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European Crisis

 Threatened With Death,

  Alastair Crooke looks at the economic war being waged upon the peoples of Europe by their betters, out of urgent-necessity. This necessity arises from the context of the power dynamic, which is not to be reconsidered by those who command the power. This constrains options to only those that support and enforce the power structure, which is a master-slave relationship structure. Thanks Michael R.
  We know the story: A group of western thinkers were posed three questions
Can the planet sustain a European-style level of consumption spreading everywhere, across the globe? The answer from these thinkers was ‘clearly not’. 
Second question: Can you imagine western states voluntarily relinquishing their standard of living by de-industrialising? Answer: A definite ‘No’. 
Must a lower plane of consumption and use of energy and resources then be coerced upon reluctant populations? Answer: Definitely ‘Yes.
  Crooke goes on to show that pulling people together into a global entity would be facilitated by a global enemy, such as pollution, global-climate-change and ecosystem destruction. 
The actual enemy inferred by this is humans, so humans can be united in identity through obliquely seeing themselves as "the enemy". If the elite group sees the non-elites as "the enemy", this is historically coherent, but it is a hard-sell to cold people who do not own anything
  Climate-emergency has  become an identity-driver in western politics, but it has been marketing special-products, not austerity, until recently. Greece got to beta-test austerity.
The non-west world, the economically colonized world, and western-enemies, such as Cuba and Iran, have not purchased this worldview, but are ok with Europeans, Americans, Canadians Brits and Aussies feeling it.
  Russia has a competing product for the non-West, which is oil, gas, guns and grain without the coercion and exploitation, and the possibility of saying goodby to the debts forced upon them by the western military-financial neo-colonialist empire.
  The western-collective-guilt paradigm has not been selling very well, as people look at impossible utility bills, impossible financial existence, and the fact that most of them never did have the benefits of resource extraction and exploitation. Most people in the "west", which now includes eastern Europe, were just getting by and doing what they had to under the system that was tuned to benefit the elites. Something like 06% of Czech people, all in one mass in Prague, protested EU policies against buying Russian oil and gas this weekend.
  The exploitative and extractive elite paradigm, which is set to shed a lot of humans, as an interim-solution, cannot be expected to successfully deal with real resource depletion, pollution, and the end of exponential growth.

What is the projected European population in the "leap 20 years forward" no-fossil-fuel scenario, please, Sir?
EU country warns citizens of ten ‘difficult winters’ ahead
Belgian PM argued that hardships are worth it as the bloc will “leap 20 years forward” by breaking away from fossil fuels

Governments will step in "to protect markets" from financial losses... "Liquidity support is going to be needed."
Europe's Nightmare Scenario Comes True: Energy Bills To Rise By €2 Trillion, Will Reach 20% Of Disposable Income

Siemens says it will work on the turbine to repair it, but that there is no place in the world that it can carry out the necessary repair work. The sanctions have cut off the gas through Nordstream.
  On Friday, Gazprom canceled the restart of Nord Stream 1 citing an oil leak in the turbine, which was detected during a joint inspection with manufacturer Siemens Energy at the Portovaya compressor station near St. Petersburg. At the same time, the malfunction could be remedied only in Canada, which has imposed sanctions against Moscow.
  Despite the maintenance issues, Europe has accused Russia of weaponizing energy supplies, with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen describing Moscow as “not a reliable partner” in terms of gas supplies.

The Finance Ministers of G-7 countries met back in June, to put a price cap on Russian oil, enforced by refusing insurance to ships carrying non-price-capped Russian oil. Indian and Chinese companies are working around this, already, buying Russian oil, voluntarily discounted to them by Russia, for much more, after re-labeling and sometimes refining it. The price cap on Russian crude oil should go into effect December 5, 2022. Russia just won't sell to any country trying to enforce a non-market low price.
This plan is proceeding, oddly enough, and Japan is participating (but Japan has a special exemption). 
..While Japan’s finance minister Shinuchi Suzuki celebrated the G7 decision, on Friday, media noted, citing a Finance Ministry official, that oil from Sakhalin-2, the Russian project, which is exported to Japan, will be excluded from the price cap.

  My analysis is that Europe is being crashed into a financial wall. Inexpensive Russian gas and oil are being politically-excluded, so there is not going to be enough gas and oil for European economies to survive, either for industry, for households, or for pubs and restaurants. To crash this economic system even more acutely, the "solution" for inadequate gas and oil, and the resulting high-prices, will be to borrow more money at interest and give it away, to raise prices, but not supply. Indeed, Europe has little gas and oil, except for Russian supplies.
  European people, and societies, appear to be getting sacrificed in a power-scheme, which leaves current elites holding more debt of bankrupt individuals and nations. 
The WEF has played this as a segue into CBDC (central bank digital currency) with smartphone wallets, and medical-passports, inherently social-credit-scoring.
At this point unpayable gas and electric bills could also provide a transition into CBDC, and let governments decide who freezes and starves.
  The private-arm of western banking and finance, Wall Street and London banking, for instance, is pleased enough with the status-quo, and would lose out to CBDC.
The private financial system benefits greatly from creating debt-money to lend at interest, a game by which they logically come to own everything in a few more turns.
Private western finance can choose to buy-into the BRICS global trade system, but would not profit nearly as much.

  What happens now, this fall? How hard will Europeans be hit by the politicians who serve elites and follow orders to shock Europeans into something new, some fundamental change?
This will kill a lot of people, if it is carried through. How will the blame not fall upon the national governments, elected officials and unelected bureaucrats?
The logical progression, which I see, is the repudiation of the western financial system and debts, after a period of great hardship and death.
The European people would effectively elect to join the-rest-of-the-world. Indeed, North American, European and English-speaking countries, businesses and individuals owe 75% of the debt in the western financial system.
  The owners like to move financial bubbles and financial crises around. Europe is getting the crisis this fall and winter, but it will be visited upon all nations and peoples.

Jim Kunstler offers:
  "The Great Re-Set is an emergent phenomenon. It unspools naturally out of circumstances that reality presents. It goes its own way and we have to adapt to it, like it or not. Is our climate changing? Maybe. But so what? The climate has changed many times since the Bronze Age. 
  If preventing that is actually out of the question, which it is, then what else are you going to do? The answer is: adapt intelligently to new conditions. 
When you clear away all the mental resistance to that — which amounts to a titanic struggle to keep things just the way they are — you’re going to have to make changes anyway."

  John Michael Greer, The Archdruid, notes the rapid back-pedaling on COVID "vaccine" products in the last couple of weeks. Distancing from the vaccination-salvation narrative has seemingly begun. Tony Fauci will retire before the new Congress is seated, Trump was responsible for Operation-Warp-Speed, not Biden/Harris, who are on record as "not being sure" back when the Donald was in the White House. 
Will the excess-deaths become impossible to hide?
  The "Clerisy" is a priestly class of experts to guide a society. Our current expert-clerisy is mostly a postwar invention. They have been successful at shunning responsibility when their ideas cause harm.
Experts had not been trusted a lot by society before The Bomb ended WW-2. Greer presents the graph of number-of-physicians (green) compared to number of managers (red clay) from 1970 - 2015. 
Medical care got exponentially more expensive, but not better in that time period, as you will recall.

The dark side of psychology experiments:  5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World

​Pierre Kory MD: ​Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties
​  ​Dr. Kory explains, “We have data screaming at us everywhere we look.  You can start with the life insurance data, India’s data, Germany’s data, and we know people are dying at unprecedented rates.  That is one thing.  We know that disability is through the roof.  No one has seen VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) with the numbers it is screaming.  Now, we . . . are seeing buried miscarriage rates and spontaneous abortion rates 70% and up to 90% in pregnant women. . . . We are still seeing propaganda and all of these messages to get your (CV19) shot even though there is no logic to it. . . . Maybe people are blindly following these instructions and there is no more critical thinking or the control of the information is leading to mass casualties.  This is literally a humanitarian catastrophe. . . . We have never seen this.  This is a global condition. . . . We have a global catastrophe because the (bad) information has infected almost every country on earth. . . . Wherever you look the data is so ominous.  The myocarditis and dropping dead is incessant.  It’s from every country in the world.  You hear everyday reports of young people doing normal fun activities, like going to the beach or going to the park, and they are dropping dead.”
​  ​“People are being told things (like getting CV19 booster shots) that are putting them at grave risk.  I don’t know how to combat a global technological propaganda instrument.  We have never had that before.  I don’t think we have ever had the same messages and the same stories being shot out 24/7.  I have been saying this for a while, and the world has gone mad because of unrelenting propaganda and censorship.  We have never had this much power and this much propaganda . . . never the same story being told to the entire globe at the same time and the same lie.”

​Homesteading (pictured with granddaughter, Tyler recently)​

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