the border that the Canadians specifically recommended to bring such as hand warmers, water, snacks, gas cards, hats, washer fluid, gloves, and blankets.” ...
​  ​It could not be confirmed at this time, but one of the local rally organizers informed the CTSA team that New York Governor Kathy Hochul had established a command control center in Buffalo and was in Buffalo herself the weekend of the rally.

​Cat is from 1:06 -1:37 in this Fox News story. How come it's all right-wing sources for lifelong liberals like Cat these days? 
"Strange days indeed".​

The People Killing Humanity, a long list of sometimes-obscure, as well as known names, with biographical details about those human beings financially driving the COVID-Pandemic control narrative from before-it-happened, to today. Thanks Oroboros.

(WEF "Young Global Leader")  Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Thursday that financial institutions have been actively freezing the accounts of people linked to the medical freedom protests in Ottawa, which has left an unknown number of protesters and donors in financial limbo ...
  Freeland said that the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies have been gathering intelligence on convoy protesters and their supporters, and have been sharing that information with financial institutions in order to restrict access to both cash and crypto.
  "The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen," she said, referring to crypto exchange accounts.
As the CBC notes,
  The law also allows banks to target for account closure donors to the GoFundMe and the GiveSendGo fundraising campaigns that fuelled this protest. Freeland said she wouldn't get into the "specifics of whose accounts are being frozen."
  Citing terrorist financing laws, the government has forced crowdfunding websites and payment providers to register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), the government's financial intelligence unit.
  In a final warning to the assembled protesters, Freeland said those who have their big rigs on Ottawa's streets will see their insurance cancelled and their corporate accounts suspended — a move that could make it difficult for these drivers to ever work again.
"The consequences are real and they will bite,"

This includes media taking pictures and talking to truckers. Paddy-Wagon!
Ottawa Police Begin Making Arrests To Squash Freedom Convoy "Unlawful Demonstration"

​Just a status-check. Global economy runs on oil, and (oddly enough) so do alternative-energy sources like solar and wind​. Oil prices will go up, and oil supplies from shale cannot go up again, not like they did a few years ago. I have seen predictions of an oil supply crisis in 2023. We're not back to the 1970s again yet. 
 Pioneer CEO Warns US Shale Can't Increase Supply Even If Biden Asks

​Intelligence Analyst Ray McGovern notices a detail in "Biden's" statement to Putin.
​  ​Here’s what’s important (and was given appropriate prominence in AP’s reporting).
Putin at the presser with Scholz:
"… as [Lavrov] reported yesterday, the [US and NATO] responses still contain a number of considerations that we are not only ready to discuss but that we have actually suggested to our partners over the years. I am referring to our proposals on European security, certain weapons systems, notably, intermediate and shorter-range missiles, and military transparency. We are ready to continue this joint work
. …
​  ​So far, the NYT has omitted that statement by Putin, which, coming yesterday together with the troop pullback, is highly significant. That the Times "forgot" to include it is yet another sign that even the most sensible, rudimentary negotiations on key matters of concern to Russia will be resisted tooth and nail by the MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-MEDIA-Academia-Think-Tank) complex in which the NYT is right there in the middle, the fulcrum – the key "M."
​  ​Still, some Times editor apparently insisted on slipping in the important acknowledgment by Mr. Biden today that:
"Neither the US or NATO have missiles in Ukraine. We do not, do not have plans to put them there as well."
​  ​Biden made this commitment to Putin during the telephone call of Dec. 30 that Putin had urgently requested​  ​
It amounts to a major concession and enabled Moscow to conclude that at least one or two of Biden’s retinue – or Biden himself – have their heads screwed on right.

​In Donetsk there is a large explosion near separatist government buildings, women and children are evacuated to Russia, and there has been mortar and small arms attack by Ukrainian government forces on one town. Reuters reported attack on a Ukrainian village on the government side of the demarcation line, also (by who?)

​Lukashenko remembers the recent failed color revolution against him. Western threats continue to be very real to him. 
​  ​Citing external threats coming from the West, and at a moment Belarus is hosting many thousands of Russian troops, as well as S-400 missiles and long-range bombers for ongoing joint military drills expected to go to Feb. 20, Lukashenko warned, "If necessary, if such stupid and mindless steps are taken by our rivals and opponents, we will deploy not only nuclear weapons, but super-nuclear and up-and-coming ones to protect our territory,"

​Watch this space!​  Any pipeline from the Pars gas fields (Iran/Qatar) to Europe will transit Syria. The Pars gas fields are the largest in the world.
US & Russian Jets In Dangerous Intercept Incident Over Syria​  
  ​Russia still acknowledges the airspace in question as officially belonging to Syrian sovereignty, though US troops on the ground currently control this northeast region while backing proxies in the Kurdish-led SDF.
​  ​CNN described the details further as involving "A Russian cargo aircraft, accompanied by two Tu-22 Backfire bombers flew across Iraq into the so-called Eastern Syria Security Area without giving sufficient advance notification to the US-run coalition that they were moving through the area." Typically each side is warned in advanced of such flights via a military-to-military deconfliction line, which the US and Russia semi-regularly use to avoid inadvertent conflict over Syria, particularly in places like Idlib, where US special forces recently raided the hideout of the head of ISIS.
​  ​In Tuesday's incident, the US F-16s were said to have briefly escorted the Russian jets away from the area. CNN noted further that "While the incident was not considered threatening, the Russians repeated the action about six hours later when another of their cargo aircraft and a Russian military jet few through the same area."
​  ​From both Damascus and Moscow's perspectives, Russia's military has been formally invited by the Syrian government to operate there, but not the United States. On Wednesday, in a highly symbolic gesture and likely message aimed at Washington, President Bashar al-Assad and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu - who traveled to Syria to inspect Russian naval exercises - greeted and embraced each other...

​The graphene-in-vaccines mystery has intrigued Tessa (fights robots) Lena, and she dug up some more stories to plum-up that curious void.
 Firstly, It's in there:  UK LAB FINDS GRAPHENE IN C19 VACCINES

This from 2019, looks different in current context: Graphene can hear your brain whisper
​  ​A newly developed graphene-based implant can record electrical activity in the brain at extremely low frequencies and over large areas, unlocking the wealth of information found below 0.1 Hz​ ... ​ A new technology developed by the Graphene Flagship overcomes this technical limitation, unlocking the wealth of information found below 0.1 Hz, while paving the way for future brain-computer interfaces.

​Graphene is not innocuous in the human body.
Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms

Graphene is cytotoxic to mouse cells and to human blood cells at these concentrations:
Effects of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles on the Immune System Biomarkers Produced by RAW 264.7 and Human Whole Blood Cell Cultures

Graphene oxide nanoparticles can be so irritating to the immune system that spraying them intranasally with a vaccine-antigen can produce a robust immune response against that antigen.
Intranasal vaccination with influenza HA/GO-PEI nanoparticles provides immune protection against homo- and heterologous strains

​Red sent this about self-assembly of nanoparticles. They are just so small that they are the only thing small enough to do the work of making them...
​Facing Detention​


  1. Thank you, your news are the absolutely best curated! One thing I notice is rarely mentioned concerning Ukraine: their hosting the gas pipe from Russia to EU is a major source of income for the counry, probably not going to citizens, though. And Russia would rather take the money themselves. This is why they built NordStream2. Ukrainians guess that their pipe will get less use (or no use if Russians get to decide) if NordStream2 goes online. So now is their time to foment war, just enough to get NordStream2 sanctioned off but not so much as to be entirely flattened by Russia. I do not know if that play is a good idea. I am too lazy to find out whee the monies from the gas pipe rent goes, but I'd not be surprised if a certain family currently in high position in a country that seems to be most eager to have a war had a goodly stake in that. Somehow I have a feeling that if any bombings happen, most will hit that pipe. If that would be the case, would europe be willing to freeze or just turn on the NS2? Interesting times.
    Kristiina from Finland

    1. Thank You, Kristina.
      The bombing of a gs pipeline yesterday in Donetsk seems to have just bombed a local civilian supply to a city under attack by Ukrainian troops, not a major transit to Europe.

      I think Europe needs all the gas that the current pipelines and Nordstream-2 AND a pipeline through Syria from the vast Pars gas fields can supply.
      I think Russia is willing to share rent with Ukraine and Poland, and expects only common courtesy in return. The long term trend is in Russia's favor. Russia needs only to avoid big mistakes and big (expensive) entanglements.
      I think Russia will hold position in Ukraine/Belarus/Russia/Crimea and be patient.
      Russia will make it increasingly awkward for the US AND Israel to oppress Syria, without making the USrael lose-face.

      I think...