Saturday, December 31, 2022

Concluding 2022


  It's a temptation to write-off 2022, but it was a year in which the assault of lies failed to overrun the defenders of truth. I'm speaking about the failure to create a class of sub-humans in "the unvaccinated" and to scapegoat them and remove their human rights, as things in our world got worse, which they were already doing. In this year, there has been a growing awareness that the "vaccine products" are not very helpful, then that Omicron was not worse than flu, then that some people did have adverse events, and professional athletes and celebrities did sometimes die suddenly from heart attacks, and teenagers, and children, and friends, and relatives, and that a lot of people got cancer this year, too.

  The control-narrative of creating an "other" class of humans and blaming them for events did get fed a lot, but it never got critical mass, and it has been in decline since at least last spring. The Ukraine-War control-narrative is still being fed, but may well have its own moment of truth, where it becomes clear that russia is not merely not-losing, but that the western-empire is actually losing, and that negotiation will be necessary from a position of openly-acknowledged-weakness, not feigned-strength.

  It seems to me that a change-in-management in the US, and in the European halls-of-power would be better able to manage negotiations with such a severe change in the common-knowledge, when the paradigm clearly shifts. The US/NATO cannot escalate against Russia economically or with conventional military forces, only with nuclear forces. Russia has made it clear that they will respond and will not be nuclear-blackmailed, so I truly hope that the nuclear card will not be played by the west. It is clearly not in Russian interests to play that card first, and they have clear policies not to do so.

  I am somewhat hopeful that there will be a legal and constitutional change of management in the imperial-court in Washington DC this spring, through the mechanisms already laid out, by removing those from positions of power who have illegally censored American voices which spoke truth about COVID and political corruption. Nancy Pelosi announced last month that she would no longer be the house Democratic leader in 2023, as it becomes a minority. She's not quite retiring, but signals her willingness to step back from the fray. It has been usual in American politics to let politicians off the hook for murder, as long as they back off from the conflict of the day. One might assume that convention to be carried forward. Tony Fauci has retired. He might be permitted to admit "making mistakes" and be allowed to disappear.

  One big risk that I see is that the current left-totalitarian corrupt elites might fight desperately to maintain power, which would involve stepping-up some emergency, like WAR. That would involve nuclear provocation of some sort, since US/NATO land forces just don't have tanks and ammunition to fight Russia on the ground. 

  The other big risk is a sudden swing to right-fascism, right-totalitarianism, outright reactionary viciousness within the United States of America. The path to this is clear and easy to see, the path of vengeance for mass-murder, as that becomes undeniable. Once such a path is taken in a society, there is no clear end to it, is there? If the economy crashes hard at the same time that a left-right political battle is underway, and the foreknowledge of the cynical COVID-Pandemic-Narrative planning becomes common-knowledge at all levels of society, then history shows that a wave of killing would be one of the historical paths a society could be rushed into. Once a society is on a killing spree it can be redirected and redirected again, but it is really hard to stop, and it usually consumes a lot of people who thought they were in control of it, too.

  There has been massive, murderous, cynical injustice wrought upon humanity and I think it is far from over, and we need to avoid getting sucked-into particularly virulent forms of it, which are well known. Each of us must resist the lure to murder-the-evil-one(s). 
It's why there is life-in-prison, after all. It's benefits society, not the murderer.

  Eleni sent me these historical lessons about the last-time-this-happened, actual history of WW-2, which casts it in a much different light, and may nurture the development of some wisdom, restraint, and also principled-action of the right sort at the right time. More Alex Krainer.

Appeasement: the shocking truth about the 1938 Munich Agreement
(Hitler was an as--hole, but he was the Empire's a--hole, fully fed and supported with ​London's deep pockets​ and coercive diplomacy.)

Appeasement: the betrayal in Munich (part 2 of 3)
(Hit​ler is successfully fed the healthiest economy and best army in Europe​, allowing him to prepare for the next step in European domination, as the British Empire successfully betrays Czechoslovakia and sets Poland up as the next acquisition, but Hitler is getting even bigger ideas.)

The “Three Block” global agenda today and the role of finance (part 3 of 3)
(This series-conclusion from December 2021 sees the foreshadowing of WW-3, which began shortly after, and in the context of "The Empire"​ still calling-the-shots, as "all wars are bankers wars​" and "London" has somewhat diversified since 1938.)

The (UK) ​Government lets slip a Tragic & Sinister Secret: COVID Vaccination is killing Thousands & is more dangerous than the Disease itself

​  This new viral variant XBB.1.5 has the characteristics I have feared, the combination of high infectivity and the propensity to bind the ACE-2 receptors in the lungs and bloodstream, which made the original "Alpha-COVID" so unusually deadly.​  
  ​The chart below shows that XBB.1.5 is the sneakiest variant ever to evade vaccinated immunity (an oxymoron by now). It also has a great affinity to ACE2, so very likely it will be able to infect the lungs and the cardiovascular system with worse outcomes than previous Omicron variants.

  We know that the "vaccinated" are at increased risk of catching COVID and not fighting it effectively, due to IgG4 induced "tolerance" of COVID spike-protein. Everybody should avoid "boosters", keep their vitamin-D levels up, and be prepared to treat a case of COVID with zinc, quercetin, ivermectin and possibly other effective antivirals. I detailed many available and researched treatments here last December: 

​Time Traveler (pictured downstairs in the new house with Jenny)​

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