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Post 9/11 World

Seeking Normalcy,

  Twenty One years ago I got up early and drove over to the blood-bank, before it opened around dawn. I was the third in line on September 12, 2001, and got in quickly to donate my blood. 
As I left, there was a lady from a local TV station with a cameraman and a microphone, wanting me to say that "the lines were terrible, don't give blood". I said that I didn't wait at all, got right in and donated my blood, and was now going off to start my work day, taking care of patients.
  The night before, 9/11/01 evening, our Buddhist practice group had met. An older member led us in compassion-meditation, accepting the suffering of others into ourselves, and sending them supportive love and strength.
  We remain in post-9/11-world, but I don't think the cynical corruption can be sustained against the "multipolar world" order which excludes global fascism as too-expensive and inefficient. Since we live in the country which has been a seat of this empire, we will probably have a decade like Russia had in the 1990s. I speculate. Maybe I'm not quite right...

Jim Kunstler:  Here It Comes   The frolics of summer are done, the day shortens, the sky darkens, the suspense deepens….
​  ​Here’s one thing we sort of know: you-all vaxx-happy Wokesters are about to have a new BA-5 bivalent booster laid on you. The Darwin Award season has been extended at least another six months! You’ll be glad to hear it’s been tested in a trial involving eight lab mice, and quickly approved by our FDA. The bad news is that all eight mice got Covid.​..
 T​hus, some more good news: humans were so far spared any testing for this new miracle treatment. Pfizer and Moderna didn’t hurt anyone in any cobb-job trials, like they did the first time around (hiding the results). The not-so-good news is: nobody, especially no one in the FDA, has any idea what effect the new booster will have on humans. The best news is that our beneficent government will only make the new vax available to people who are already vaxxed. You have to be “eligible,” in the club, so to speak. Aren’t you special!

​Best overall assessment of Ukrainian Kharkiv--area offensive, especially explaining the land and critical topography.
..The pro-Russian side of the internet has been sent into an tailspin of panic over a new Ukrainian counteroffensive which is currently being launched in the Kharkov region, with the intention of compromising the Russian army grouping at Izyum. The panic was triggered by claims that Ukraine was advancing unopposed, encircling - or perhaps even capturing - the city of Balakliya - and on the verge of cutting off supply lines to Izyum.​..​
 My view is fairly simple: Ukraine cannot and will not reach meaningful objectives - what we call “operational depth” - and has in fact thrown much of its carefully crafted premium reserves into a dangerous position. I believe it’s highly likely that these top rate Ukrainian formations are about to be savaged - but this is still an important learning moment for Russia.


​  Eleni sends the latest Ukkraine-related interview with Swiss intelligence expert Jacques Baud, who has a new book out. this is big-picture with lots of illuminating detail from someone who comprehends what is going on, why and how.

Gilbert Doctorow:  U.S. ups the ante: are we indeed headed into WWIII and what can save us?
..The gathering of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein air base in Germany yesterday reshuffled the deck on Western military and financial assistance to Ukraine, raising contributions to the ongoing holy crusade against Russia from still more nations and adding new, still more advanced precision strike weapons to the mix of deliveries to Kiev. It was an open summons to the Kremlin to escalate in turn, as were the test firing the same day of a new intercontinental rocket, the Minuteman III, from Vandenberg air base in California and the unannounced visit to Kiev yesterday of not only Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was featured in Western media accounts, but also other top officials of the Biden administration. The most notorious member of this delegation was surely Blinken’s deputy, Victoria Nuland, who had stage managed the February 2014 coup that put in power in Kiev the Russia-hating regime that Zelensky now heads.
 The Russians may be compelled to take the bait due to the course of military action on the ground. As now becomes clear, they have just suffered some losses in very heavy ground and artillery fighting these past few days around Kharkov. The Ukrainian gains were facilitated by the advanced weaponry recently arrived from NATO countries, by the targeting data they are receiving from the U.S. and from off-stage tactical direction from NATO officers.  By ‘take the bait,’ I mean the Russians may escalate to all out war on Ukraine...
..In last night’s talk show program, host Vladimir Solovyov said that this latest push in the Ukrainian counter-offensive was timed to coincide with the gathering at the Ramstein air base, Germany of top officials from NATO and other allies under the direction of the visiting U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin...
..Ramstein marked a new stage in the war, because of the  more threatening nature of the weapons systems announced for delivery, such as missiles with accuracy of 1 to 2 meters when fired from distances of 20 or 30 kilometers thanks to their GPS-guided flight, in contrast to the laser-guided missiles delivered to Ukraine up till now. In the same category, there are weapons designed to destroy the Russians’ radar systems used for directing artillery fire.  Second, that Ramstein marked the further expansion of the coalition or holy crusade waging war on Russia.  Third, that in effect this is no longer a proxy war but a real direct war with NATO and should be prosecuted with appropriate mustering of all resources at home and abroad...
..It is interesting that even the Opinion article by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg published on the 7th in FT carries the following grim warning:  “We face a difficult six months, with the threat of energy cuts, disruptions and perhaps even civil unrest.’...
..There is no anti-war movement on the Old Continent to speak of.  So popular protests over the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma being imposed from the chanceries on the people without anything resembling public debate may be the salvation of us all if they induce war mongering politicans to resign.

Germany's Arms Pipeline To Ukraine Has 'Crossed Red Line', Kremlin Says
​  ​The Kremlin has again called out Germany for abandoning its historic neutrality regarding shipping weapons to foreign conflicts, with Russia's ambassador to Berlin stressing the German government has violated a red line.
​  ​"The very fact that the Ukrainian regime is being supplied with German-made lethal weapons, which are used not only against Russian military service members, but also the civilian population of Donbass, crosses the red line," Ambassador Sergey Nechaev told Izvestia newspaper​.

The grain is almost all going to European countries to pay for weapons.
Ukraine faces winter food shortages – economist

​Dr. Paul Alexander asks, and it's a fair question, "Did the COVID injection KILL the Queen? Hasten her death? How many COVID injections did she receive & when was last one? Did the queen get boosters?"

​Meryl Nass MD,  ​The High-Speed, Bivalent COVID Boosters are Here
Watch out. There is nothing good about them, and we should be worried about why they are being used

The COVID-19 Power Grab as “Organized Crime”. A Multi-faceted Deception​, 
By Prof. Anthony J. Hall

​i added my signature to this: 
400 Doctors and Professionals Declare International Medical Crisis Due to COVID Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Doing no Harm (pictured with straight line of oak flooring strips installed to correct irregularities)      


  1. Hello John. I'll pass this on. Can't remember the first source, which was actually better because there was analysis. This is the second and I have found no others. All of the alternative sources are strangely silent. There is room in this dictatorial order for secrecy, bioweapons, and the application thereof onto an unsuspecting populace. Recently Spain admitted to aerial spraying during covid because of covid. Lotta silence about that too. Global Research covered that one and seemingly nobody else.

    What the ursurpers of power have embraced is biowarfare. This is their weapon of choice and this EO is the codifying of its use in America on Americans. How far along it is we don't know. The EO references other aspects but it is the military one which always is developed first and assuredly they have something to use already. You won't even know it's happening. Ask the Spanish.

    Now, with the legal system taken care of, it is wide open to use biowarfare under another name as was done with covid. There is no bigger story today and crickets. As the vaccine targeted specific areas, so will the new thing, whatever it turns out to be. In practical terms, if there is opposition in some place then you spray that place like for termites. Or spray everybody to enhance docility. The transhuman agenda is cover.