Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Approaching Equinox

 Hearing Rumors,

  There is a rumor that something is going to happen Saturday, September 24, 2022, something that people will remember in the same way that they remember 9/11/2001, and the assassination of John Kennedy on November 22. 1963, both of which I remember clearly. 
  Both of those events staged America for massive wars. JFK was going to get the US out of Vietnam after he got reelected, and he was making certain that Israel did not develop a nuclear weapon. We saw how those things went under LBJ.  9/11 was "the new Pearl Harbor" for "a new American century".
  Today the western financial empire, enforced by US/NATO, and with wealth extracted through the $US being the global trade currency, stands at a precipice, and needs to leap over a chasm. The rest of the world, led by Russia and China, wants to adopt the BRICS global trade regime, to default on $US debts. The American "petrobuck" is spent into existence by the US government, to fund the military boot on throats around the world. Saudi Arabia has traditionally sustained this relationship, started by FDR, but formalized by Nixon & Kissinger.
  The global war will need to be against TROTW, the-rest-of-the-world. I foresee this being the end of this empire, but nothing this big happens quickly in history. I really wondered if the "dark Biden" TV speech, "the continued battle for the soul of the nation", with the "Red-Sermon" look, and the US Marines standing behind "the president" was a signal that war would soon commence. The question is, therefore, who will be sacrificed on this blood-altar for "the soul of the nation", in the interests of global slavery to our dark, shadowy overlords. 

  Paul Craig Roberts: 9/11 After 21 Years:  (Includes the infamous photo of WTC-7 still standing out the window as the newscaster declares that it had just collapsed)
It was obvious to me early that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag event blamed on Muslims in order to justify two decades of a “war on terror” whose purpose was to destroy Israel’s Middle Eastern opponents who were funding Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia that twice drove the vaunted Israeli Army out of Israel’s attempted occupation of southern Lebanon.  If Hezbollah’s supporters–Iraq, Syria and Iran–could be eliminated, Israel could seize the water resource in southern Lebanon.  This, and profits and power for the US military/security complex are all the “war on terror” was about.

 This is a topical library of 9/11 research articles compiled in 2012, and very well organized for ease of use.
THE 9/11 READER: The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks

The Weakness of Xi Jinping is an article by a retired academic from a Chinese university that trains rising party members. He was discredited for his opposition to "Xi Jinping thought" , had his retirement confiscated, and was told that he might soon have health problems. He lives in the US. It is very detailed and extensive, but you must also consider the source. He is personally embittered, and serves American interests now.
The Weakness of Xi Jinping: How Hubris and Paranoia Threaten China’s Future , By Cai Xia

Surplus Energy Economics looks at where "economics" comes from, the last 250 years, pointing out that Marx declared himself "not a Marxist", but separating historical market economy in 1776 (Smith, pre-industrial), 1850 (Marx, early industrial), and mid 20th century (Keynes, always intentionally misunderstood out of context). We have not worked out the post-growth market economic system yet, but it won't work itself.
  There can be no doubt at all that the global economy is in very bad shape. For some, this portends a general “collapse”. This, however, presupposes that we don’t adapt to new conditions, and that we don’t learn from past mistakes. We have a pretty solid history of doing exactly that, even if we only arrive at the right conclusions after trying all of the wrong ones first.
  Of course, to adapt to new conditions, and to learn from mistakes, we need to know what these conditions and these mistakes actually are. Conventional interpretations of economics are failing us through an inability to provide the information required for this understanding.
  The view set out here is that we do have a greatly enhanced understanding of how the economy works. Orthodox economics may continue to cling to precepts first laid down in the eighteenth century – essentially, that the economy can be understood in terms of money alone – but broader thought has moved on, spurred by energy shortages, by environmental concerns, and by recognition that the ‘perpetual growth’ promised by the orthodoxy simply isn’t happening...

Charles Hugh Smith has this laid out with bullet points for easy reading, and it is not long:
Why This Recession Is Different
Let's explore what's different now compared to recessions of the past 60 years.

Well explained update by Big Serge: Special Military Operation , Things are starting to heat up

In Bucha, collaborators could be identified by their possession of Russian food rations. Death-sentence, executed immediately.
Ukrainian mayor announces hunt for ‘collaborators’
Kiev’s troops will search for those who supported Russia during the “cleanup” efforts, Izyum head told the BBC

MOSCOW, September 12. /TASS/. Mercenaries are shooting residents of the Kharkov Region and filming it on camera in order to later accuse Russian servicemen, Vitaly Ganchev, head of the military-civilian administration of the region, said during a Rossiya-24 TV broadcast.
"The situation is complicated and still alarming due to the fact that those people who were able to get out, say terrible things about what is now happening in Kupyansk and Veliky Burluk. It seems that mercenaries are driving around and shooting people, and all this is being filmed," he said, "I take it they need to clean up these towns and pretend that it were in fact Russian troops, that they tortured people, [and that is why] corpses lying in the streets."

Germany refuses to give battle tanks to Ukraine
Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht says the country's military aid to Kiev has reached its limit

Ron Paul: Europe Commits Suicide-by-Sanctions    (I think there's another name for "suicide" when you kill somebody else, right?)
  What happens when the people see dumb government policies making energy bills skyrocket as the economy grounds to a halt? They become desperate and take to the streets in protest.
This weekend thousands of Austrians took to the streets in a “Freedom Rally” to demand an end to sanctions and the opening of Nord Stream II, the gas pipeline on the verge of opening earlier this year. Last week an estimated 100,000 Czechs took to the streets of Prague to protest NATO and EU policy. In France, the “Yellow Vests” are back in the streets protesting the destruction of their economy in the name of “defeating” Russia in Ukraine. In Germany, Serbia, and elsewhere, protests are gearing up.

New England Journal of Medicine is like the New York Times of medicine... Even if you earned your immunity the hard way, mRNA lipid micelle gene-therapy "vaccines" take it away.
Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity, NEJM Study Shows

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