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 It's usually obvious what a prevailing theme should be for a post, but not today.

  Jenny heard some of "The President's Speech" on the radio as she drove home after work. She said it was "nothing special, political cheerleading" and about the "MAGA threat".
I peeked at early comments, and would have called it "The MAGA Threat" speech last night. 
Someone described "Joe Biden" as being "led onto stage by his wife, who he tried to leave with, but she whispered in his ear and pointed him back to the podium."
 This was a "Presidential speech", not a "candidate's speech". 
It did seem to say that about half of Americans threaten "democracy" for the other half, but it was "to bring people together", maybe the threatened half.
This is being called "Dark Biden" and "Dark Brandon" this morning, but it had eerie red stage lighting, and was somewhat like a religious sermon. It is being called "The Red Sermon".
El gato malo (frequently has good COVID/vaccine data posts) has the story. Thanks Luc.
  "We are not at war with one another, our government is waging war against our liberty.
  Your enemy is not the freedom of others to do as they will nor your own ability to do likewise: it is the people who would pit you against your friends to divide and to conquer and to make their rule appear not only needed but inevitable."   

  Yesterday the IAEA nuclear inspection team drove to the Zaporozhye power plant in the morning. There were some explosions. It seemed more like a war zone than it should have. They arrived and completely toured the facility and grounds and questioned civilian employees, most of the team left at the end of the day. A few are staying over for further inspection. They plan for a contingent to remain and monitor the situation.
  What was happening was that a Ukrainian commando assault, timed to the evacuation of Russian occupation troops from the plant, was underway. The Russians repelled it. 
The Russians were reportedly prepared for it. The rumor is that the team had been trained in the UK, that this was Boris Johnson's plan with MI-6. That doesn't seem like it will be spoken of officially.
64 commandos landed from speedboats, about 3 km from the power plant, and were pinned down by Russian soldiers and helicopters.  Another 600 Ukrainian troops were crossing the Dnieper River in a couple of barges, which were sunk by Russian air attack. There are not reports of casualties or survivors.
  As of last word, yesterday, there were 3 Ukrainian POWs, two seriously wounded and undergoing surgery, and 12 Ukrainian commandos still fighting Russian troops.

  This is a serious accusation, but the Ukrainian forces did attack as other Ukrainian forces were driving the inspectors to the plant. The only way the Ukrainians could have held the plant was by using the inspection team as hostages.
​  Kiev forces wanted to seize the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in a daring military raid and use the personnel of the UN nuclear watchdog as “human shields” to maintain control over the facility, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Thursday...
..“Obviously, if the operation of the Kiev regime to seize the station was a success, the head of the IAEA, [Rafael] Grossi, and the experts of the mission would become a ‘human shield’ for Ukrainian saboteurs to prevent any attempts to destroy them by the Russian armed forces,” 
the Russian MoD said in a statement.

​A brave, dedicated and diplomatic man:​
  Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi has confirmed that damage had been done to the Russian-held Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Ukraine, but refrained from naming the guilty party.
“It’s obvious that… the physical integrity of the plant has been violated several times. By chance or by deliberation, we don’t have the elements to assess that, but this is the reality that we have to recognize,” Grossi told reporters after returning to Ukrainian-controlled territory on Friday.
  “I worried, I worry and I will continue to worry about the plant until we have a situation that’s more stable, that’s more predictable,” he added.
  Grossi, who headed the team of IAEA experts that arrived at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant on Thursday, said that he “saw a lot” during the visit, personally inspecting some of the “key areas” at the facility, including emergency systems, diesel generators and control rooms.
  The atomic agency was “not going anywhere” from the plant now, he assured reporters, reiterating that the UN nuclear watchdog plans to establish a permanent presence at the facility.
  The official also said that some experts from his team will remain at the station until Sunday or Monday to “dig deeper” and collect more data for the report...
​  ​Grossi acknowledged that the security situation at the plant was “difficult” during his visit. “There were moments where fire was obvious – heavy machine gun, artillery, mortars,” he said, adding that on two or three occasions things got “very concerning” for the UN team.

Hungary has more storage capacity. Hungary already made a deal with Serbia to store some Russian gas for them.  Will Hungary do favors for other European countries this winter?
Hungary signs deal with Gazprom for 5.8bn cubic metres of natural gas

The G7 countries are still chasing this plan, even though Russia will not concede to their demands for lower prices as a war-sanction.
It is hard to see what they hope to gain through this. They can make this deal with each other, but not with Russia, not with China, not with India.
​  ​The finance ministers of the Group of Seven nations are likely to reach an agreement on Friday that will cap the price for Russian oil they’re willing to pay, Reuters has reported, citing anonymous sources. The officials are expected to reveal the general outline of a plan following an online meeting.
​  ​In its article published on Friday, Reuters quoted an unnamed European G7 official as saying that “a deal is likely.”

The majority of Germans want the West to take concrete steps to initiate talks with Russia to end the Ukraine conflict, a recent survey has indicated.
​  ​Published on Wednesday, the poll commissioned by Germany’s RTL/ntv-Trendbarometer was conducted from August 26 through August 29, with 1,011 people taking part.
​  ​According to the survey, some 77% of Germans believe that the West should make concrete efforts to try to launch negotiations with Russia, which could help bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine. Only 17% would oppose such talks. When asked whether it is the right thing for Western leaders to keep phoning Russian President Vladimir Putin, 87% of the respondents replied in the affirmative, with 11% against.

​Pepe Escobar asks: "Which crime syndicate murdered Darya Dugina?"
​H​ere is the real ​rumor-​nugget, because he does not really know the first answer:
  Back to the assertions by the Russian intel agent ... he came up with the definitive version of the hit on the Moskva – the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet.  As he emailed to a select audience, “the destruction of the flagship of the fleet was planned as a strategic task. Therefore, the operation of delivering the PKR [anti-ship missile] to Odessa took place in strict secrecy and under the cover of electronic warfare. As the ‘killer’ of the cruiser, they chose the PKR, but not the Neptune, as spread by Ukrainian propaganda, but the fifth-generation NSM PKR (Naval Strike Missile, range of destruction 185 km, developed by Norway-USA). The NSM is able to reach the target along a programmed route thanks to the GPS-adjusted INS, independently find the target by flying up to it at an altitude of 3-5 meters. When reaching the target, the NSM maneuvers and puts electronic interference. A highly sensitive thermal imager is used as a homing system, which independently determines the most vulnerable places of the target ship. A stationary container installation secretly delivered to Ukraine was used as a launcher. Thus, after the damage to the cruiser Moskva, which led to its flooding (…) the Black Sea Fleet, unfortunately, no longer has a single ship with a long-range anti-aircraft missile system. But not everything is so bad. A three-band radar ‘Sky-M’ is located in Crimea, which is capable of tracking all air targets at a range of up to 600 km.”  
​  ​So there you go. The hit on the Moskva was a NATO operation, ordered by the US. The Russian Ministry of Defense knows – and the Americans know they know. Retaliation will come – in the time and place of Moscow’s choosing.

Russia Begins Supplies of Second S-400 Regiment to Turkey​  
Russia has started the supplies of the second regiment of its S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey after the signing of a relevant contract, Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Director Dmitry Shugaev told Sputnik​.

​Steve Kirsch presents compelling data that the peak of post-COVID-vaccine deaths comes 5 months after the second shot. Due to time lag, the effects of further shots are not yet available for analysis.
​  We’ve always assumed the vaccine kills you quickly (in the first two weeks) because that’s when people notice the association and report it to VAERS. This is still true; it does kill some people quickly.
  However, thanks to an HHS whistleblower, we can now clearly see that most of the deaths from the vaccine are happening an average of 5 months from the last dose. That is for the second dose; it may be getting shorter the more shots you get but there are arguments both ways (since there can be survivor bias).
  But this explains why the life insurance companies got off-the-charts all-cause mortality peaks for people under 60 in Q3 and Q4 rather than right after the shots rolled out.
  The five month delay is also consistent with death reports where people are developing new aggressive cancers that are killing them over a 4 to 6 month period.
  The 5 month death delay was also confirmed using only European data. That analysis was posted Aug 11, but I learned about it after I wrote this post.

  On May 10, 2021 I posted "Flipping Poles" about magnetic pole reversal. There is a model of that process, updated every 5 years. The polar wanderings had been increasing and the 2020 data was much anticipated in 2019, but it was not released, and discussion fell silent. We already know that the magnetic poles have increasingly wandered away from their historical positions, and more rapidly with time. We know that Earth's magnetic fields are weaker, maybe 20% weaker than before. We know that these reversals essentially drop the fields when they occur, and the occurrence of pole reversal can take place in under a century.
We do not have a "You are here" statement. Large animals, maybe even Neanderthal humans might have been killed off by this 42,000 years ago. As I noted in that post, the very high energy wave-particles that come through are not all stopped by metal roofs. Lead works and caves work, but who has those things?   

Here is a link to Space Weather News, which has a space-weather report (almost) daily. (Some people deride this science, but it is plausible hypothesis. short time scales are difficult using tree rings.)

Here is a recent (6 minute) report on the 12,000 year disaster cycle of space weather (You are here.)

This 6:30 minute video is on Safe Zones in the Disaster, and points out that this looks like a 42,000 year cycle event beginning, not just 12,000 year.
The magnetic and rotational poles wander, don't typically do a neat flip, and the north and south poles might be in South America and Africa this time.
A lot of surface sloshing and crunching happens when the dense magnetic core adjusts orientation.
How much can you hang your hat on this? How much could even Bill Gates or Elon Musk do to deal with it?

​Here is a series of videos on solar weather, an hour cumulatively .

A better source than "Congress" would be nice, but UFO coverup has been US policy since the 1950s. Now it is slipping, or being budged for some reason. (Extraterrestrials have reportedly been interested in our nuclear weapons in the past, visiting those sites often, and they might be interested in how life is coming along on this planet, with so many changes, lately.)
Congress Just Admitted That UFOs Are Not ‘Man-Made,’ Says ‘Threats’ Increasing ‘Exponentially’

​Vulnerable Earthling​ (pictured with biological solar collectors)


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