Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ukraine War Sunday Night

 Hearing Rumors,

  I found this in the comments section of moon of Alabama today. The Russians sure were trolling Biden about "When's our invasion?" 
There's a lot more in there after the headline. No wonder Biden couldn't say where he got the intelligence from.
War Plans Were Leaked On Purpose By Russia 4 Months Ago — and that is why Dems kept predicting war​  
  ​4 months ago, Oct 2021, a war was predicted for February 2022 by none other than the king of the cancelled himself, Alex Jones. He had been out to dinner with a person who was very wealthy and very politically connected, and who told him to expect war in February 2022 because his political contacts told him so!​ ...
​  ​We now know that Putin had already devised a plan to invade Ukraine in case the US elites and NATO didn’t agree to his terms. Someone told Alex Jones who then told us in October. Clearly the Russians let it be known so their plan for war would reach the political and media elite of the west — and that is why for the last few months the Biden administration has been so adamant and certain about a coming invasion of Ukraine. People on social media were laughing at the Biden people for repeatedly warning of an invasion in a week, or a few days, or tomorrow. They had obviously been told the same thing as the friend of Alex Jones by Russians leaking on purpose so that US elites would take Putin seriously.

Belarus' Lukashenko Says West Is Pushing Russia Into "Third World War"

Ukrainian and Russian delegations are to start negotiations (maybe).

Ukraine will not “capitulate” to Russia, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Sunday ahead of negotiations between Moscow and Kiev
The two delegations are due to meet at an undisclosed location in Belarus, close to the borders of both countries.

​The Saker has the news that the Russian pincer movements have effectively restricted the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass, unless they want to come under heavy fire. By the time of this writing, the pincer movement may be more complete. Russian, Cimean, and Donbass forces hold most of Ukraine's ​coast.

There have been a lot fewer specifics  of troop movements in the war today. 
This early Monday report from South Front is the best summary I can find​. It's got a lot of information.​  
  ​On February 27, the Ukrainian military began mass use of phosphorus-filled ammunition in Kiev’s suburbs near the Gostomel airfield. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukrainian forces are using phosphorus-filled 122 mm shells for D-30 howitzers and phosphorus-filled rockets for BM-21 Grad launchers. These munitions are banned under the third protocol of the 1980 UN Convention on Inhumane Weapons.
​  ​New assault units of the nationalist organization Right Sector arrived in Mariupol from the Lvov Region. They deployed armored vehicles and artillery in residential areas of the city, using the local population as “human shields”. Civilian cars are being shot at in the city. There are reports of dozens of civilians killed by nationalists.

​Conflicting Reports​
​(Jenny pictured in newly electrified utility/bath room)​

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