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Ukraine War & COVID Narrative Failures

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Moon of Alabama: Disarming Ukraine, Day 2
  The Russian operations in the Ukraine continue at a moderate pace. Some more troops were committed today. In all the Russian military may have now introduced some 20-40% of its prepared forces.
  The Ukrainian military is not so much holding a line but concentrating in and around its bigger cities. It has destroyed some bridges north of Kiev to make an approach more difficult. That will slow down the Russian moves but will not prevent them. Russia's military is famously good at setting up combat bridges.
  So far the Russians have used their artillery sparsely. An exception was last night near Kharkiv in the northeast of Ukraine where a strike by multiple launcher artillery systems (MLRS) hit some area target with yet unknown results.
  A 13 minutes long video from a highway drive near Kherson, a city north of Crimea, shows nearly 100 destroyed Ukrainian trucks and tanks. These are likely victims of air attacks...
  Russia's President has called on the Ukrainian military to overthrow its government. I do not think he believes that will happen but it is a possibility so why not call for it.
  Facebook now allows to praise Ukrainian Nazi groups like the Azov battalion. This was prohibited with Azov previously being in the same category as ISIS. Now these are 'our guys'.
  There are a lot of discussions of sanctions against Russia and every western country is trying to get as much exemptions for its industries as possible . The U.S. has for example exempted everything that has to do with hydrocarbons from its own sanction package. It will still buy Russian oil and will continue to sell drilling equipment to Russia.

The Saker blog is updated extensively at the link, and should update again later today. There are a lot of specifics.
​  ​Russian forces are now on the outskirts of many major Ukrainian cities.  If yesterday was “standoff weapons” day, today is the first day when Russian forces can now begin to degrade Ukrainian artillery dispositions, engage Ukie armor and break through Ukrainian fortifications.

​South Front remains worth monitoring for developments:

China provides Russia markets, trade support, but avoids antagonizing trading partners in Ukraine and the west.
China’s Xi speaks to Putin; calls for ‘negotiation’ with Ukraine

On negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Can they happen now?
​  ​Russia’s main gain will be that in geopolitical terms, Ukraine regains its sovereignty and ceases to be a de facto American colony. Russia calculates that a neutral Ukraine will de facto take the Ukraine matrix to its priori history before the 2014 coup.
​  ​What is of crucial importance will be that Zelensky is somehow enabled to navigate his path toward dialogue with Putin. The good part is that Russian military operations will throw radical nationalists into disarray...​  

Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces: Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum to Lead the Digital ID Creation​  
  ​When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced they would use the Emergency Act declaration to target the financial support systems, banks and accounts of the people who were protesting against COVID mandates, they not only undermined the integrity of the Canadian banking system – but they also inadvertently stuck a wrench into the plans of the World Economic Forum and the collaborative use of the Canadian Bankers Association to create a digital ID.
​  ​If the Canadian government can arbitrarily block citizen access to their banking institution without any due process, what does that say about the system the Canadian Banking Association (CBA) was putting into place as part of their Digital ID network?
​  If the CBA digital identity were in place, the same people targeted by Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Act would have their entire identity blocked by the same government measures.  The realization of the issue, reflected by a severe undermining of faith in the banking system, is a dramatic problem for those working to create and promote the Digital ID.
​  ​It is not coincidental the financial targeting mechanism deployed by Trudeau/Freeland, the Canadian banking system, is the same system being used to create the digital identity.  As a result of the government targeting bank accounts, Finance Minister Freeland just created a reference point for those who would argue against allowing the creation of a comprehensive digital identity.

​Professor Anthony Hall has a broad look at the Canadian power struggle. [The Senate may not have ratified the Act as the House of Commons had.]

  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has revoked the Emergency Act he had instituted on Valentine’s Day, 2022. Instead of waiting for Parliamentary authorization of the replacement to the War Measures Act, Trudeau directed federal, provincial and municipal police forces to link up. On Feb. 17 he directed the amalgamated force to violently dislodge truckers and their parked rigs. The combined police forces took their direction from a Prime Minister who acted through the office of an unapproved interim Ottawa Police Chief.
  In plain view of the cameras, the Emergency Act police force committed atrocities directed at peaceful protesters. Police charged towards those they targeted with clubs, trampled them with horses, bludgeoned the resisters with rifle butts and sought to traumatize them with stun grenades and toxic chemical sprays. About two hundred people were arrested including some of the truckers whose rigs were seized and taken into police custody. Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson wants to sell the trucks and thereby edify his slush funds with the revenues
 ​One Feb. 23 Trudeau announced that “the immediate emergency situation is over.” He added, however, “the issue itself will not go away.” Trudeau did not clarify what issue he had in mind...​ 

 ​With the flash of a stun grenade we are met by Trudeau’s spurious claim that he was able to meet the Charter’s requirements when he put Canada under the authority of the Emergency Act. Canada’s Emergency Act was used for the first time since its creation in 1988.

​  ​The importance of adhering to the Charter in enforcing the Emergency Act has been emphasized by Senator Marc Gold in introducing to his colleagues the Liberal/NDP Bill.  He explained,
​  ​“Compared to the War Measures Act, the Emergencies Act has reduced powers, added significant Parliamentary review, and was created in part to support and uphold the Charter….The Charter applies to the Emergencies Act and to all actions taken pursuant to the act. There is no temporary suspension of rights or freedoms as there was under the old War Measures Act. Furthermore, all acts must be consistent with our international human rights obligations.”​ ...
 ​Chrystia Freeland, who is Canada’s Finance Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and a leading Trustee of the World Economic Forum, is the Darth Vader of this saga of economic warfare...
​  Freeland fails to explain how reconstituting Canada’s financial institutions, including banks, as integral partners in police sting operations, will increase confidence in the soundness of the Canadian economy. The resulting breakdown in public trust became immediately manifest in the banking runs as many people domestically and throughout the world felt compelled to pull their money from our now-suspect financial institutions.
  Although Freeland claims that some of the seized accounts have been restored to their owners with the dropping of the Emergency Act, she also indicated, “other accounts remain frozen under the regular authority of the courts, law enforcement, and financial institutions".

Shocking new data on covid vaccine and booster safety out of Israel and Germany – will covid vaccines overtake Vioxx and thalidomide as the largest ever drug scandal?
...Two weeks ago, the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) published a new report that provides much more detailed, and much more disturbing, data on booster side effects.
  The original MoH report, published in Hebrew on February 10, was translated into English on February 15 by US-Israeli retired medical professor Eyal Shahar and several volunteers
Specifically, the report is based on a professional telephone survey, conducted between 19 September and 25 October 2021, that covered a representative, random sample of 2049 people, stratified by age group and gender, out of about 3 million people who had received a booster dose three to four weeks earlier. Such a sample size should be sufficient to achieve a margin of error of about 2.5% at a 95% confidence interval. The survey excluded, in particular, people who had already recovered from covid...
​  ​Among other findings, the Israeli survey shows that:
Two thirds of the respondents (66%) reported at least one side effect within three to four weeks after the booster (women: 75%).
Close to one third of respondents (29%) reported that they had “difficulty performing daily activities” due to the booster side effects (women: 51%).
Close to one in three hundred respondents (0.3%) reported actual hospitalization (i.e. not just medical care) as a result of the side effects.​..

A German health insurer BKK ProVita said an analysis of data collected from more than 10 million people suggests COVID vaccine side effects are “significantly” underreported. The company said its analysis revealed a “significant alarm signal” and said "a risk to human life cannot be ruled out.”​  ​  Based on the data collected, BKK said the number of vaccine side effects is many times higher than the number officially announced by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), Germany’s federal health agency that monitors the safety of vaccines and biomedicines.

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